Sleepy ranting…

I used to think that JTL boycott and SM bad treatment might have been just speculation among fans.

Then I found these…

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The Increased Number of Successive Cancellations of JTL Broadcasts—The Power of the Giant Entertainment Agencies?

The three members of H.O.T. Jang Woohyuk, Tony An, Lee Jaewon left their agency, SM Entertainment and released a new album through their new agency, JTL. However, even two weeks following the release, their songs could not be heard on any of the broadcasts. Even the showing of their new music video with JTL that had been scheduled to air on the 6th during the show, “Inkigayo Live” by SBS, suddenly got cancelled. It was stated by SBS that “We will play it too if other stations play it first. Because a new show starring Kangta, Moon Heejun, Jun Jin and other SM artists as the MC’s, will begin to air on the 19th, there is still need for us to be able to cooperate with them. There’s no reason for us to provoke them.”

(SM’s boycott, disruption of activities of artists that have ended their contracts)

By: Popples Day

Sources: Ohmynews, Osen News, Hani News, Newsen, fnnews (Note: This is not an exhaustive list)
Translation: happy.colour @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Article Source:918
Chinese translation:Better@season-hot
English translation:Patyushka@DTH

“During H.O.T times got once close to disbanding because of a fried dumpling?!”

Tony An on April 25 during recording of MBC program “Come To Play” told a story that happened during H.O.T times, how he with other H.O.T members ate “fried dumplings full of tears”.

Having a dream of becoming singers Tony and other members entered the entertainment company, their families weren’t really wealthy, so they had to cook themselves in due time and had many other difficulties.
Every day after 8 hours of heavy dance practices they stomachs always felt hungry, and the members, eating only instant noodles, were slowly getting thinner and thinner.

Right before their debut, their company noticed that the members were getting thin and changed their meals for fried noodles.
Because they often ordered noodles in one Chinese restaurant, that restaurant from time to time sent them some fried dumplings, but the problems was in the quantity of those dumplings.

For the members who got sick of eating fried noodles every day, the dumplings were like meat in sweat & sour sauce (TN: there’s this kind of dish in Chinese cuisine).
When the members saw dumplings, they happily started eating them, but after a short while there were only 4 dumplings left.
When one of the members couldn’t restrain himself and leaned to take a dumping, he met the glances of other members and they stared at each other, who knew that at that moment one member would bravely take one.

But Tony found out that in one of the members’ fried noodles was hidden one dumpling, and Kangta haven’t eaten dumplings at all.

Angry Tony yelled at that member “You should first eat the dumpling that you hid in your fried noodles! Kangta haven’t eaten at all yet!”. Tony said that the atmosphere stiffened then, the members got very hurt because of a little fried dumpling.

Tony’s story made everyone at the filming site laugh.

Reporter: Lee Jung Ah happy@ 

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From Times Asia Interview

When they were at the height of their popularity, members of the Korean boy band H.O.T. began to suspect their golden fame was dross. The contracts they had signed with production house SM Entertainment called for each band member to receive royalties of less than 1 for every CD sold; members of other groups were getting 17. Arithmetic revealed the ugly truth: whenever one of their albums reached the magic 1 million-copies-sold milestone, each H.O.T. member could count on payment totaling a paltry $10,000. Heck, U.S. pop diva Mariah Carey earlier this year was paid $28 million by music label EMI to not record four albums. After fruitless renegotiations with SM Entertainment founder Lee Su Man last spring, three of H.O.T.’s five members split from the company, killing the band and breaking the hearts of millions of teenage fans. “We would complain that we never had enough money,” says ex-H.O.T. singer Tony An, “and Lee Su Man would say: ‘I even pay for your gas, what are you complaining about?
. . .
But An says his resentment of his former employer, SM Entertainment, doesn’t stem from greed. An is sore that he was treated like a perishable commodity rather than as a person. If Lee had been willing to address their contract concerns, “we probably wouldn’t have left,” An says sadly. “It was more about the human touch than the money.”

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Then I found this post in Omona…it’s about SME blocking JYJ in Korea.

“they already did it..
Can’t you see the amount of promotion that Junsu got for his musical and any other SME or even, idol artist? Junsu got his coverages because he is a miracle and change the stigma about idol going into musical and the magazine got no choice but covering him.

That’s why Yoochun took the smart way by coming back through drama.
And it breaks my heart that they have to label their album as ‘international album’ to be able to sing in their native languages and sell their album in Korea again.”

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanks for AVEX and who ever decided to keep their trust in Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu. I have no idea how far they can go but I know that they talent and passion for music is true. It would be sad if they are wiped off their homeland.  Like JTL who were so successful in term of sales. (They sold more than 1,000,000 copies) However, with almost ZERO korean television and other media exposure, they just become a taboo and practically be wiped of korean entertainment industry.

I love Micky’s new tattoo. My Jaejung caught my eyes first…I was like…are you serious? My soulmate ❤  Even with Yuhwan and Junsu name…I still stun how he put Jaejung before his own brother.

People should read all news, everything that could be hurtful before summarise the situation. I feel like some fans still try to believe that their relationship doesn’t change at all. While some only expect from JYJ to show their love for Yunho and Changmin all the time. They still see them as DBSK, not 5 individual grown-up men who can do anything they want. *sigh*

Some are like this…

– Oh I doubt that member A’s tears were from his sadness toward the situation. I think it’s more about overwhelming. Then reading another interview of member B…his depression is truly because DBSK situation for sure. :ph34r:
– Member C and D should not use DBSK name because they are not DBSK when they are not 5. If they use DBSK or THSK, that means they are taking advantage over the group name. Then, a few months later, when member E introduced himself as DBSK E…Oh I’m really grateful for that, and I wish member C and D should do sth like that too. :angry:

(Basically, this post just sum up all my rant today.)

Well, I shouldn’t be this serious…so let me put some cuteness here.

Question: How many time Jaejoong said “Samui” (It’s cold) in 3hree voice DVD?

Answer: Here you are…

Credit: meiting + MazeJJ

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13 Responses to Sleepy ranting…

  1. AlwaysSmiles says:

    Nothing to say about SME thing. And I really thanks to avex and everyone who always support the trio.

    “Member C and D should not use DBSK name because they are not DBSK when they are not 5. If they use DBSK or THSK, that means they are taking advantage over the group name. Then, a few months later, when member E introduced himself as DBSK E…Oh I’m really grateful for that, and I wish member C and D should do sth like that too.”

    THIS! Because the trio is my bias. It’s very annoying to read comments that blame three boys. But, I always keep silent in the fandom because I don’t want to jump into the fan war. I don’t want everybody agree with everything they do. Just respect their decision is enough.

    Park’s tattoo made my day although the criticize flooded on that day. When I think about “My Jaejung” is the first name on Micky chest, I can’t stop smiling. ^_^

    Thanks for your article. I’m going back to my peaceful corner and keep following five boys activities and always support them.

    p.s. Dorky JJ, he's very funny! lol

    • reallaerreal says:

      Please drag me to the peaceful corner too. I feel like I read too much drama in fandom lately. That’s not healthy lol.

      The problem in this fandom is some fan just cannot accept their personal life. –”

      Sometimes I wish I could remain silent too.

      • AlwaysSmiles says:

        Drag you to the peaceful corner!! No..dear…I can’t and I prefer everything you do right now because you speak up my mind. lol

        I think in fandom, fan like you is needed. You can protect our beloved boys but I only support their works and cheer everyone who try to protect our boys.

        I hope someone people in this fandom can consider all boys fairly. Not to idolise protect on their bias and attack the other side like now.

        You have no need to keep silent. I wish I can take more actions to protect our boys like you do.


      • AlwaysSmiles says:

        *someday not someone … sorry typo -*-

  2. Kumo no Ito says:

    Ah SM, never learn?
    I fear them. and I fear for my JYJ.
    Have you seen the guerilla concert of JTL?
    it was so moving, it makes you cry

    I have a long post in my head about avex and SM, may be this weekend I will write it.

    And She is amazing, isn’t she?
    ah! I saw that comment too and I was temptaded to call her out but… is useless so I didn’t. We already know how she is… too bad she seems to be blind of her own actions and words.

    Thank you for JJ video, he is s cute hahahahahaha

    • reallaerreal says:

      I’m afraid that they might never learn anything at all. (But maybe a bit, it seems like they treat SNSD and Shinee better than our boys.)

      No..I haven’t seen guerilla concert for JTL…I would find it. Hope it’s not full of tears like JYJ Thanksgiving.

      Yes, She is amazing. lol. I just read her comment on SYC and she is so amazing! Never change a bit lol.

      JJ is super cute >.<

      • Kumo no Ito says:

        I ignore her comments in SYC, for my own sake or one day i will end up arguing with her again.

        I‘m trying to find the subs but I can’t
        The guerilla concert worked like this: they give the group a location and a number of fans they must gather in order to succeed. But they can’t go on radio or anything, just tell people and hope enough fans will get the information. Now, remember JTL situation.
        The subs will make you cry harder than just seeing them cry. They said “I was told you will never succeed” People told them “without HOT you are nothing”… they never thought they could gather as much people as they did. Is moving because you can sense their insecurities and how reassuring it was for them to just see the fans, there, I cried.

        you can see the last part here:

    • reallaerreal says:

      Thanks for JTL clip!

      I hope they are doing alright at the moment even though they don’t get much exposure now.

      May I pray that JYJ would never ever face the same pain as JTL. At least let them have chance to stay on stage and do whatever they love to do.

  3. Secret Syrup says:

    Jesus, take the wheel. I remember when the lawsuit started, I didn’t believe that the group would disband (how naive was I) but the reason I kept crying was because I was so worried about JYJ’s career especially knowing that these 3 loved music so much. So yeah, still worried. Not surprised about the H.O.T. situation which made Kangta’s previous comments even more messed up. At least JYJ has Japan for the time being and musicals and dramas. I don’t doubt that the trio’s album will sell a lot but people will probably act as if it doesn’t exist.
    (actually, I believe Junsu was the one who didn’t want to do promotion for Mozart because he didn’t want people to pay too much attention to him? but I was suprised that there weren’t more articles about him winning that award).

    lol, I knew the jaechun fans would be happy. As for me, I’m just glad that Junsu’s name is there. Besides, “My Junsu” honestly sounds weird and too direct which kind of goes against the way Yoosu works so I’m cool with everything (even “My Yuhwan sounds strange).

    hehe, 51 times in the span of 1 hours + digest. He’s so cute.

    • reallaerreal says:

      I was so naive too…I had never believed that they could fight to seperation. I think I would be worried about JYJ career for long. They can’t just sit still and wait until someone ruin them. One has no idea when sth wrong could have happened in entertainment business. If their sale down in one album…IDK…what will happen to them. They are not that established name. Also 2 years absent for military service is coming soon. – -” (I know I’m thinking to much lol.)

      (Thanks for Junsu part, I know that he was also a replacement for another actor who injured his leg….Actually, that’s also another factor that not much coverage news for him at the beginning.)

      Actually, one of my friend said that Junsu might just lose paper, scissors, rock to Jaejung. That’s why we’ve got My Jaejung first. LOL!

      • Secret Syrup says:

        damn, that JTL video broke my heart. The big fat teardrop at 1:09 T_T. Nobody better make my boys cry like that >: ( (well they already did but no more tears!)
        (what happened to them anyway? I think they still have careers but do you know if they’re still doing well?). This whole mob thing with “you must stay with the family or we’ll destroy you” is really crazy when you think about it…Glad our boys aren’t giving up.

        (I like the idea of Junsu losing at rock, paper, cissors. Yep, I’ll use that explanation as well (I don’t really care tbh lol).

  4. lyrico jae says:

    i also hope member C and D didn’t use that..

    I’ve think about it once at the back, but i didn’t know that what i’ve afraid of will come true..The ironic is it’s so hurt till i don’t know what to do that time..i can’t even cry..

    and why i suddenly think that in HOT, there are only certain certain members that important for SME..but, just ignore that..

    i will just believe_! Keep supporting_! keep praying_!

    • reallaerreal says:


      I think it’s time to face the true and keep supporting…maybe one day they could get back together…who knows?

      Then, they will grow as individual more and more and make even better music in the future. ^^

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