I’m done with this so-called “DBSK-Biased fan”.

I just don’t want to start an argument in Soompi again. However, let me rant, because this is my blog.

I think it’s quite obvious why people irritated with sheilapiglet’s posts in Soompi.

What’s wrong with people to accept that you have bias or favourite member in a group?

I would say, a person that is more pathetic than the one who directly bashes the other intentionally is the one who doesn’t accept to him/herself that he/she is bashing the others because of his/her biasness.

Her posts in Soompi and sharingyoochun in the past few months always urge the argument. You can easily see the consistency of that. I have never cared for her post until she asked why people didn’t bash Jaejoong because he went out to drink with Max Matsuura. She wrote that it’s not fair because Yunho was bashed by attending the same party with SM executive.

It’s not even about who is your bias or my bias. I would write this blog too if JJ-biased fan try to protect JJ by asking more hatred towards YH.

It’s just simply not right to protect one member or ask fairness for one member by asking people to bash the other member at the same rate.

That’s not how a person who always say that he/she loves all the five should have ever asked. Never.

She and Kinkie_lass’s post were the main reasons that Edward closed DBSK thread4 on April.

(It’s obvious because he deleted all sheilapiglet’s and kinkie_lass’s post around that time, also with some other argument post which refered to them.)

And to those who said that she contribute so much to that thread…Let me say…

contribute all five to the thread =/= nice attitude towards all five.

I used to stay in a fandom where there was this person who contribute so much time and money to the fandom. However, at last, we know that she has this love/hate feeling with one of the duo we like, to the point that she asked her friend in a magazine publish some bad-mouthing column about that one. Then, we know that she shared so much in the past because she just wanted some attention.

I just hope that I am not facing this kind of person again.

For sheilapiglet, she can be good at discussion, seems reasonable sometimes. Her words might sound nice. Maybe majority of fans are too sensitive with her posts. (Sometimes I try to think like that too.)

But then again, this was one of her post at sharingyoochun…

“i don’t agree that HM’s parents should apologize to the trio…lol…..it’s basically stating that HM’s parents wanted what’s best for them and if that’s staying under SM’s management, then that’s their rightful opinion…..why should they apologize?…..shouldn’t the 3 apologize too then because they’re the ones that “broke up” the group in the first place by filing the lawsuit?…sure they wanted their freedom, but at what cost?”

I can pick up tons of this kind of comment from her.

Feel free to protect her as you want.

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11 Responses to I’m done with this so-called “DBSK-Biased fan”.

  1. Kumo no Ito says:

    Here it is. For soompi’s own good I give up, she is good and makes sense, but she does not realize what she is doing. She tries to rationalize and twist her own words just to fit her version of “support the 5”
    She is JYJ strict judge while HM enthusiastic defense attorney
    And she doesn’t realize
    Ah that comment, I remember. She was so mad JJ hang out with Max but the next weeding yunho attend she was really happy for yunho (SM manager weeding or something)
    The moment she became annoying to me was when she and I don’t know who else, started the IQ discussion and how “we know the most intelligent members are”
    Kinkie_lass once told her to say what she really wants to say, to stop trying to sound nice while her intentions are not.
    I caught a comment of hers before she edited it. It was when the Lotte ad was announced. She said something among the lines “why would lotte choose JYJ instead of HM like you would expect them to do or like it would be right thing to do” I refresh the page and the comment was gone.
    She can’t le her true nature shows, but is there. And we are not blind
    We are biased, but not stupid.

    • reallaerreal says:

      That’s exactly why I can’t stand her attitude. I feel pity for her though. Seems like she’s doing better now but IDK whether those attitudes would show up again.

  2. Secret Syrup says:

    long comment ahead!

    Kinkie_lass…you know she’s the one I despise right? (aka the one who wrote one the most unecessary mean comment towards a member of TVXQ in my Soompi experience -not including obvious trolls and antis)

    anyway, because Nana mentionned the sompi drama, I checked it out (well only 2 pages, it just felt too stupid to me) and all I could was sigh and laugh. and sheilapiglet, can say all the bullshit she wants now and rationalize as much as she wants, but yeah, I didn’t forget those comments back when I was a Soompi fanatic and I don’t believe her (I should have saved the things whe wrote pre-edit). And yeah, contributing =/= caring and caring for TVXQ=/= caring for the 5 members. if she would just admit it and cut the bullshit or just stick with Homin news, people would have less issues with her. Then again, she’s the one who agreed with the Homin stan who talked smack about Jaechun’s family (a person who cared would have told her that her behavior was wrong. but no, she was having a nice convo with her about how fucked up the people against her were). yeah, I had my issues with her since the official breakup in april too.

    I don’t know if she knows what she’s doing but if she doesn’t, she needs to sit down and wonder why people react so strongly to her posts (and the same goes to a couple of people on the net who always have people arguing with them). It’s not because people are super sensitive (not all the time at least). She has TVXQ and Homin who got screwed in mind, but she doesn’t gaf about JYJ and clearly blames them for the lawsuit (since she’s said it a couple of times) and has some issues towards them.
    but people should just ignore her. idk if there is a ignore button on soompi but just press it if it exist yall. Your life will be better once you ignore posters that you cannot stand, trust me.

    hopefully this is my last rant when it comes to her (yay, I won’t have to post it today!)

    • reallaerreal says:

      Yes, I remember Kinkie_lass. Actually I saved both Kinkie_lass and sheilapiglet’s comments in soompi before Edward deleted them. (I was a freak for that LOL.) Actually, lots of YH stan has nice conver with Kinkie_lass in YH actor thread. That just seems so wrong to me. 😐

      She is either in denial or completely doesn’t know what she’s doing. I tried to ignore her or at least, give her more sympathy XD. She’s doing fine now and seems to get some rational mind back. Everything comes as melody and harmony in soompi LOL.

      After this, I won’t say anything about her again. (Hopefully this would be the last time, I’m bitter about her post.)

  3. AlwaysSmiles says:

    Oh! my dear, you stirred my mood up, because of the quote you posted.
    (Thanks for not post all of them. I don’t wanna leave my calmness.) ^^!

    Don’t have much thing to say in this rant.
    Just want to tell you that I LOL with your last sentence. HAHA

    Support you as always. *HUG*

  4. MangoJuice says:

    LOL at your last line
    haha..she clearly has a problem. one helluva confused person (and I am only saying this nicely)

  5. liebdbsk says:

    haha, we have the same opinion again. I also never read her posts. She is really something ….

  6. nero says:

    Sorry, but I must disagree with everything you said and your “friends’ ” comments. sheilapiglet is true fan of DBSK, when you are truly so-called. Looking at every posts of you, all of them are about JYJ. Why can you call yourself DBSK’s true fan when your only concern is JYJ. Just like people who are with you, when coming to HoMin’s actions, what you search is if they are good for JYJ, benefit to JYJ rather than really concern about them like the way you did for Why lyric. You choose to judge HoMin because of their actions, their songs and rumors (how funny that many of you declare you do not believe in any rumor, but what 5 members say), but when come to JYJ, you keep excuse for what they do, even it’s so obvious, their tatoos, their name album, etc, always try to make your JYJ so innocent. You and people who are with you are so-called, lied DBSK fan, you all are just JYJ fan when your believe are never for HoMin and you never post about them, except some conflict. What you seek in HoMin is what will benefit JYJ. You cannot argue with her or real DBSK’s fans, so you post complaints here, where JYJ’s selfish fans make you king. All of you should feel shamed to call yourselves DBSK’s fan. sheilapiglet is HoMin’s biased, but she is also DBSK’s true fan. She gives more actions than someones who have big-mounths like you, said supporting 5 members, but never believing and bashing HoMin all times.

    • reallaerreal says:

      I have never said that I’m a Cassie. Do you know why? Because I do appreciate DBSK’s music but I’m not with 5-1=0. I maybe on-and-off support a member. At least, I admit that. That’s why I said that this is a problem about “so called DBSK-biased fan”.

      Now I don’t even said I’m supporting 5 members. At least I’m not bashing HoMin all the times as you said. And sorry, for me JYJ are not innocent either. They like drinking, clubbing, smoking (except Junsu). Surely they’re not innocent in any perspective. Have you read all my posts here? I always said that at the end, the lawsuit might really happen because of JYJ’s greed. I’m realistic enough to think so.

      And if fans, any fans who used to be DBSK’s fan, stop support any member, you can call them traitor as much as you want, but it’s not going to change their decision or it doesn’t mean they were not DBSK’s true fan in the past.

      If you read my recent post, you’ll know that for me, DBSK is a memory right now. A beautiful memory….their songs, CDs, DVDs are still my treasure. You might say I and lots of my friends are not DBSK fans anymore, but we couldn’t careless because we still smile and cry with their songs. For that, maybe I don’t want to be a DBSK fan anymore. I just want to be their casual listener and listen to anything I want. So called me a bad DBSK fan as much as you can. Nothing will change and I won’t try to change anyone neither.

      Believe me, I tried to make a good discussion with sheilapiglet…many times with rational, not emotional. And still, what she posted in soompi today just prove that she has never changed a bit. I thought she changed and cared about her words more in the past few months but seems like that’s not totally true. She is still like a bomb over there. A few days ago I tried to correct her about situation of JYJ showcase in Thailand and she still insisted that her information was correct. That’s totally ridiculous. I was there and read thai forum, how possibly she could know more with reading english webboard? Sometimes she just stubborn like that.

      Somehow I wish we could have JYJ thread in soompi. So I don’t have to stay lurking in DBSK thread anymore.

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