Sometimes…I still miss them.

I miss their live performance…and see how far they have grown.


Dec, 2003…DEBUT…still lipsync



Feb, 2004…LIVE…A month after debut.


2007…ACAPELLA…This is why they are so special.



2008…CUTEST version ever… I love it when they don’t stick with the format.



2009…powerful ROCK


Thanks for all performances…I still love and cherish your singing as always.

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8 Responses to Sometimes…I still miss them.

  1. Kumo no Ito says:

    Oh girl, to say I don’t miss them would be a lie. Sometimes it hurts so much…
    they were good, so good.

  2. AlwaysSmiles says:

    I love HUG…the special song from special boys. >.<

    Always love and miss DBSK, too.

  3. grannyestee says:

    I’m so agree with kumo no ito… *sigh* I support what they are now (the 2+3) and whatever they wanna do with their career… but I can’t say that I don’t miss them *sigh* I wonder will I be able to watch/listen new performance of Kiss shitta… or LITI or Bolero or even Purple Line and Mirotic again? Those songs will not be “perfect” if not sung by all five of them… When JaeChun sang Begin (Boy Pop Factory), it sounded like s’thing was missing… just “incomplete”
    I’m glad tho, coz I can hear JCS sings more through their new songs… but HM, I always consider them as singers… but why they’re more like mere models these days? esp. Min… I really want him singing again! (and not just on SMTown…)

    • reallaerreal says:

      Even though I love Begin in Boy Pop Factory so so much, I still love the harmonization from 5. (I love them because of this song.) Now I wish I could hear them sing Toki Wo Tomete and With all my heart live for once. *sigh*

      I wonder whether SM would let Min do anything he wants, be it singing, modelling or whatsoever. I would love to hear him sing again. >.<

  4. Secret Syrup says:

    even if I’m a huge JYJ stan, I’m not gonna lie, I still miss the group terribly. I miss the singing, I miss the friendship, I miss the dancing, I miss the happiness, I miss the fact that they were perfect. They were just so good and amazing. I still can’t watch watch a lot of old videos/performances of the groups ):

    • reallaerreal says:

      I can watch the old performance but not much clips. (I used to try once…just open a random clip. When I saw them said “Konnijiwa Tohoshinki desu”, my tears just suddenly dropped.)

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