Can I say that I was surprised with this news?






[Trans] 100913 Why Cant We Listen To The TVXQ Trio's Songs? Raemong Raein, the production company of KBS drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, has stated that it will file a report to the Fair Trade Committee stating that the drama’s O.S.T, which TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and YoungWoong Jaejoong participated in, is currently unable to be distributed through online music sites due to a certain company’s unfair corporate practices. A representative of Raemong Raein stated, “We contacted various companies wit … Read More

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You must be naive or have some special favourite artist in SM to think that SM is not the obvious suspect.



Yes, this news has no concrete evidence but who else would do this?


The suspect has at least 2 things that matches SM profile;

1. Motive – one has to hate JaeChunSu/ want to see their career being destroyed.

2. Ability to do so – the power to block/ thread the distributors.



Just answer me who can…then SM would be innocent.



For now, I just love this pic…a friend of mine did this.

(and this is from a Yunho-biased…)



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20 Responses to OH NO SM DIDN’T!!!

  1. liebdbsk says:

    haha, love your post and that picture.

  2. Ma says:

    Hi^^ This is the first time I read your blog! Love the pic!!! Btw, what does your friend think of SME? Does she want Yunho out of there? I’m just curious because I’m Jae biased and I always wanted to know HoMin fans’ POV…

    • reallaerreal says:

      My friend wants HoMin to get out from the start. She doesn’t like SME at all.

      Actually, there are lots of HoMin biased fans who think like this. I know few Changmin biased fans who agree with JYJ for suing SM. They know how SM treated TVXQ before the lawsuit and SM history with H.O.T. / Shinhwa / The Grace, so they just don’t like SM. They don’t really know why HoMin don’t sue SM but they accept their decision.

      Also I know that lots of Changmin biased fans really want him out. Somehow, they see the different between Yunho’s and Changmin’s chance in SM post-lawsuit. At first they thought that CM might choose not to work much but from Japanese interviews, he also wanted to work more…still not much sign for that.

      Thanks for read my blog…How could you find my blog anyway? Just curious ^^

      • Ma says:

        Oh, I see. Changmin fans must be really hurt for not being able to see him very often. I really hope SM has something planned for him besides his drama… Anyways, thanks for replying! I found a link to your blog at SYC. I remember reading some of your comments there too ^^

  3. Kumo no Ito says:

    One have to be blind not to see how this SCREAMS SM

  4. greenwood says:

    the culprit is so obvious.
    nice pic btw! if me, i’d prick him with more pins!

  5. Yok!ez says:

    Hi! I’m reallaerreal’s friend.
    Yes, I made that pic and I’m Yunho-biased .. (I think :P)
    Actually I’m bias to all of them depending on the situation .. ^^
    Yeahhh I Love them all …
    (reallaerreal: But Yunho most right?
    Yok!ez: Yeah …… LOL!!! :))
    For Ma’s question about my opinion with SME,
    like reallaerreal said .. I HATE SME and want HoMin to leave from that hell.
    I try to accept their decision (though i don’t know why HoMin don’t sue SM)
    However,I still hope that someday they’ll sing together again … I’ll wait even if it’s take 5,10 or 15 years.
    Now, I’m planning to travel to Haiti (FYI: Voodoo is the dominant religion of Haiti) ..
    So, do you wanna join us?

    PS. Sorry, for my poor english ^^

  6. hamaji says:

    i luv the pic 😀

    and yes, no other company *imo* can do this except SM, damn that slave management X(
    btw, i like reading all ur comment in syc^^

  7. grannyestee says:

    Can you add another reason (coz it’s not really a “motive”) why we should point out at SM?
    3. coz SM has the stupidest and most childish CEO ever

    When I read the news I just “What??? Really???” then followed by “Stupid!!! Childish!!!” comments.

    I HOPE it’s really SM that did this, and please FTC find about this and punish SM as “heavy” as they can bear (and please, just like your name, FTC please work as fair as you SHOULD~~ not just as you CAN). How I HOPE my (this) HOPE will come true…

    Yet on the time being I’ll just sit and wait for the final verdict to really know for sure who’s behind this (let it be SM, God… please *puppy eyes*) and support the bullied boys with anything I can offer… I mean “ANYTHING” as long as it can ease the hardship and pain *cough* *ready with a hotel room key* *cough*

    • reallaerreal says:

      Thanks for adding the third one. SO TRUE!!!

      I always try to think that SM is not that stupid enough to do this and that. I’m totally wrong. lol.

      Gladly that the ost. can be distributed now. Thanks to the media pressure. ^^

      Can I join your”ANYTHING”? *innocent puppy eyes*

      • grannyestee says:

        I’m so glad that the OST can be distributed and even topped the music chart. But… then how about the filing to FTC? Will it happen? Or being canceled? Or what? I’m so curious about this… I so wanna see SM being fined/punished/whatever that will make them in bad situation (IF they really did that unfair business practice)… and I’ll be disappointed if they will walk away freely…

        About the “Anything”… Nope! You can’t join us! Sorry… *grin*

        And about the latest news of the Japan activities being halted… I feel so sad but I just have to believe (on the boys, on Avex, on entertainment industry as a whole) that everything will turn out well in the end. I don’t wanna mourn over the boys… just keep the faith and pray and wish for the best…

        BTW, I just activated a blog… and may I add ur blog to my blogroll?

      • reallaerreal says:

        Please add me to your blogroll. I’ll put yours too.

        I don’t know what happened about anything, kind of blur and stress out. *sigh*

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