It’s 2.25 am but i’m too excited to sleep….







And this





I confess I’m afraid that the first single might be autotune and afraid that many fans would turn their back on them with those SUPER CLEAR statement in JYJ official website. (I’m even afraid for their English + their world wide album…but i’m glad they choose to do what they really want.



“We all want to always be real and true to who we are and what we do, and to always do our best. We choose honor over money and fame.” Click Here to Read More



At the end, even if they fail, at least they have tried!






P.S. I’m so glad that they didn’t choose the group name as B1. LOL!

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6 Responses to Finally! THE BEGINNING

  1. Secret Syrup says:


    I’m glad it’s not B1 either (it reminded me of B2K); at least now people will appreciate the name JYJ more lol.

    I think the chances of the first song having autotune are high but I’m more concerned over the english; autotune is the least of my worries right. But for the moment, I’ll just enjoy the pretty (you’re so lucky, you’ll be able to see them in like 2 weeks (you are going, right?)

    Like you’ve said, at least they tried something different and it looks like it was their decision and I respect them for it at least because they’re taking risks. Hopefully it won’t be a big fat failure.

  2. OzGreenGirl says:

    LOL at your P.S.
    I’m glad, too. Yeah!! Finally, JYJ is their official group name.

    Last night, the trio made me go to bed very very late. HAHA I still have many concerns for their new album. But, whatever will be, will be. For me, believe in JYJ and respect their decision is enough. ^_^

    For fans, I think besides their fans like Cassie/Bigeast. They want to introduce their music as an artist to the music world. Who know, they may get more fans who love their music from this album. *fingercrossed*

    Can’t wait to see them in the Showcase.
    I hope Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu will speak English in this event. >.<

    Fighting JYJ!!!
    See you. ❤

  3. greenwood says:

    JYJ as group name… phew I’m relieved they stick to this name 🙂

    English album…. kinda expecting when they went to LA. Am excited to know what kind of new music they are bringing us. And their own compositions. Yet anxious and worried at the same time about the reception of the album.

    Album name “The Beginning”… also a super clear meaning.

    New album showcase…. glad that they’re touring quite some places, a little worried about the reception but at least they’ll get true support.

    Album cover, promo poster, pics…. the concept, colour, pose… pretty nice! Though Junsu’s accessories look kinda heavy 🙂

    to JYJ… keep on believing in yourselves, be true musicians, and fighting!

  4. grannyestee says:

    I get so excited over this!!!
    Actually… I kinda have mixed up feeling here 😐 🙂

    Oh… dunno what to say more *grin*

    PS. I agree with your PS ;-

  5. liebdbsk says:

    I have just come back.
    This is a great news for me after 1 week without internet , 55555, I am super exited now.

  6. MangoJuice says:

    Real, sorry for not replying for so long. Real life caught up, as usual.

    No, I don’t think (well, I fervently hope not actually XD) that fans will really turn their back at them regardless what their website says. It’s been so long already that people understand that although officially they are still a group, but in reality..well..sad really but that’s how things are. The curiosity and anticipation overtake the ‘hatred’ so to say – because it’s rather clear now that it’s not so much about the money that they are after.

    It’s a gigantic step that they are taking, they are putting a lot of things in line I’d say and even the antis realize that they do have really big dreams and that they actually work hard to make them happen. Debuting in a language that they don’t know, working with people from culture that’s so different from their own (c’mon Japanese is not that different XD) while they can easily stay as J/Kpop idols and remain respected A-class artistes – if that’s done only for the pursuit of money, the risk seems to big. Just saying. They brave the wrath of Avex and SM too – if courageous and gutsy can’t be used to describe them then I don’t know what else to use. Boys are really risk-takers. But they earn my respect more, and my support.

    Success? I don’t know. Maybe not to the extent that I want them to. Maybe I do doubt that they will succeed (omo Junsu’s Engrish 8DD) but hey, it’s their fight, their struggles. I like to think that they probably have even bigger back-up but even so, it still takes special people to have this kind of guts and determination to come to this stage, and after going against two of the biggest names in Asian pop culture.

    huggles you! good luck with meeting them and please send my kisses to Chunnie yes? (I am so totally smitten by Yoochunnie nowadays LOL)

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