Things happened…and things will happen…wait and see

After Avex announcement about halting JJY’s activities in Japan, I am so worried.

But I cannot point the finger to anyone up until now.

Even after I got the news from korean source…damm…boys…

I pray that they know what they want and what they need to survive in the industry.

I hope that they are smart enough.

Will edit later when I read proper translation of the boys official announcement.


I just finish translating this whole announcement into my native language.

[TRANS] 100917 TVXQ Trio’s Official Statement On Avex’s Decision To Halt JYJ’s Japanese Activities
The TVXQ trio, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong, released the following official statement regarding Avex’s decision to halt the group’s activities in Japan.<Official Statement>1) The head of C-JeS has no ties to gangs whatsoever.

Though his previous conviction is true, it was not a verdict made regarding any ties with gangs. Avex was fully aware of this fact before their contract with the TVXQ trio was signed, and as this cannot be classified as a breach of the exclusive contract, it cannot become a reason to halt activities or cancel the contract.

Several months ago, Avex requested that C-JeS be excluded from the contract for such reasons, and the TVXQ trio agreed to such a request and actively participated in the discussions regarding the renewal of their contract with Avex in order to ensure that they would have smooth activities within Japan.

However, Avex put forth conditions that were unfair to the trio unlike their previous contract, and when the trio refused to accept such conditions, Avex stated the gang ties of the head of C-JeS as a reason for canceling the contract, and finally released an official notice stating that no more activities would occur.

While these details were being discussed, the TVXQ trio continued to diligently carry out all scheduled activities to keep their promise with their fans and worked hard to come to an agreement with Avex.

2) The victims of this situation are the TVXQ trio. Avex attempted to coerce the trio to comply to changes in the contract, but when the trio refused to agree to such conditions, Avex announced a halt in their activities with no regard to the trio’s opinions.

Since the signing of the contract with the trio till now, Avex has involved the TVXQ trio in various activities aimed at raising the agency’s income such as concerts, Xiah Junsu’s solo album, participation in another Avex singer’s music video, and the recent ‘The…’ album.

However, Avex has been putting forth unfair conditions to the TVXQ trio, contrary to what had been done in the past, for the past several months by using the past conviction of the head of C-JeS as a pretext, and when these conditions were rejected, Avex began discussions on canceling their contract and announced a halt in activities in order to corner the TVXQ trio.

This can be seen as Avex taking all the money that they can from the TVXQ trio and then proceeding to create a situation that makes it impossible for the trio to sign on with any other agency in Japan, thus blocking the trio’s path with regards to Japanese activities. The TVXQ trio had no intentions of stopping their activities in Japan, and the announcement made by Avex reflected only the thoughts of the agency themselves.

3) Avex has made an illogical statement that the contract between Avex and SM Entertainment regarding the five members of TVXQ is still valid though they would suspend Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong’s contract.

Regarding this, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong stated that, “First of all, we are extremely sorry to have to bring our fans such news. Though we actively participated in discussions with Avex in order to come to an agreement, it is regrettable that an announcement to halt our activities in Japan had to be made. Due to this situation, we can’t shake the feeling that Avex used the three of us as money making tools rather than treating us like artistes.” They also stated, “We feel frustrated that we cannot promise our Japanese fans another meeting in the near future. We need active support and interest from our fans in order to resolve this situation. We hope to resume our activities in Japan and meet our fans again as soon as possible.”

Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk of Sejong, the legal representative of the TVXQ trio, stated, “It is immoral to back the TVXQ trio, some of Korea’s most representative Hallyu stars, into a corner just because they cannot fulfill a company’s greed. We will work hard to resolve this situation and allow the TVXQ trio to resume their activities in Japan.”

Source: [hankyung+DNBN]
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I remember got an email for my BigEast friend about this rumour around A-nation.

This is obviously very strong statement from the trio maybe the strongest one that they have ever made.

Although I can say that I was pro-Avex and now I’m still far from anti-Avex, I have never been so sure that this kind of thing won’t happen. They are still a company with “Maximize Profit” objective.


Even if I choose to believe the statement from JCS at the moment, I still want to know what kind of condition that put the twist of all story. (Lots of conspiracy theories in my mind…)

Can I say that at least for now…I’m happy that JCS speak for themselves? As I said before, nothing I can do but sit and wait until the dust is clear and I can see through the whole situation.

Maybe at the end, it is like the first verse of Shame…

Well there’s three versions of this story mine, yours and then the truth…”


Anyway, it’s quite weird how they burn the bridge in Japan like this.  I tend to believe JCS that Avex always knows about CJeS background and surely that they asked CJeS out for a while. CJeS logo appeared solely on Junsu’s solo cd. No sign of them in 3hree Voices, “The…”, Thanksgiving DVD, I even pointed this issue to my friend when we received our cds and dvds last week.

Now, I’m worried about their future. Be Avex enemy could cause more troubles, especially with their promotion in Asia. Somehow I wonder what about their upcoming activities in October. (It’s almost confirmed that they would do several activities in Southeast Asia in mid-Oct.) As East Asia and Warner Music are sister company of Avex, I doubt that whether they would halt the trio activities too.

Hope that at least Avex would completely leave them room for activities in Asia. Otherwise…I don’t know what to do anymore. 


And somehow…I remember this song from my other favourite group.

I watch how the moon sits in the sky
On a dark night shining with the light from the sun
The sun doesn’t give light to the moon
Assuming the moon’s going to owe it one
It makes me think of how you act to me
You do favors and then rapidly
You just turn around and start asking me about
Things you want back from mePre chorus:
I’m sick of the tension, sick of the hunger
Sick of you acting like I owe you this
Find another place to feed your greed
While I find a place to restI want to be in another place
I hate when you say you don’t understand
(You’ll see it’s not meant to be)
I want to be in the energy, not with the enemy
A place for my head
Maybe someday I’ll be just like you, and
Step on people like you do and
Run away the people I thought I knew
I remember back then who you were
You used to be calm, used to be strong
Used to be generous, but you should’ve known
That you’d wear out your welcome
Now you see how quiet it is, all alone

Pre chorus (2x)

You try to take the best of me
Go away

(A Place for my Head – Linkin Park)
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20 Responses to Things happened…and things will happen…wait and see

  1. Secret Syrup says:


    I feel sick…

    • reallaerreal says:

      Me too. I really want to talk with someone when proper translation come out but I don’t have enough energy to argue with anyone in SYC, Soompi, lj. So I’d be better rant in my own blog. That’s why I open this topic.

      I wish that they don’t talk bad about Avex. It’s probably not a wise move because that would be sth like end the japanese career and cut the relationship with Avex. Unless they really want to do that, then just do as they wish.

      I should be happy with the news that they would come to Bangkok soon but I can’t. *sigh*

      Edit: from soompi…
      Jeeelim5 (Tohosomnia’s Korean translator) is doing the official statement as we speak. By the looks of it, it ain’t gonna be pretty, so be prepared for the worst :/

      • Secret Syrup says:

        For my part, I’m staying on lj where my meltdown will be at least friends only. I don’t think I’ll be able to read the news when it’ll be out, I don’t think my heart can take it. I wish I had somebody with me because this could be the end of everything. Maybe I should try to go to bed? Maybe I will.

        I know I’ll stay away from comments on SYC. I don’t want to deal with anger for the time being. just shake my head or cry.

        I pray that they will not slander Avex but I just don’t know.

  2. greenwood says:

    hi, i just read the translation at SYC.
    well… not sure of what or how to say…
    still worried and unsure…
    but, i trust the boys.

  3. Shin_kel says:

    While I trust the boys totally and I believe their statements, I can’t help myself but freak out and be worried like heck yesterday when I heard the news from AVEX. It is justt so sudden. Then today I just feel numb and can’t concentrate on anything. I’ll be back for more comments or my own point of view, but what i can say for now that the situation with AVEX is a very carefully planned before. I am afraid for their future really & I’m worried for their music or lack thereof & being selfish that I am I can’t live without music and the only music I know is theirs.

  4. Shin_kel says:

    You know what in my opinion happened is AVEX did a cost-benefit analysis. They know that giving up SM would cost them money because other SM artists may no longer debut with AVEX and AVEX take this into consideration when planning on taking JYJ’s side at the start. Maybe they can’t bring up otherr conditions they plan on appending to the contract they signed with the trio at first because the trio have undergone so much at that the time and the issue which is the reason they left SM is sensitive and fresh at that. They were eager to sign the trio with no unfair conditions at the start cause anyway they know who is JYJ’s representative, CJes is no match to them if AVEX will demand something from the trio in the end. AVEX did want to amend the contract and of course reques that CJes will not participate and of course the trio being the grateful person that they are agreed. They trust AVEX remember? So in the negotiation process it was only the trio and AVEX alone, however, in this negotiation, the trio were back off into a corner coz AVEX may stipulate so on and so on which the trio later realized. I think AVEX is demanding more from the trio becoz they know that they gave up something and that’s their future income from SM to be with JYJ. AVEX know from the start when they sign on JYJ bout CJes shady past but AVEX went with the signing becuase AVEX worse case scenario will have a scapegoat at the end. It just cruel however that they have take on a vulnerable group who really trusted them to take on their case but it turned out bitterly at the end. Why just didn’t AVEX build the trio’s popularity over time before springing up some demand and then just give trio few months to decide on things. Whether we like it or not it’s like AVEX really gave JYJ an ultimatum and back them off in a corner which doesn’t sit well with the latter. My own question why did AVEX did not work it overtime with JYJ? Is AVEX working on ultimatum themselves to avoid missing on the “deadline”. I really can’t understand why destroy the relationship that they have with JYJ unless the benefit is so significant that what the trio can provide. I’m just hopeless about the situation but I believe the boys. Even if they just sing from one small stage to the next, I’d be willing to support them.

    • reallaerreal says:

      The only thing that I’m scared the most is about how Avex would react to JYJ announcement. It’s pretty strong announcement. I don’t think JYJ lied because you don’t dare to lie in order to fight with that big company. However, sometimes speaking 100% truth won’t do much better.

      Surely Avex is a big company and they can survive without JYJ but I still don’t understand why they suddenly cut tie with JYJ like this too. Avex opened this card. Also I don’t understand why it seems like JYJ played absolute victims card here. It’s like they don’t want to work with Avex anymore in the future and seek for the problem from frustration of Avex.

      I can understand if they don’t want to work with Avex anymore but still, I feel a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation. I don’t have high hope in CJeS too.

      And yes, I will be there in their small stage but still I hope JCS got recognized for their talent, their passion, their hardwork. I hope they won’t just fade away in entertainment business or give up and lose all trust in the world.

      The only thing that calm me down right now is that the trio still have each other. T__________T

  5. liebdbsk says:

    I have just read this news in DBSKnights
    (From left to right) JEJUNG, YUCHUN, JUNSU, who have decided to suspend their activities in Japan

    t/n: am only translating this one line cos the rest of the article is a rehash of the issue


    In addition, the remaining members of Tohoshinki, Yunho (24) and Changmin (22) will continue to be managed by the company (t/n: Avex).

    I am totally cofused

    I am scared because I don’t know what SM and Avex are playing

    • reallaerreal says:

      I still think it’s just reporter played. Like now they deduct tohoshinki as 5-3 = 2. So that’s why this news come out.

      You guess are as good as mine. Something is coming from SM and Avex.

  6. Shin_kel says:

    Oh he said the “revival of Tohoshinki” Does it mean with only 2 members since Homin also regarded themselves as Dong Bang Shin Ki. So in this case, JYJ must really felt hurt that’s why they issue the statement. I can’t for the life of me understand what’s going on but I’d be blunt about this, they are really backing off JYJ into a corner so they’ll go back to SM and since JYJ make it’s stand already, I think we need to prepare for a bitter things to come and I am afraid so seriously afraid. I’m not overreacting here, I’m stating fact as is, unless, the damage that has been done can still be repaired.

    • reallaerreal says:


      I’m kind of doubt anything right now. You should go read Starfield comments in SYC about japanese media report of JYJ case. Someone has already burnt the bridge this morning before JYJ.

  7. greenwood says:

    I took a nap and woke up to this news; YH and CM still under Avex. Huh?? Oh my, this really makes me feel that Avex and SM are together in a conspiracy against JYJ. If this is really, really true… I hope your friend will make another picture (of that voodoo doll) for Avex and this time put even more pins, extra lot.

    Now I dread if more bitter news are coming.

    Like you, I also find comfort knowing that the trio have each other, facing this together.

    • reallaerreal says:

      me too my dear.

      i have to go out about 4 hours. If sth happens withing that time…I would definitely more upset.

      I’ll make sure that my friend make another pic for Avex if everything just go out of hands. lol.

  8. MangoJuice says:

    Hey Real,
    It’s sad isn’t it? But I am quitting the fandom. I came to the DBSK fandom simply because of their music, and the fun that it brought me. I never followed acts as big as DBSK and when I bought CDs, it was usually only because I really like the music and would like to support the artists – usually unknown indie artists, jazz or classical musicians who don’t have any fandom to start with. Just people who want to have fun with music.

    When DBSK ceased to exist, I follow JYJ because I think they are the artistic and musical hearts of DBSK and I think they try really hard to express their own music and sounds. That I admire a lot. Money is an integral part of everything that they do and I don’t have any problems with it. I didn’t find Homin’s autotuned songs appealing so I don’t follow them.

    I cried reading what happened and believe me, I got a bit ill thinking about them. JYJ has been my source of excitement and hope and their struggle mirrors my own struggle in real life. I was afraid about what will become of them in the future. But with this little fiasco I also come to realize the cruelty of entertainment business and capitalistic system in general. I don’t want to be part of it anymore. I don’t want any tweets or PR statement to dictate how I should enjoy music. Yeah, even if I think that freedom is only an imagination, but I really don’t want my feelings to be controlled by some corporate executives or lawyers (who are probably around my boyfriend’s age – I have a much older boyfriend, mind you). It makes me feel so ashamed.

    I will only read their news from now on to know how they are and whether they release anything. But I will no longer partake in any heated discussions with fellow fans. Well, I will still stalk your blog from time to time 😀 It’s rather sad actually, because my boyfriend and I have somewhat adopted them as our imaginary nephews LOL..he always asks me about how they are and stuff.

    Take care!

    PS: I read somewhere in your blog that you’ve been in Vienna? I’ve been there too several times – many years ago. I don’t speak German, though. It is a nice city, isn’t it? Oh, brings back a lot of memories of youth.

    • reallaerreal says:

      You actually speak my mind.

      Today, I sent an email to my friend that maybe it’s time for fans to seperate all mess in the fandom from their music and performances. I’m kind of sad if I couldn’t listen to their beautiful voices they have produced over the past few years because of all this mess. So…that’s it.

      After reading everything and many comments, translating some news by myself , I feel so calm and peaceful. Maybe it’s because I came up with one conclusion. As long as they still work with their music with this passion and honestly, I would still support them anyway. That came up in my mind after I listened to the audio rip from Thanksgiving Live.

      Please come stalk here time to time and if you have time to share your thought, please drop some comments here. ^^

      P.S. Yes, I have been in Vienna for 6 months in 2006, when they were celebrating 250 years of Mozart. It is indeed a lovely city. I have many beautiful memories there too. I love how the whole little capital city is full of music. ^^

  9. greenwood says:

    Thank you Real… for that sentence of yours, “As long as they still work with their music with this passion and honestly, I would still support them anyway.” I feel the same too ^^.

    Well, I showed my little support today by pre-ordering the Sungkyungkwan Scandal OST. I have been listening to Jaejoong’s “For You It’s Separation, To Me It’s Waiting” repeatedly and I really love his singing there. I want to continuously listen to this voice as well as Junsu’s and Yoochun’s in the future.

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