To you, always…



I’m officially in love with this PV…



Soulmate makes me blush…dear Jun-jung, don’t feel lonely baby…lol.



(btw…”butter make it through the loneliness” really kills the mood LOL!)



I don’t like the preview of this studio version that much which is understandable because I heard the live version before and that’s so emotional. However I cried so hard last night while I was listening to this clear version for the first time. Their voices are precious. (I might write the review once I listened to other version. I planned to write about Thanksgiving Live anyway…)



I understand some fans who still hope that they would comeback as 5 together soon would feel upset watching them do activities as 3. I was irritated with some comments on my youtube channel that always bitter over 3 voices in this song. Somehow, I become calm and understand them. However, I do think this song is for 3 voices, not five.



No matter how I want 5 voices…it’s not possible right now…maybe never be again. But it’s sad that some blame and claim that 3 voices cannot chant a magic.



For me…they can…



And I’m so happy that there was a news about the trio korean comeback.



Korea is their homeland. Wouldn’t it be too bad for them if they cannot work at their own home country? No matter how much love one can receive from japanese fans, international fans: JUNSU, YUCHUN, JAEJUNG, CHANGMIN, YUNHO are koreans. They have their own pride, their own home, their korean fans who are waiting for them. Because they cannot be together now…should they sing outside Korea forever? They do this as JUNSU/JAEJOONG/YOOCHUN, using their own names. I would love if YUNHO and CHANGMIN release a duo album in Korea too. (Yes, I still want to see whether they could spell the magic to me.)



As long as they produce a good music and entertain us with their happiness…As a fan, how can I ask for more?

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10 Responses to To you, always…

  1. Shin_kel says:

    OMG, Finally I can rant on JYJ’s The Mini Album as well as their Korean Comeback.

    At first I’m so hesitant at listening to Itsudatte Kimi Ni together with “W” because I know it will make me sad. However as time went by, watching and listening to their live performances of Itsudatte Kimi Ni, I find myself liking this song for what it is worth. It’s a touching and a sad song but more than being sad, this song really calms me. I don’t know why or what it is about this song that makes me feel so calm, maybe because I have really moved on together with them. I mean I think it’s like when someone who you love leaves you, you let them because when they do comeback they are forever yours but if they don’t then they were never yours in the first place. This is my feelings right now. I just let fate decide if my DBSK boys come back to us and I am hoping that fate will side us and give us what we truly desire. =) Oh yeah I agree the live version in Tokyo Dome Live is so so amazing but this PV gave me a glimpse of my JaeChun Soulmates love. They are just too adorable with Chun claiming Jae like that, I wanna blush with that show of possessiveness.

    Now as to their Korean comeback, I am really glad they will have this comeback. I am praying that this limited broadcast is just for now but later on they will have more airtime. I really can’t think of anything else to say but I have this to say which is also my response to those who have negative comments on JYJ’s comeback :

    I am just happy with whatever we have right now so I’m glad that I have this news. I don’t have time to ponder on all the negative things. As long as I have their music I am happy. As a fan I have the right to choose what kind music to support and who to support. For now I support JYJ and their music and I’m damn proud that I am supporting them.

    While waiting, I might be in pain but I chose not to suffer so much. There are lots of major problem in this world to be sad about and I don’t think it’s worthwhile to spend so much time to let ourselves suffer over this. We are in pain yes but let’s be positive all the time or try to be positive.

    As they say the world would be nicer to you if you are also nice to the world. Let go of the hate and you will see more things to appreciate with.

    So yeah, isn’t it just wonderful to be grateful for all the positive news that we are having now whether we are JYJ or Homin or DBSK fans? Fans just really need to be grateful nowadays instead of whining here and there. So let’s be happy and support the ones we love, coz it would be better to fill the world with love and positive vibes instead of hate, right?

    • reallaerreal says:

      Dear, you are so fast! I was about to write the reply to your old comment. >.<

      I promise to write a long reply tomorrow. (It's 1.20 am here and I have to work.)

      Just want to say that long comment is always <3.

      Also…we could enjoy our waiting. ^^

    • reallaerreal says:

      Dear Shin_kel,

      I’m so sorry for my late reply >.<

      I love the fact that their mini-album is well-produced. All songs has good meaning and different vibe from each other. Also the different version means a lot. Live and studio version are completely different. (I would write more about it in a proper review.)

      I got Soulmate overload lately lol. Not that I would complain anyway. (Also my 2Kim are so adorable. XD)

      Still not sure about their Korean comeback…I mean it seems not fully Korean comeback. After all they said that it's an inter-album. Also I heard that they have already planned for East and Southeast Asia promotion. So basically, it's like asian comeback. But yes, I'm also like you…I would take anything. At least let them sing!

      So let’s be happy and support the ones we love, coz it would be better to fill the world with love and positive vibes instead of hate, right?


  2. Kumo no Ito says:

    You know I also haven’t hear this song, not watch the video. And you know why? because I’m waiting for my copies, so I will be able to heart it HQ
    I’m always like this with my Japanese bands I like. So, for now, no comments about the song or the PV.
    About JJY korean comeback, lets start by: is not a korean comeback.
    They will release the album as “world (asia) wide album”, and will have concerts in asian countries, lucky korea is part of asia 😛
    Second, the double standards kill my mood, again.
    may be is because JJY are the ones who are asked to keep proving they didn’t want to break dbsk, so they are the ones peope don’t want to see moving on.
    Honestly I will be nad (I already know) because people will dismiss their hard work only because they are not dbsk
    they will say 2 voices are missing when the songs are mean to be sing by only 3 people
    but whatever, I’m too tired to care about that today

    • reallaerreal says:


      Am I too late for reply this post? Forgive me >.<

      Hope you get your CD soon. I would get mine after 16th but I just can't wait. lol. I'm too impatient like that.

      I think, finally, I've already accepted that there will always be double-standard comment in this fandom. *sigh*

  3. casual fan says:

    Hi Real,

    casual fan aka OrenjiJunsu aka MangoJuice here (don’t know if you remember me, I made some comments in your blog as MangoJuice and I really enjoy reading your blog here. I actually stalk your blog LOL) I don’t use my usual lappie so I am using my father’s PC, hence the different name. Thanks for reposting my comment on that JYJ news in SYC. I really appreciate it and happy that you like it. I am more of a JYJ bias but I understand why Homin is like that and I have nothing against them. I just hope that people can see things more objectively because the DBSK split is really nobody’s fault and there’s no use trying to play the blame game.

    Hope you don’t mind me dropping by from time to time to make comments 😀

  4. grannyestee says:

    Well…. for me, I’m not in luv with the vid… actually I’m in luv with the three people in the vid *dreamy eyes*

    And I also didn’t get the word “butter”… is that supposed to be “better”? Why butter? (or maybe I should try eat butter more when I feel lonely… to really understand the meaning of those words *frown*)

    I listened to the songs, luv 2 out of 4, like 1 out of 4, and dunno about the last one… maybe just don’t get used to it. I always luv singing them singing live, coz we can really feel the soul they put onto the songs they sung… but if I want to listen to clearer version of the songs I definitely choose the recording version (except for LITI, dunno why but the live is heard more beautiful for me). Maybe it’s my ears (aah, you know… that granny’s ears are not that good at hearing anymore *cough* *wink*) but I feel like caught some out of the pitch voice when I listened to “Itsudatte…” and “W”, especially Jae’s voice *cough* *got kicked by Jae*. While Su did great… as always *got kissed by Su… but got kicked by Su’s fans* That’s when I heard them through the fancam vid. I chose to hear the fans’ vid coz I think it’s “genuine” (errr… any more suited english word for this? *grin*)… more than the official release (coz maybe the voices are being adjusted somehow? *sigh* why do I this pessimist? *sigh*). I just have to say that this time they did great! This mini album is not “mini” in term of the quality… and I hope they keep the good work… or maybe do better in the future… (amen)

    • reallaerreal says:

      (or maybe I should try eat butter more when I feel lonely… to really understand the meaning of those words *frown*)


      Dear, you are so witty. I always love their live version more than the studio version. The studio version of LITI (japanese one) doesn’t have Yoochun’s high note…that’s maybe the reason why you don’t feel much about the studio version. I tried the studio version twice and then I just left it behind.’

      Glad you still like the mini-album. I would love to know how people feel about this album. ^^

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