Ranting::: Selfish fangirls of DBSK

Now, I wish that I could enjoy DBSK/Tohoshinki songs without annoying myself with some selfish and stupid fangirls’ who cannot accept an undenying fact that “We don’t know the truth” and cannot shut their mouths with bad words and ill opinions over little information.

I, myself, don’t know the truth…Heck, DBSK = 5 guys who might, in the end, 5 selfish bastards. However, at least, my selfishness and stupidness won’t go so far to bash and judge them with “So-Called Guru” information and opinion.

How can one say you love, truly love them, you love them that much to call them selfish, spread some bad-mouth words in order to “share information”. I don’t buy it. And yes, you argue that you don’t blindly love them that’s why you can see their flaw and try to persuade other fans to believe you. Seriously, should that be catagorized as “Love” at all???

It is so obvious that you are “Antis”. If you don’t like them the way they are, you could leave peacefully. I really admire those who can control themselves and I respect their decisions. But, never in a million years would I understand those who claim themselves as fans and claim that they will wait for DBSK comeback but still talk as if you know 100% that they betray each others.

Personally, the only reason I don’t want them to comeback as 5 right now, it’s because of those selfish and stupid fangirls. (Should I just say girls? Obviously, they don’t deserve to be called fan anymore.) They don’t even know that what they are doing makes lots of people turn back from the one they try to protect. (Yes, I am talking about HM now.) There are lots of fans who know about this audio file (6.25) but don’t want to spread those further because they know that this would divide the fandom, not because they are afraid that people will blame JCS. Now, with this kind of stupidity…I don’t think that would be possible anymore.

My opinion, if you can believe that they can betray each other, don’t ever dare claim yourself as “fan of their strong relationship”. Just enjoy their music, don’t ever get close the fandom. If you cannot stop talking and spreading rumours, you are not different to any selfish bastard antis out there. What a worthless and shameless fan!

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One Response to Ranting::: Selfish fangirls of DBSK

  1. lyrico jae says:

    yes, i agree with you..this kind of fans always said that they are hurt too see tvxq ended like this..but, it still not the end..and if they think they’re in hurt and pain, our oppas feel it more.,everything tthis kind of fans saying is RUBBISH..

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