SM…forget TVXQ again and again



I just read this news and so pissed with the news and some comments about it.


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SM Entertainment hits jackpot in sales 

With K-pop’s biggest celebrities working daily for the company, there’s no doubt in the fact that SM Entertainment probably has the largest income in the industry.

Behold. It has been calculated by Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service that SM Entertainment has made around 47.5 trillion Korean won during the first six months of year 2010, which roughly converts to 40 million dollars in USD. This is about 59% larger than what they’ve made last year.

Also, it’s been revealed that SM Entertainment has earned over 18.6 trillion Korean won, over 3 times as much as last year. SM stated, “This achievement was possible due to increasing overseas income made by our artists like Super Junior, BoA, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x).

SM Entertainment believes their income will increase even more, as they’ve been slowly entering the application market for various smartphones. Also, SNSD’s overseas activities are expected to bring even more money for the company.

Source: AKP

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Well, this news has lots of mislead information.

1. No way that SM income in the first half = 47.5 Trillion Won. Their first 3-months 2010 sales was just 22.7 Billion Won so in this news it should be 47.5 BILLION WON = 40 Million USD.

2. INCOME = REVENUE =/= PROFIT…So they might gain tons of income without make significant profit to your idol.

3. Total Sales SM artists in Korea for the first half of 2010 = approx. 600,000 copies. The price of each album = 11,000 Won or less. So their CDs only sales about 6.6 Billion Won. Other than that are from CFs, TV Programme, Radio Show, Road Show, Concert, etc.

Last, I would think this is not the flaw if they didn’t mention “This achievement was possible due to increasing overseas income made by our artists like Super Junior, BoA, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x).”

TOHOSHINKI Sales over 1,000,000 copies in the first half of 2010 (already exclude JYJ). That’s about 2.3 BILLION YEN = 31.7 BILLION WON. SM and AVEX share 50% of the profit from Tohoshinki.

So tell me any SM artist who can gain overseas income more than DBSK.

And yet, SM just didn’t want to expose their name…


…and this is not the first time they do sth like this.



Good job.



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9 Responses to SM…forget TVXQ again and again

  1. AlwaysSmiles says:

    Be mature SME. Don’t be so childish.
    Oops!! Sorry, I’ve just said that I don’t wanna talk about this company.
    The truth is the truth. You can hide them but you can’t erase the truth.

    From many comments regarding this news, I realize that maybe there’s only Cassies and Bigeast know how much are our boys effort to have a success like this in Japan. *sigh*

    Btw, I’m confident that KPop/JPop/AsianPop fans know how great DBSK is. Because our boys always be the benchmark for everything that can drag them to be compare. lol
    (Sometimes it’s hilarious but many times it’s really annoying. -*-)

    p.s. at first I saw the topic, I questioned why did you sing 2pm’s song? lol

    • reallaerreal says:

      Are you sure that KPop/Jpop/AsianPop fans really know how great our boys are? Maybe the old one, but I don’t see much respect from the new generation of K-pop fans. *sigh*

      P.S. Again and again and again LOL.

  2. Kumo no Ito says:

    They are trying very hard to prove that they don’t need dbsk.
    And at some point I believe it.
    Look at H.O.T. It was a big lost for SM and everyone thought it would be their end, but it wasn’t and then dbsk came.
    I guess now they don’t have another huge band, but they have successful bands like SNSD and Super Junior, and other bands to bring the same money.
    The sad part is that the hard work of dbsk is vanished and just like SM is trying to prove they don’t need them people forget about them.
    AllKpop eh? I don’t read their articles nor their comments.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Sometimes I just hope that SM learn…even though I hate the company…the artists are mostly good. As some said, no pain no gain…but just not to the point that it breaks your health.

      Still, from H.O.T., Shinhwa, DBSK….I don’t know how much they really learn. Good luck for the other group…do their best and hope that JYJ make SM learn their lessons. So SM could treat their artist better, even though no one would praise them.

      Sometimes it just get annoying when new fans of SM group keep thinking that SM Familiy + SM company is the best.

      Wait and See…

      (I’m a bitter fan lol.)

  3. Secret Syrup says:

    sm has been doing that shit since the lawsuit by acting as if TVXQ doesn’t contribute much to their profits. Trying to prove that they don’t need TVXQ…Maybe they don’t since they’ll use SNSD as their new cash cow until one of them break but I think it sucks. I find the way they’re acting like the group isn’t that important is insulting. Not only to the fans (but as if they care) but for the members as well. It’s like all the hard work they did isn’t being aknowledged. At least be real, the boys sold a buttload of shit and you’re passing the success to other groups…

    fucking company, I hate it with all my heart.

  4. lyrico jae says:

    not professionals at all…even DBSK is already break up, but still they should remember that they had worked for the company and give profit to the company…

    even let’s say that they really ‘like’ jae joong, junsu and yoochun, they should be more professionals and they give them profit…

  5. snsd says:

    SNSD is forever my love. Every of them are so dorkable

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