[My Fanaccount] JYJ Thanksgiving Live @ Tokyo Dome (Short ver.)

I attended JYJ Thanksgiving Live @ Tokyo Dome on both days. IMO, today, their live was full of lovely smiles, jokes, laughs. Personally, I think their performance today was so much stronger and better. Yesterday, I felt some void, loneliness and sadness. Today, I love every emotion they put in the concert. The crowd were also amazing. I dare say that they fully conquered the stage with their voice and their energy.

I would write more detail about it but I have a plane to catch tomorrow…in short, Junsu was perfect as always. He was so sexy and charismatic …finally LOL. Congratulation to Jun-chan XD! Fans kept screaming on every sexy post during Xiahtic and Intoxication performance. He sang both solo songs for BeeTV soundtrack beautifully. You’ve got charismatic XIAH Junsu during the performance and then you’ve got Jun-chan in ment part…he is just amazing.

Yoochun was a lot better than on Saturday. (I’m not sure whether it’s also because of my position in Dome on Saturday that make me hardly able to here his voice when he sang low note and most of Tokyo Lovelight.) On Sunday, I can hear his voice so much more clearly. I love his rap in Shelter. On Saturday, I still thought that this song live could not match the CD version but I changed my mind after Sunday live. Yoochun rapped aggressively and painfully while Jaejoong adlib was far more better than the CD one. I love the bridge part and when they sang high note together, it pierced and stuck in my heart.

And today, Jaejoong was also on high. He smiled, played with camera for several times sang lots of adlib. Maze was so much better than in the fancam, with all special effects. His voice is stronger than ever. He totally rocked the entire dome with this song. (Actually, with every songs LOL.)

Thanks for a japanese fan who sat next to me during the concert, I was able to understand some parts that Jaejoong said before he sang W. (She just summarized for me so it’s not really word-by-word.)

Jaejoong said that on the 1st day at Osaka, when he was crying, he saw lots of fans also cried with him. So he felt that it’s not good for all of them. Therefore, he tried so hard to smile, smile and smile, to make the audience enjoy their concert from there on.

However, at the end, after they sang W, three of them said thank you to all the fans again. Then, Jaejoong was the 1st one who walked out of the stage quickly. That’s when everyone felt something was not really…right. Yes, even though he showed us tons of smiles today, he couldn’t hold his true emotion anymore. There was a camera on the floor before they walked back to the backstage. His face was captured by that camera. He was running, trying to hide his tears with his hand…but…he was crying so damn hard. Everyone could see that he tried to keep his insecurity, overwhelming feeling, whatever he felt inside through the entire concert…and he just could not do that anymore. I think Junsu and Yoochun did also have teary eyes but it’s not that clear.

After attend this concert, I would like to say that, all of them are moving on. It might be hard for some fans to accept that there would not be 5 of them singing together, at least within 2-3 years. You might want to wait for their reunion. (Yes, I am waiting too.) However, the fact that they are moving on and trying so hard to continue their lives and persue their dreams is the reality that we have to face with right now. Their decisions might not be the same. They might be on the different path. We don’t know what happens behind the scene but I dare say that the pain of us cannot compare with the pain of them. I won’t blame anyone if they don’t want to support solo, duo, trio. Now, they have to be in the entertainment industry with their ability more than anything else. So, it’s time for you to decide whether you want to support them. That’s it.

P.S. Sorry for my poor English. It’s not my 1st language.

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12 Responses to [My Fanaccount] JYJ Thanksgiving Live @ Tokyo Dome (Short ver.)

  1. stellena10102 says:

    Aww~ I loved your fan account ^^ (And your English is fine~)

    Chunface seriously needs to stop with the smoking. Asthma and smoking together is a big no no! He’s always sounding so tired D: and he needs to be at his best all the time so he can be on par with Jae and Su

    And poor Jae…I just wanna hug him and give him a pat on the head and tell him everything will be ok D:

    And yay for SuSu finally pulling off the sexy/charisma! It took him a while but he finally figured it out lol.

    And I love your last paragraph. I agree with it wholeheartedly. It’s time for all of us to move on (but still wait for that day)

    Ahh thank you for remembering what I said about telling me when you post a fan-account! It meant a lot~ so thank you!

    • reallaerreal says:

      Thanks for reading this too! I was thinking about writing more detail fanaccount but there are lots of English fanaccounts already… so I would write in my native language first before I update this again ^^

  2. AlwaysSmiles says:

    Thanks a lot for your fanaccount. 🙂 Congrats to you, who have a really touch and wonderful experience with the trio in Tokyo Dome. (how jealous i am >.<) I wish, next time of their concert I can be there. I really miss them.

    Although, I'm faraway from both domes. But, I thing I recieved trio's messages/feeling that they want to tell us. I hope, they can move on with their strong hearts and believe in the way they choose.

    Totally agree with you in the last paragragh. Boys start to move on and I'll follow their paths (5 paths of 5 boys).
    The only things I can do for them are just stand by them, give them my love and support them.

    I don't no how long, 1 year, 2 years, 10 years or forever(nooooooo~!!).
    But, I always have the faith waiting for the reunion of TVXQ. ^_^

    Thanks. ❤

    p.s. Sorry for my poor English. =.="

  3. you make my soul blossom says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing 😀
    So I’m loving it…(so..I’m loving you….DUTY DUTY..)
    Everything happens for a reason!!!
    I couldn’t agree more with you on the last part.
    You are their great fan…and I am glad my kids have a lot of great fans…^^

    I am just enjoying what we have got now…The three voices..hahaha
    Let’s us heal the wound in their hearts with the 1st rank DVD sales on the Oricon chart..hehehe

    p.s. JJ’s tears just break my heart everytime. He is such a little kid to me. Oh! Boy.. Don’t cry anymore..coz I won’t walk away from you…

    • you make my soul blossom says:

      Let’s work hard to support them….
      DVD, Album, Concerts..
      What so ever…hahahaha

      I beleive that they can no longer hold a concert in an ordinary place.

  4. ohhho says:

    Omg, you went to their concert! That’s my dream, really.
    After reading this, I think that I should really work hard for now and be a successful person. Then I will be able to attend tvxq’s reunion concert without sparing an extra thought on the money problem. I will wait for them, let’s wait together ^^

    • reallaerreal says:

      Yes…let’s work hard together!

      It’s addicted….I mean their concert. My 1st experience was Mirotic Concert in BKK… They are so good and keep better and better.

      The japanese lady who sat beside me that day told me that she would save her money, so that, when they reunion, she would fly to Korea with the first class and attend their concert. ^^

  5. D says:

    at least i am feeling happy coz someone did agree wit me..
    they’ve move on
    so do we.
    all we need to do is support all 5 of them.
    n hope things will get better.


  6. liebdbsk says:

    I really really love your blog and your writing. Sorry for finding your blog so late.

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