[Fanaccount] 15.10.10 JYJ Showcase in BKK




This is the title I was about to put it at first.

SPAZZ….Charismatic Junsu, Adorable Yuchun, Smiley Jaejung in JYJ Showcase at BKK.
OK! This is not actually a spazz anyway. Still, I can’t believe that last night just flied by this fast.
My friend went to the venue earlier, there were already lots of fans and Warner sold 1,000 copies of the normal edition “The Beginning”. I have already bought them! (It’s like my friend who bought them for me. ><)




I arrived at the venue around 6.30pm…but the door opened around 7pm and the showcase started around 8pm.
The set list and their costume are the same as in Korea Showcase.

They went up to the stage. So cool entrance witht the dim light.
They wore different type of black suits, looked so so fine and HOT!
(JJ’s suit was so opened! You are sexy with or without the shirt >.<)

Empty >> Love the dance and the energy of this song! JJ pointed his mic to the crowd so when he sang “LET IT GO” then fans sang “LET IT GO” in return. That’s so cool!
Be the One >> I love the choreography here. Cool and sharp!
Be My Girl >> There Mic Sexy Dance made fangirls totally died! *droooool* JJ & YC were in dance-teasing competition. Soulmate tried to make fans scream and scream for them. JUNSU DUCK BUTT IS TOO OBVIOUS!

You can see their entrance and some part of the performances from this clip.

VTR >> To You. (Just like the new intro in http://www.jyj3.com)

Then there was a VTR about their working in LA >> Why every clips are in Korean? They should at least had English subtitle! Some of their producers (I don’t remember their faces >.<) talked about working with JYJ. I only remember some words like they were cool.
Interview with MC >> This part is the most adorable of all time. I have never expected them to be so cute like this!
I will translate this part..Thanks to 3rebelangels.wordpress.com for Thai transcript.
Well, at first MC1 tried to warm up the fans. He was very cheerful, while MC2 was lovely. She was the interpreter.
When they asked JYJ to come out, everyone just screammmmmmmed.
MCs asked them to introduce themselves.

JYJ– Sawaddee Krab, JYJ Krab. (T/N: They spoke Thai…Sawaddee means Hello, Krab is a politeness marker)
MCs: Can you introduce yourselves one by one in Thai?

YC- Mai Dai Pob Kan Ma Nan Na Krab. (Long time no see) Kid Tueng Mak Krab. (Miss You So much.) << He spoke very long Thai sentence with very clear pronunciation. Great Job!
JS – Sawaddee Krab. (Hello) ...then JS took a step forward and pointed to fans from left to right while speaking “Khun Kue Kong Pom” (You’re mine.)  <<< Fan screamed like crazy lol.
JJ –  Kob Khun Krab. (Thank you.)  << This guy was lazy. He would have to pay his price later. lol.
Then the MC asked about fans keep waiting for them and whether they knew that we love them so so much.
JS – First of all, I want to say that I miss the fans very much. To be able to stand here on the stage and meet the fans today made us very happy. Hopefully, this happiness and warm feeling would stay like this from now on.
JJ – Thank you so much for waiting for us. Thank you everyone who comes here today. I’m so glad.
YC – Thank you again for the love that has never changed. Last night we talked about how much we like Thailand. If it’s possible, when we are older, we would like to stay in Thailand. We want to come to Thailand more often. << Did you say that for real? Please come to Thailand and stay here as long as you want.
JS – I want to be like their brother next door. << Please, please, you’re adorable brother to me already!

Then the host asked them to sit down. (They were standing through the whole conversation above. I think even the host were too excited that they forgot to sit down. lol.)
At this point, everyone really liked the host. They were so considerate to fans. They asked whether we could see the boys clearly and changed the stools position. Funny how then the host asked all boys to move forward near the edge of the stage, so that fans could have better view. The way our dear JYJ moved the stools by themselves was priceless, just like three kindergarten kids moves their chairs. lol.

Then the host asked about their work in this album. 3 of them just looked at each other, wondering who would answer this question and then…
YC – The fact that we can release an album make us very happy already because we haven’t done it for a while. To have an opportunity to work with world-class producers and musicians made us feel so proud and happy.
JS – What you saw in the VTR is how we recorded in LA. We worked in LA about 50% of the album then the solo part was done in Korea.
(JJ was just sitting and and wavering his body on the stool….he was kind of adorable and annoying at the same time lol.)

Next question was about their choreography. This time was JJ’s turn.
JJ – Our choreographer used to work with many famous artists like MJ, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson. We feel that we are so lucky to have a chance to work with them. Also, we have learned a lot more about dancing.

Talk about their solo songs.
(JJ took his hand to YC and JS to answer before him. lol)
JS – My solo song is the slowest one in this album. It’s also got R&B rhythm.
MC – What is the name of the song?
JS – I Can Soar. <<< He was so shy with fans scream for his English. lol.
JJ – My song is called “Still. In. Love” (<<< LOL. He spoke exactly word by word.) I’m afraid about the wrong pronunciation and fans would scold me. (<<< Oh dear, you don’t have to worry about that. We have already teased you. lol.) Mine is also slow-tempo song but it differs from Junsu’s. I want you to listen to the different by yourselves.
YC – Mine is mixed with rap and hip-hop along with fun beat. We tried to select only good ones to make it suit as worldwide album.

MC – What is the meaning behind your album title “The Beginning”?
(This part is so hilarious because soulmate just point to each other. Kind of avoid answering the question lol.)
YC – This title is simple and short but it’s meaningful. It means the start, the beginning of us which is very important. The word “Beginning” is meaningful because it is our beginning to be closer to fans. This is also one of our wishes.

MC – Now with this album, you would get more fans, not only in Asia. How do you feel about that?
(JJ asked JS to answer the question again. lol. But this time, fans just couldn’t take lazy JJ anymore so they shouted “Jaejoong” and forced him to answer lol. JS was about to answer it about then he asked JJ to do that as fans wanted.)

JJ – Actually, I want Junsu to summarize that. (shyly laugh) For us, having more fans, not only in Asia but all over the world, we feel so grateful and thankful to them.

MC – With love from fans over the world, does your love for Thai fans still the same?
JJ – (This time he was just so energetic.) Fans shouldn’t be worried with this question because we have talked at the hotel last night. As YC said, if we have a chance in the future, we really consider about staying in Thailand. <<< Now I got the feeling that they really like Thailand. They were so spoiled here. They were treated as VIP guest, coming in and out from the airport using car-in. (That’s why you won’t see airport pics or fancam in Thailand.) Also, this time, they stayed here for 2 nights in 6 stars hotel. I heard from a friend that this hotel hasn’t got many rooms. It’s super luxery hotel and you have to be VVIP guest to stay there, like an ambassador, a member of a royal family. How we have a big press, and consider that they come here first after Korea is pretty special for fans.

MC – Before we got to the last question. I think JJ is trying to avoid some question so I have a special question for Jaejoong.
(Junsu and Yuchun seemed to be amused while JJ sighed and looked more tight lol.)
MC – Do you still love the elephant? << lol. This is the most serious question of all time.
JJ – Absolutely! << His smile was seriously delightful immediately lol.

MC – Do you know that there is a Thai song about elephant?
JJ – Can you please sing that?
MC – Of course but with one condition. The song is pretty short so I want Jaejoong to sing after me.
MC (Speaking in English) – OK! Jaejoong, Are you ready?
JJ  – Ye, ye, I’m ready. << Holy! He spoke in English too! 
I think this is the highlight of the interview…because no way you would be able to hear him sing this song in other country lol.

This song is called “Chang” (“Chang” is thai word for “Elephant”. You know how JJ is obsessed with Elephant.)

credit: yulmaay

The lyric of “Chang”

Chang Chang Chang Chang Chang
(Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant)

Nong kaey Hen Chang Rue Plao
(Have you ever seen Elephant?)

and so on. but this is just the part that JJ sang last night.

It was so hilarious and precious at the same time, the way JJ concentrated on each words and melody. He pronounced the word very precisely with the right note! *clap clap* I’m very impressed!

Then he said that “I promise that next time when I’m back here, I would sing the whole song for you.”
He made like a serious promise with his little finger, like how a child make a promise. I will wait for next time lol.

Junsu and Yoochun were laughing along with childish JJ. Super adorable!

Then the MC asked where they would have showcase.
Fan shouted Junsu this time, we don’t want him to be left out and of course…Junsu…please speak English!
Junsu was kind of shock that he had to answer this question. lol. I think he was not sure whether he would be able to remember the name correctly.
JS – Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, L.A. (He spoke the name in English!)
YC – Las Vegas.
JS – France, Netherland
YC – Germany
(I’m not sure whether I misheard England-Netherland and I’m not sure whether they were in playful mode or they are really going to have showcases in Europe.)

Then the MC announced about the next song which is an OST. of SungKyunKwan Scandal.

Before the song started, fans shouted “Lee Sun Joon” “Lee Sun Joon” “Lee Sun Joon” which made Yoochun smiled widely. >.<

Chajadda (Found You) >> A lot better than CD version. The project was done here. All penlights turned to the blue one. It was beautiful. ^^ We had little code cheer for this song. Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Nal Saranghee were shouted during the song. JJ and YC waive their hands and everyone just waives in the same way…so beautiful but then JJ forgot to sing his line because he was too busy waiving with fans lol.

credit: yulmaay

VTR Charity for African Children >> I just hope that there was English subtitle.
Ayyy Girl >>> Seriously, this is lots better than album version. Love Jaejoong Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and Junsu Adlib Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Girl.
They said thanks for the fans to be there and so supportive. (in Korean with Thai interpreter behind the stage)
Then Yoochun shouted in English…” Next gonna be the last song, everyone stand up, put your hand up!!” << I don’t remember the exact words he said but his English is so damn fine! Why don’t you speak more baby?
Empty (Remix) >>> JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! Everyone was on high! I love rocker JJ!


Credit: mymay17
And then they left to the same spot that they came out.


That’s all for the showcase. Even if it’s pretty short, (I think it’s about 1 hours and a few minutes.) it’s worth every cent I spent.
Hopefully next time, they would come back with full concert. I need “I Love You” “I Can Soar” and “Still in Love” live!

Pics credit: 3rebelangel.wordpress.com

P.S. The guard and staff were super strict about taking pictures and clips. That’s why we don’t have many fancams and pictures.
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23 Responses to [Fanaccount] 15.10.10 JYJ Showcase in BKK

  1. LoveAndPeace says:

    Wow this is very well put together! I love how you have the account interspersed with pictures and vids. It seems structured well and easy to read. I like how the comments are in different colour too (the blue).

    If you haven’t already, perhaps you could post a link on one of the forums or the fan blogs – because this was very enjoyable to read. I think other people would enjoy it too.

    Thanks for writing.

  2. grannyestee says:

    You really make me feel like I’m there watching them live! It’s so good how you describe the situation!
    *hugs you tight*
    Thanks a lot…

  3. Ruby says:

    hello! thanks so much for the great fanaccount 🙂 it seemed like the ThaiCassies had a great great time at the showcase! i’m glad to see that the guys had fun, and it seemed like they were very chatty and open. also, the ‘spontaneous’ singing of Chang looked really fun! thanks for sharing that video! the hosts were great – and the guy has a good singing voice!

    (i’m from Singapore and the showcase was yesterday. the hosts we had were… not so great.)

    • reallaerreal says:

      Yes, we did really enjoy the showcase!

      Ah…I read about showcase in Singapore too. The host seemed out at some point but I hope you still enjoy the showcase. How was your impression about that? I read 3-4 fanaccounts already but pretty confused about the boys’ mood. Some said JJ was quite while in some fanaccount everyone seems to be in good mood.

      • Ruby says:

        i think Junsu and JJ were quite confused at some points because the translator didn’t help much at all. the translator had prepared the translations to the questions beforehand, so he didn’t do much spontaneous translating! (which shocked me, really). actually yoochun did a much better job at translating haha, he had to help the other guys out at certain times.

        JJ seemed quite moody.. i don’t think he talked very much. i like how the thai hosts asked JJ a specific, fun question, which made him enthusiastic!

        i don’t think the SG host did much preparation, the questions that he asked the guys were not very helpful and they almost seemed quite amateur. some of his comments were even quite insensitive. (he joked that he was minnie to yoochun’s micky.. what?!) i understand from some other fans that he even made little mentions of TVXQ, which is a complete no-no.

        from the qns i read in your account, the Thai hosts seemed really professional and i really liked what they asked. i don’t think the SG host did much research on the guys, even. he never once mentioned JJ’s name. it’s like he forgot his name or something.

        to be honest, i’m not a JYJ/TVXQ fan.. but I follow kpop a little and i went to the concert just out of curiosity. i did enjoy myself, but still, i felt really bad for the guys, and i’m embarrassed that so many issues happened here in singapore, on their first visit too! i think many SGCassies are also sad and embarrassed, and are worried that they didn’t leave a good impression on the guys. the Cassies are all up in arms and there’s some major flaming going on on the organiser’s website.

        but despite alllllll that, i know many Cassies are pleased to have gotten to see their princes live and in the flesh!

        • reallaerreal says:

          Thanks for sharing your thought!

          It’s glad to know that even though you’re not really TVXQ/JYJ fan, you were still enjoyed the showcase. ^_____________^

          Wow, seems like the translator was pretty bad. O_o
          Normally, JJ would be pretty shy and doesn’t talk much unless he was encouraging to the point that he can’t stop talking lol. But how was the host didn’t remember his name was O_____o.
          And yes, when I read about Micky-Minnie part, I had WTH moment.

          I think it’s ok for the SG fans! I heard that Thai fans left pretty bad impression with TVXQ boys on their first visit but luckily we’ve got more chances later. Good luck for SG fans!

          To be honest, the organizer in this showcase in Thailand isn’t quite good too. There are lots of problem before they really came here. The whole event left good impression to us simply because the boys are so good.

          • Ruby says:

            i found out that the host was called on at the last minute to host the showcase! which probably explains his lack of preparations. no word yet about why the sudden change in hosts. but still, it doesn’t excuse some of the comments he made on stage, they were quite uncalled for.

            well, it seems like there are lots of problems with the various showcases.. not just the SG one. m’sia fans aren’t happy for some other reasons too. (but at least the VIPs got their pictures taken! even if it’s in a group of 20/30. the SG VIPs didn’t even get the chance) but such is the case when an event is organised. sometimes it is true that you can’t please everyone, but of course it shouldn’t be the main excuse.

            anyways 🙂

          • reallaerreal says:


            Thanks for sharing again.

            I agree with you. I used to work in an organizer company and nothing could be an excuse of poor organizing.

  4. coffee note says:

    I really had a blast that night….It’s worth driving through the slippery road while the rain was pouring down heavily and getting lost in the flood:). Yeah, I arrived there around 7 pm..That was so close, fans started lining up already…

    Jaejoong and his antic to ask other members to answer most questions was lol..The host was quick to pick that vibe and use against him later.^^ His little finger as a promise to sing the whole song next time is too cute 🙂 The translator was also quite amused with these 3 boys.
    The mic-stand seducing dance was really sth…hips don’t lie…darn, that’s hot..^^There were underage kids too, you know.
    Yup, they should have subbed the VCRs…The one when people in LA were talking about how cool/amazing JYJ were, I think I saw JJ came up hugging one of them in the end *.*
    The time spent with them is too short. I really can’t wait for the full concert..

    With all those restriction for album distribution and restriction to appear on the media, seems to light up the fire to survive even more…JYJ Fighting…

  5. benhi says:

    woah, your fanaccount is the best, I especially love your little comments, lol, it was funny. I love how you really went details with the boys’ talking, I had a fun time reading it. Thank you ^^

  6. Secret Syrup says:

    haha, I could feel your excitement all over your fanccount lol.

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself 🙂
    And now it’s back to regular life.

  7. greenwood says:

    Glad that you had a great time at the showcase, and thanks for the lovely fanaccount 🙂

    The showcase in Malaysia, if I were to use just one word, ok, maybe two, to describe it…TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

    Hope you don’t mind that I share my story here. Remember I mentioned that I will bring along a non-fan companion? Actually it was my older brother.

    The showcase was supposed to start at 2pm but until 2.30pm we were still waiting outside the stadium under the hot and humid weather. My brother was kinda amused/amazed with the support shown by the fans ie. red coloured shirts and all sorts of fan items everywhere. But he was most amused with their screaming LOL. We could hear JYJ rehearsing inside the stadium and the fans screamed excitedly whenever they heard the boys’ voices. While waiting, we observed that there were even Thai fans, Indonesian fans and Japanese fans. There was one fan (Japanese I guess) who was dragging her luggage (straight from airport) in one hand and holding a placard with Junsu face in the other hand, …sweet.

    After 2.30pm the sky darkened and started to drizzle. We went to find shelter and the drizzle became a downpour. Not long after, we noticed that the waiting line outside our specified entrance according to our tickets has started to move (getting into the stadium) so we joined the queue. Many fans got wet because of the heavy rain. Finally just before 3pm we were inside the stadium. The tickets that I got for both of us were the most affordable ones LOL, so our view of the boys at the stage will be small but I am contented because this is the first time I’m seeing them live! What more could I ask for right 🙂

    While waiting for the show to begin, I observed the surrounding. I was really excited to see so many reds everywhere; red t-shirts, red balloons and red lightsticks. I was ready with my lightstick too. A minority of fans were using green lightsticks. Everyone was already waving their balloons and lightsticks enthusiastically. Some columns of fans were practicing their fanchants. Nearby where we seated, a fan sort of like chant leader stood up and asked everyone to chant Dong Bang Shin Ki together and followed by JYJ. I don’t know why but I felt uncomfortable and preferred they just chanted JYJ. A wonderful moment was when a particular column of fans in the stadium started their scream of support and other columns of fans followed suit. This repeated two or three times. Again, with all the actions and screaming going around even before the show started, my brother was amused, a bit shaking his head, LOL.

    A little past 3pm, the lightings on the stage changed and we knew that the show is starting soon. We heard the MC’s voice saying something like “Are you ready for JYJ??!!!” A lot of screams, deafening screams LOL. We noticed that there were some people getting ready at the left side of the stage and my brother thought that they were JYJ but I said no those should be the dancers. When JYJ really came out with the first song Empty, more louder screams. My eyes were glued to sleeveless Jaejoong, LOL. Inside I was so happy and must be smiling like an idiot while waving my lightstick. Because finally I’m seeing him in person, able to hear him singing and dancing live. I am really happy. After Empty, it was Be The One and then the Dear Fan video was shown. Then they came out to sing Be My Girl. If I’m not mistaken, after that they showed the video of them recording in LA and comments from the people they worked with. Couldn’t hear because of continuous screaming LOL.

    Then it was the MC part. She came out and said something like “Do you want to see more JYJ??!!!” Screams. And more screams when she mentioned each of the member’s name. Then she mentioned something like shall they get the members to taste Malaysian food like ‘durian’, ‘char koay teow’ and ‘nasi lemak’. The fans screamed with approval at the mention of each of the local food LOL. I actually thought that there would really be a food testing session and it’ll be very funny to see JYJ taste ‘durian’ but nah LOL, actually the MC was just dragging time to let the boys changed their clothes. Finally the boys were ready and came out. Now it was sleeveless Junsu, Yoochun in a suit and Jaejoong in t-shirt and jeans. I love three parts in the MC segment. First was when the MC said typical Malaysians like to end their sentences with “-lah” and Jaejoong was asked to say “I love you-lah Malaysia”. He took quite some time before finally saying it out LOL. Loud screams. He’s so cute *grin*
    Then both Junsu and Jaejoong were required to answer the question “Are Malaysian girls hot?” Junsu had to answer first and he gave quite a fast reply of Yes. Fans screamed. When it was Jaejoong’s turn, he took a much longer time before replying but he said something on the weather is hot, hahaha. And then when the MC asked when are they coming for concert next year, Jaejoong also took a long time before saying maybe in summer. Hearing about a possible concert is really great news!! During the MC part, I also like to watch the interaction between the boys such as Yoochun whispering the translations/explaining something to Jaejoong , and their gestures to each other.

    At the end of the MC part, Jaejoong said they were going to sing Chajatta, and all throughout the song almost all fans were singing along… super nice!! The fans did fanchant of the member’s name during their singing part too. After Chajatta, the stage lights dimmed and the dancers went on stage. I saw one put on a leather jacket for Jaejoong. And then it was Ayyy Girl. During the rap part, Yoochun was at the center of the stage while Junsu was at the left side of the stage and Jaejoong on the right. Junsu put out his mike to a dancer and let him rapped. This was shown on the projector screen but actually I was busy focusing on Jaejoong swaying his body with a dancer behind him LOL. At a certain part, the dancer pulled Jaejoong’s jacket backwards and I find that action quite sexy hahaha.

    Before the final song, the boys thanked the fans again and Yoochun who was the last one to speak said “Thank you for keeping the faith always”. The fans gave a deafening scream. Then he shouted “Everybody stand up!!” and Empty remix began. Almost everyone stood up, jumping, waving their lightsticks and balloons. It was really a wonderful finale to the showcase although I’m sure everyone was hoping it could be longer.

    I really enjoyed the showcase… their singing, their dancing, everything. Awesome. And I’m really grateful to be able to attend it. Throughout the concert, there were continuous waving of lightsticks and screams of support. I think my brother enjoyed the show too, in fact I noticed he was moving his body along with the music, sometimes thumping his foot to the rhythm, LOL. He told me he had fun.

    I also got myself The Beginning album luxury edition at the showcase. I will treasure this album, because this is their first album and knowing the passion they put into it. I will definitely look forward for their worldwide concert 🙂

    • grannyestee says:

      I also luv this fanaccount of yours… 🙂
      You’re really lucky coz the boys held the show in KL… how I hope they also hold one in Jkt! *pray that they will have a show in Indonesia*

    • reallaerreal says:

      Wow Wow Wow!

      I Love You!!!!

      Thanks for this great fanaccount!

      You’ve already got the luxury edition! I’m so jeolous >.<
      I have to wait until 28 Oct.

      I love the fact that you brought your brother with you and he enjoyed the showcase! How nice!

      I really enjoy reading your fanaccount. Big Thanks and Big Hug for you!

      • greenwood says:

        Thanks, glad that you enjoyed reading my fanaccount 🙂

        After my brother returned to S’pore, in a reply to his email, I purposely added a link to the full vid of Thanksgiving Live in Dome hahaha. Would like him to watch a great performance and listen more of their music, but unfortunately the vid loading was too slow and he wasn’t able to watch. Nvm, nvm … I’ll try to get him to watch the DVD if there’s a chance haha.

        Hope you’ll receive your luxury edition soon! 🙂
        and *hug* love you too!

  8. fannypak says:

    I’m totally late but I just found your blog! I really enjoyed your fan account (especially JJ trying to sing the Chang song!).

    Hope you will be able to attend the boy’s concert this April in BKK & write another awesome account, :). And after hearing about what a mess Singapore was, I hope it goes better this time but super happy to hear that they were well taken care of in Thailand.

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