Because I’m dangerous…because I love you…I’ll leave you…

Someone told me that this might be just a lyric…



Don’t read between the lines…



Why – U-Know Yunho (Yunho’s Solo in SM Town 2010)

keep your head down U-know time

U know what time is it? This is U-know time !

keep your head down keep your head down

왜 날 그렇게 쉽게 떠났니

내가 쉬워보였던거니

내가슴은 찢어지잖아 오오

그렇게 너 사랑갖고 장난장난치지마라

내앞에선 요리조리 거짓말만 늘어놓고

두고봐도 지켜봐도 넌 좀 이기적이야

왜왜왜 너를 그렇게 감싸안았는가



Keep your head down U-know time
U know what time is it? This is U-know time!

Keep your head down keep your head down

Why did you dissappear from me like that easily

Did you see me as an easy person

My heart is going to rip apart

Don’t play around with love like that

Infront of me all you did was lie about this and that

Anyone who sees you, even when I see you you’re so selfish greedy [as in, anyone can see/understand that she’s selfish]

Why did I hold on to you like that

credit: DCinside
trans: rieko@sharingyoochun



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Now I just wish…JYJ would never ever sing “W” or feel that longing again.



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29 Responses to Because I’m dangerous…because I love you…I’ll leave you…

  1. Secret Syrup says:

    well damn.
    not really suprised though.

    they need to stop singing that song indeed. the feelings don’t seem to be returned.

    that is all.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Oh…dear…you are fast!

      Seems like nothing can surprise me these days…

      You’re right…nothing seems to be returned.

      • Secret Syrup says:

        I’m using that Internet opportunity to post as much as I can lol.

        a song is still a song but come on now…Then again, it could be about a girl (not into that Yunjae crap).
        wonder who wrote it. YH os SM (if it’s the rap then it’s probably YH no?)

      • reallaerreal says:

        @Secret Syrup

        Actually, I heard that Japanese fans (especially JJ-fan) were quite shocked with the meaning because it was supposed to be written by Yunho. (It was just translated into English and posted in SYC a few hours ago…but a japanese translation has been around for a few days.)

        Some said it’s polar opposite to “For You”.

      • Secret Syrup says:

        what does “For You” says?
        *didn’t pay attention to the lyrics*

      • OzGreenGirl says:

        @Secret Syrup, this is the translation of “For You”.

        100605 “For You” by Im Jaebum, Sang by Jaejoong at the Thanksgiving Live

        Maybe we are people
        Tangled in a complicated relationship
        Everyday I am debted to you
        Debts that are too much for me to pay back
        Sometimes like a couple, sometimes like strangers
        Can we keep living on like that
        Despite countless mistakes and separations
        You are still there

        I know that you are the only person
        Who can help me live properly in this world
        I, in order to live without regrets,
        Should keep you by my side
        My rough mind and unstable expressions
        And you watching it
        That is a love like a war
        Because I’m dangerous, because I love you
        I will leave from you
        I will leave for you

        Source: Translator of Funk! +
        Translation: Delacroix @
        Shared by: jinsane226 @ Twitter +

    • Secret Syrup says:

      thank you OzGreenGirl 🙂

      also; ouch.

  2. Kumo no Ito says:

    and I joing in. Though I don’t hate W, the song is beautiful, but guys, love, is time to move on.

    Now i feel a sort of satistaction there are only 2 (well 3) names in Yoochun tattoo
    may be they are finally moving on

    • reallaerreal says:

      That’s why I think Yoochun are moving on. Actually, all of them are trying to move on.

      Some would say they fooled us but I think JJ and JS were having a hard time moving on in Dome. Now they are doing better and better. Keep moving boys!

      • Kumo no Ito says:

        I may sound arrogant but I think at the beginning they “keep the faith” they tried to keep their faith, but is useless if the feelings are not shared by all

        I think we will know when they move on, the day they fully enjoy the stage, the day they smille and sing W without tears

        because as much as the song is for HoMin is for Us too

      • reallaerreal says:


        W is a very nice song. Reading some fanaccounts from a-nation, it seems like non-fans are impressed by this song so much. But it’s just so obvious when they sang “We love you both”… that verse is for HoMin. *sigh* It’s just not healthy for them to keep repeat that line right now.

      • Shin_kel says:

        I agree that Yoochun I think was the first to move on coz he was the only one who didn’t cry buckets of tears.Acting really help him heal and I think that tattoo gave him enough closure that he needs so good for him.

        It might be difficult for Jae becoz he’s friends with YH since their training days. I hope though that he moves on also and hopefully with a peace of mind. I’m just glad he has friends both in Japan and Korea who also care for him a lot. I hope he keeps himself busy so he will heal and move on at a faster pace. =)

        I have the same hope for Junsu. Junsu I’m hoping with his musicals he’ll gradually heal and moves on with the rest of his members.

  3. ash says:

    Meh. I prefer ‘W’ more.

  4. OzGreenGirl says:

    *sigh* The same like you.
    Even, I love “W”, but I don’t want the trio sing this song anymore.

  5. liebdbsk says:

    Min’s “maximun” & Ho’s “why” >< W
    I feel mad now, only one side try to hold back, another side refuses.
    however, I don't feel sorry for JYJ because they tried their best to keep the faith. They won't have any regret for whatever happen with DBSK in the future. I am so proud of them. Moving on, JYJ!!!

    • reallaerreal says:

      Yes, I’m proud of them. Do their best and see what happen.

      The last thing I hope that it won’t happen is one side openly, publicly blame the other side. (Or maybe that already happened???)

  6. lyrico jae says:

    i love that song W..but, when i heard that song, i can feel the longing and the sadness..but, still i can feel hope from that..

    Yeah, they show their best…in the future, just like yunho, joongie or the ”someone” i can’t remember the name, we can see tvxq with more powerful..

    whatever in the past was past, we cannot come back to the past..what’s the important that we must to continue live on and be better ^^

    i will support them always ^^ each day i can’t stop fall in love with them…

  7. grannyestee says:

    Yeah… when I read the Ho’s and Min’s songs lyrics on other fan sites I thought: WTH? I tried not to read between the lines… but I just couldn’t help it! I instantly remembered what Max said on twitter… about Min *sigh* It just makes me wanna shout “leave the two alone and just move on!” to JYJ. I believe that they can do good (maybe better) without the other two. Oh my… I’d never been this harsh to HoMin *sigh* Maybe I stil keep in my thoughts that the song is just song… maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on between them right now… maybe it’s not really addressed to JYJ… maybe HoMin just have the “you-have-to-sing-this-and-no-no” from SM… maybe…
    Okay, I’m a biased fan… (I believe that everybody does have certain more fave members) So… let me say: Go JYJ! You have to move on! I’ll support you whatever you’ll do in the future (as long as it’s good or even better than you’re doing now *grin*… well, why should I blindly support them if they can’t produce anything good for me to listen to or watch?) And for HoMin… *sigh* if they still lip syncing the songs… I will definitely won’t watch their performances again… (it’s no use *grumble*)
    *sigh* I never this outspoken before… or this honest before… maybe because I kinda feel tired? When I join the fandom, what I expect is just the flowery-happy-fangirling moments… never expected it would turned out to be fan wars and bashing moments… (just like I do right now *grin* mmmm… I never feel this evil like now *cough* really…. *cough*)

    • reallaerreal says:


      I bet that there are lots of fans out there trying to avoid fanwar. That’s why they never said anything in DBSK forum or blog.

      I really hope that they could be better in both music quality and sale quantity. They have potential. It’s just they really have to move on, you know what I mean right?

      Actually fandom suppose to be lovely-happy as you said so…but maybe we’re those M-type fans. LOL!

  8. ..... says:

    well, i dont care anymore. reading the lyric, i feel numb, i have no feeling toward homin. now i just have to follow where my heart want me to go that is support the one i want to support 🙂

  9. Shin_kel says:

    Just got back from an enjoyable long weekend holiday and the first thing I did was to check on the boys bu lo and behold!! My emotions really have a heck of roller coaster ride. I was a bit sad for YC’s drama rating , feel ecstatic about JYJ’s participation in SKK drama and feel so hurt with “Why’s” lyrics. I thought when I heard the title “Why” I was thinking if this the answer to “W” wouldn’t it be coincidence that the title of the song starts with “W”? Anyways, even if I wanted to be rational about the lyrics and that”Why” is just a song I really can’t. For me this is the first stage of Homin since the lawsuit and Maybe and this is a big Maybe, they might not be answering JYJ’s song directly because they are not allowed to do so……. Of course I don’t believe what I said 100% but even if I gave them a benefit of the doubt, I still expect them to put in a song which gives back something to the fans, if not Homin fans at least DBSK fans. What I meant is fans have waited for them a long time and fans are still keeping faith on their friendship or in my case “what’s left of it” (because I’m a Jae biased fan, I always draw inspiration from him & patiently waits or “waited”). If they can’t answer “W” because either SM doesn’t allow it or because both of them simply don’t want to answer and just ignore it, that’s fine, it’s their choice. However is it too much to expect that they deliver a song that the fans or at least DBSK fans can relate to? Not all fans wanted to be mad or angry bout the situation. Fans might be sad and I prefer being sad to being mad. Fans like me don’t want to be mad or angry because it’s counterproductive. Why do I demand something like that when I am fan? Because I am a fan that’s why I am demanding a better song which reflects a year long of suffering which we experience alongside with them.
    With “W”, while it is JYJ’s feelings but the lyrics was also felt by the fans coz DBSK fans also missed the 2. We shared or I can at least say that I share the same feelings as those 3. If both of them can’t talk about the 3 publicly, then express it in a song or as i said if they can’t still do it, then, stop thinking bout your own feelings now and express something for the fans or something that the fans can relate to or is it too much to ask for a “thank you” theme song? In “Why” song and this is only my POV, it’s either a song without a hidden meaning or as other said a song answering W. In whichever case, it still hurts me coz I expect more than that for the reasons I mentioned above. What I got is just like a break up song and even if some of us may “try” to be reasonable about it and I’m really trying hard here soooo much, logic tells me that the song may very well be the singer’s own emotion. I can’t support an angry song, really, maybe it my opinion on it will change over time but I can’t see my opinion on it will change so quick. Yes, I’m trying to not own this space as my ranting page but here I am being honest and I’m laughing bitterly at myself. As I said I don’t wanna be mad and even if I said in previous post that I may become indifferent slowly as time goes by, how come I’m becoming so indifferent too fast to my own liking.

  10. coffee note says:

    oh glad I can talk about it without freaking out some fangirls 😉
    I have to say I am taken a back by ‘Why’ and ‘Maximum’. Really, after we have waited for so long for them to express their feeling through their music, figuring it’s the only way they can. Honestly, I think they can have a say in the song they are going to sing, right? Hard to believe that SM force them to sing anything. I felt like I was slapped in the face…Like I was some clingy ex-girlfriend listening to what my ex have to say. I was into some angst songs before, but this time it is personal…too personal.

    I agree that it’s time for JYJ, JJ especially, to pick up what was left and start writing a new dawn song’ like ‘long way’…

  11. no says:

    You guys are all JYJ biased.

    First of all, JYJ didn’t write W, so it’s not like that’s their message to HoMin. Secondly, JYJ are the ones who promoted without HoMin first. HoMin waited for a year and a half. I don’t blame them for being angry because JYJ are the ones who abandoned them. Yes, they left because of SM’s contract, but why promote without HoMin? Why not wait until things could be worked out? Also, JYJ called their album “The Beginning”. What a huge slap in the face to HoMin after those 6/7 years together.

    So stop blaming HoMin for everything and think about JYJ and what they did before accusing HoMin.

    • fannypak says:

      I totally didn’t know that KYHD was a Yunho solo at SM Town before they changed it into 2VXQ’s comeback song. Btw, I just came across your blog and have really enjoyed it so far!

      As for @no: Wow … I don’t usually comment on personal blogs but why on earth would you troll some’s *personal* blog entry

      1. If you read any of the interviews they composers gave, they all said they wrote these songs specifically for JYJ and wrote the lyrics in order to express what JYJ was feeling at the moment. And if you watched any of their Dome performances or read fanaccounts from Bigeast you’d know that all three cried during that song at Osaka to the point where they couldn’t sing large parts of the song. By the time they performed it at Tokyo Dome, they were able to muddle through but you can still hear how raw their emotions were, esp Junsu. If you even bothered to read the lyrics, you’d know that “W” is Cassiopeia and the entire song is filled with lines like “we love you both” and “I want to see you.”

      2. This is NO ONE’s fault but SM! I don’t understand why people always think there has to a “right” or “wrong.” JYJ & HM made different choices based on different personal values and preferences. Just respect that. If you really want to start pointing figures, do well to remember it was Yunho who was the first to start solo activities w/ HTTG, MJ Concert, etc and Changmin was busy filming Paradise Ranch when Junsu & JJ began taking on solo projects. No one was inactive during this time. They just didn’t work themselves to death like before.

      3. They were still active as Tohoshinki in Japan and released singles together & promoted until March 2010 so don’t pull all that sh** about waiting for 2 years. Is JYJ just supposed to sit around and do nothing, have no income, stop learning, growing, developing as musicians while SM delays litigation by refusing to produce evidence & witness for years on end?

      I could say more but at this point in my post, I’ve realized that a person narrow minded enough to post what you did above probably won’t listen anyway.

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