Ranting: True Feeling from JYJ Thanksgiving Live @ Tokyo Dome

I attended the concert at Tokyo Dome myself and strangely become afraid that eventually I wouldn’t care whether they want to come back as five anymore after the first day. Frankly, after attend the second day at Tokyo Dome, I have already moved on too…I don’t really care whether they can come back as DBSK in the future. (Even though I would love to hear them singing as five voices again.) But I don’t like the way they sang their song with so much painful emotion like at the end of last year. I just hope that all of them (including HoMin) are happy with their decision about the lawsuit. I came to admit that…this might be simple…love is not enough for them to be with each other.

I don’t think fan could feel hurt more than JaeChunSuHoMin. That’s why I don’t question 5 of them anymore.

They took their decision, they have to live with that. As long as no one bash each other, I am cool with it.

If there are fans who want to leave the fandom, it’s also their decision.

I do understand people who doubts JCS decision for this concert. Some even called them fake. (I know lots of people think about that….Seriously, if they can fake like that JCS should get Oscar! XD) You can call them whatever you want, doubt them and blame everything on them…I think JCS know it. (I think they do know that there will be a lot of fans turn their back on them after this concert too.) I think they are ready for that.

They admit that they regret to make fans regret, but I don’t think they are sorry for making their live better, to have freedom, to have more money. Yes, they need support for this concert, they need each other to hold on, and let me say something that might upset many fans…Personally, I think their relationship was broken somewhere last year, to the point that they cannot working together anymore. I don’t know what happen, who’s right, who’s wrong. I am not in the position to judge any of them, so I won’t. But sometimes silent just speaks louder than words (in HoMin case) and actions speak louder than words (in JCS case). People can look and interpret their silence and actions as they perceive. Now I just want to let them do what ever they want and hope all of them will succeed in their own way.

However, I still can’t believe that there are still fans who genuinely believe that SM would kindly offer changing the contract. If SM is really willing to do that, they could have done it year ago. Read the news more carefully please, the contract change offer is from the judge, not really SM side. SM said that they will “CONSIDER” it. Sorry, but how many times I have heard that before. I have already lost my count. I don’t see any real action at all.

For the question, why the other SM artist don’t file the lawsuit…you can take a better look at SM history. Then, I would ask you back, why there is so rare that any idol group stay with SM after 5 years? What’s so wrong with this company?

Another question, why people have to sit and accept the unfair treatment just because it’s a norm in that society? (Yes, I am talking about K-entertainment business in general.) If no one think out of the norm, we would still have had slave in America, no democracy in South Africa and you can list more story in this world. I won’t praise JCS as hero to file a lawsuit but I just cannot see the point that “everyone got the same bad treatment…so we should be able to endure it too”.

Yes, there are different levels that one could endure the suffering.
There is different ambition, different attitude for each individual person.

….That’s why we get 5 individual decisions from these 5 men.

I would be so proud if they can move on even though they have to carry all the feelings, guilt, fear, insecurity with them. They are grown up men and can take all responsibility. So let them get whatever they get from both sides of decision. Let them take all blame, all pain, all misunderstanding as a part of their decision. Let them take all support no matter how long it’s going to last.

I won’t ask HoMin to join the lawsuit or go out from SM as well as I won’t ask JSC to work with anyone who they don’t want to work with. Now, it’s not hard to understand and accept that this lawsuit, this separation came from 5 individual decision, not just 3. If fan can accept that, they can simply move on and live a life. Let them have lives as they want. I don’t blame any fan who wants to withdraw their support at all. As I said before, as long as there is no bashing, I am fine with it.

I don’t think that “W” lyric means they want HoMin to file a lawsuit or leave SM in order to be with them again. I think they just say they would hold a place for them in their heart, just like I have a place for DBSK as five, and now they are moving on…that they might be able to talk with each other again later…maybe in 10 years…that’s all.

I am not the one who believe in the word “always, forever, eternity…” << as much as it sounds good and great…nothing in the world could be there always and forever.

But… yes, I do believe they are moving on. I don’t know JaeChunSu in person, neither the reason behind their lawsuit. They might be 3 selfish greedy guys to file the lawsuit purely for money. However, all I know is they have too much talent to be wasted…and to say 3 voices cannot hold magic as much as they are five, partially true, but the magic in their 3 voices are still so strong and special, at least to me.

Put the fangirl feeling aside, it’s a shame…a big shame ….that these three voices have to hinder behind just because there is no consent from the company like SM and their friends. It’s their lives and their careers.

Call me selfish but I won’t give up my way of life just because I don’t have a consent from my best friend. That’s why I support any of them to sing…to release more and more songs, DVD, whatever they want to do. Why not? These guys are bunch of good singers, possibly good composer and producer in the future…why not let them work, create more music, so that we can have more good songs to listen to?

I talked to my friend yesterday and she said “At the end, DBSK is only idol, singers, artist, inspiration for fans but not life. What we lose when they are not together is just one of our entertainment path…not OUR LIVES! Why can’t we just let them have their own life too? Why should we even bother with their decision?”


This concert really remind me of a verse from “The Greatest Love of All”

“I decide a long ago
Never to walk in anyone shadow
…If I fail, if I succeed,
at least I live what I believe
…no matter what they take from me
they can’t take away my dignity…”

That’s what they are doing.

Sorry if I hurt anyone, it’s hard to accept but I do think it’s the reality fans need to realize and move on in whichever way we want. Leave or stay, it’s our own decision too.

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10 Responses to Ranting: True Feeling from JYJ Thanksgiving Live @ Tokyo Dome

  1. fir says:

    YC n JJ had AKTF tattoo, YC bro n one of the dancer too, they still have it on didn’t erase it or sth …JJ had recently wrote, b4 the concert, but not too long, the five members name…and said lets wait together…I believe they still working it out…I believe that they wanted to move on in the meantime but not yet letting down their hope to be together again someday, I believe they won’t give false hope to us fans by showing off their AKTF tattoos after the JYJ concert, I believe that they cried so hard after the last dome concert, because eventhough they didn’t cry because they want to see their fans smile, fans still couldn’t stop crying…they clearly want to move on for now, but they won’t give the small hint that they want to be together for no reason, n the W could mean tht they felt sorry that they have to move on, but the ‘please hold on’ part show that they want the others to keep on fighting too so maybe someday they would find a way to be together again.

    • reallaerreal says:

      I do believe with all my heart that even though they cannot work together…no matter how long it will take…they still have each other in their heart.

      That’s what I get from this concert. ^_________^

  2. Secret Syrup says:

    (didn’t know whether I should reply here or on lj. Decided to do it here because my comment is huge as usual)
    I agree with everything you’ve said in this post bb. Everything!

    You know after their first live in Osaka, I was ready to call myself a JYJ stan. However, with all the crying they’ve doing after the other concerts, it hurts. And I don’t want it to hurt anymore. I don’t want them to feel bad about their choice to take their lives and careers into their own hands. I don’t want them to cry and be sad (it’s also a little bit of a buzzkill when they shed tears of sadness).

    People can think whatever they want and have their opinion just like I can have my opinion on their opinion (it goes both ways) but I do judge people who blame the trio for suing. I judge the hell out of them (and I’m done having arguments with them) and I won’t mention those “team SM” people. Just because it’s the norm in Korea to work 22hours/day as an idol and pass out/hurt yourself every other week and get badly paid even though you generate hundred millions of dollars per year doesn’t make it alright. Just because Homin wants to stay doesn’t mean the trio is wrong. I don’t expect the trio to make that big of a difference at the end of it but if they can have a better life then why not?
    How would people feel if some random stranger/outsider (because fans are strangers in some type of way) would tell you that you should stick with your crappy job that goes against the norms knowing full well that with your capacities, you could be treated better? Life is too short to live it by being miserable.

    Even my friend who’s not into the kpop fandom told me that the group breaking up is already waste but them not continuing is even worse and sad. and their friendship…I do feel like something broke between them but I hope that in the future things will patch up between them. I really do hope that.

    and about the Greatest Love of all, I kind of hate that song and hated the fact that Junsu always sang it but after checking the lyrics around the time he did his brother’s showcase, I actually cried because the lyrics were so right for his situation so now I’ve learned to accept the song (still don’t like it though). And “I have nothing” works nicely as well for the fans. Don’ leave them. Don’t make them have to stop singing just because 2 people are missing. I do think that the concert made more people aware of how sad and in pain they must have been (I love my bbs but they are not good enough actors to fake this lol). Better late than never I guess.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Your huge reply is more than welcomed in any place lol.

      I was upset when I read some comments about their tears and the lyric of “W”. Seriously, some fans…even JCS fans…said that, with news that they are doing an album together, having concert together, it’s like those tears are fake and the meaning of W is to keep us false hope.

      I was hurt deeply when I saw JJ cried out loud on the last day of Thanksgiving Live. Damm, he kept smiling during that day, then BOOM! I don’t think they are that good actors to fake in front of 54,000 people for more than 3 hours. There were still lots of insecurity and sadness in their eyes. However, suddenly, I felt warm and proud of them…to show courage and stand there for fans, for themselves. Moving on is very painful process, especially when you think your move might hurt the ones you love and love you.

      I saw lots of people said that they do agree with the trio to sue SM for their right but they don’t agree that they should move on like this, leave HoMin behind, be there as trio. Why give them hopes that they would be only five? Somehow, many fans were spoiled with “only five” attitude. Call me s-type, but I really want the trio to release a single, an album, any music-related work so they should know how many people are waiting for their music. I don’t know whether they could be successful in term of sales but I hope that they could produce good music and expand their music more in term of quality.

      …about the Greatest Love of All and I have nothing…I still don’t really like listen to the Greatest Love of All too! IDK. The melody just doesn’t my type even though I tend to love powerful ballad. But I really like the meaning which is the same case as I have nothing. (But I love JYJ versions so bad…emotionally complete, powerful but not piercing your ears and lamented.)

  3. Alou says:

    I don’t know why I end up here again but woa, you took all the words out of my mouth.
    I agree with all you said.
    I don’t have anything to add because you said it all
    Your blog is amazing, really, I share your same thoughts

    • reallaerreal says:

      Thanks for coming here again. ^^

      Sometimes I just post my rant here. This rant is what I have posted in the other blog. There are posts that urge me to write like this lol.

      Glad to know that you and I share the same thoughts. ^__________^

  4. MangoJuice says:

    Hello there!
    I read your comments in SYC and I agree with you – with almost all of your comments. It’s easy to spot people who think alike there XD..I share your sentiment, very much so. I also often feel guilty that ‘I wouldn’t care whether they want to come back as five’ and I thought whether I am a bad fan after all. But yeah, we can see very clearly that JCS are resolute about their decision and I don’t blame them, at all.
    I love DBSK and I think it is precious, but DBSK is just a name. I remember a very nice phrase from a fan fiction – ‘the machine that is DBSK’ and I really could relate well with that quote. It consists of people and I think it’s the people who make up DBSK that counts.
    I share your sentiment – I just want to respect their individual decisions, because in the end I only want everyone to live the life that they want to have.
    By the way, I never thought that JCS are giving us ‘fake’ hope. They are clearly sad but they are not going to change their decisions. I think they are just being honest with what they feel. That’s why I really honestly and wholeheartedly support them.
    This blog is so much ❤ thanks for keeping it real!

  5. I luv and agree to what you said!!!
    Well I’m a Jae’s biased… so I stand for JYJ *grin* I don’t know their real reason to leave SM… the very long year contract is one strong reason, the condition of the very hard working environment is another… yet I don’t really know for sure! I just know from what other fans or news tell us… and from the the Hangeng vid. I’m not really in their shoes, I never read the contract with my own eyes, I even never work under SM, and I’m not a psychic or someone who can do telepathy who can read their minds… If the trio wanna sued SM, it’s just their right… and though I don’t know the real reason but I believe that THE REASON IS MUST BE GOOD! Coz they really play big… I mean the risk is so big for them! And whatever they, JYJ (and HM) do… I think I’ll still support them no matter what (err… though I think I’ll support JYJ more… yeah, a bad bias fan I am *devilish grin*). They themselves are the only one who know and have rights to choose the kind of life they want. And they should live the happy life for themselves… not JUST for fans only. Why should we force them to take the path of life that WE want them to lead? What kind of person then should we call ourselves? I’l be ashamed of myself if I do that!
    I wish (please God…. *blink… blink*) let JYJ be the real artist (not just idols) who will continue their “creativity” (okay, I just can’t find the exact word I wanna used in my mind… d*mn my poor “engrish”) ’til they get old and be successful in the future… and I wish (God? please hear me…) let JYJ and HM find their happiness the way they want it… (amen)
    Okay… I really wanna write a long comment (errr… if this comment hasn’t be considered a long one *grin*) but writing in “engrish” is kinda make me tired… hehehe, so I think I must stop! The most important thing I wanna say is: I really luv your blog and your thoughts! Really nice to know you…

    • reallaerreal says:

      *hug* As I say, most fans have their own bias. As 5 members decided to stay where they are now, we have right to decide whether we want to support all of them, or leave, or choose to support your bias.

      (Don’t be worried about your english, mine is not perfect too. ^^”)

      May I ask what is your native language? I can understand how difficult it could be as you have to write in English. I have such problem too!

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