What is the meaning of “Always Keep the Faith”? + Pink Wristband

I was pretty busy with my new job lately.
So I refrain myself from posting everywhere.
*bow to all my dear blogger friends*

There are so many words I want to write down in this blog.

But I don’t know how to begin with.

How about watching this clip together?

I like her comment, funny, witty, straight to the point. LOL at flying squirrel + JJ’s solo…George Michael and Darren Hayes are my favourite male singers as well as JJ.

Apparently, I’m a part of that absurdity. I pre-ordered the CD before I heard any song in the album, before I knew the genre of this album…well I was so scared about their album. Maybe because I had extremely low expectation about JYJ album so I really like what I’ve heard. (Even Ayyy Girl…and seems like there are many casual listeners in my country like this song too.)

This part is what I really like in her vid.

“And you’ll never hear me say “ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH”. And you’ll never hear me say if 5 minus 1 equal zero. These ideas sent out the message that the boys are worthless if they’re not together.”

I admit that at the beginning of this lawsuit, I interpreted “AKTF” as keeping the faith in their friendship, five forever, some sort of that. However, with all circumstances, I realize that “Always keep the Faith” is about keeping faith in their hard-working, their music, not about DBSK come back or friendship for eternity. And in that aspect, I still appreciate this motto.

Actually, Yoochun used this phrase as his personal motto since 2005. I don’t really understand why some fans bash him for keep saying that. Eventhough it doesn’t have the same meaning as many fans thinking, it does have meaning on its own.
Also I really love this part!

“Support JYJ because they entertain you…Because they made the great record…Because they’re putting on great shows NOT because you’re just hoping that they’re gonna get back together with the old group.”

I’m really annoyed with comments like “2 voices is missing here”, “They are lack of something” in JYJ vids or performances. I was quite angry and upset when I heard that fans shouting DBSK in any JYJ events. Honestly, JYJ may not as great as DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki as a group for many people. Still, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun are good singers, if not great ones. They are still so young but they have a lot of potential and driving forces. They may success or fail miserably but why can’t people just give them a chance.

Sometimes I feel sorry for fans who still stick with DBSK. I still love their voice, miss 5 harmonization. But the music of JYJ has different vibe, sensation, energy. That’s why I really like how they called themselves as JYJ. I understand that many fans want that 5 voices back together. I’m one of them. I would love to hear love in the ice, Bolero, TVXQ’s acappella again and again. But this is reality. Things keep changing. Nothing is forever. Fans should move on. If they don’t like JYJ’s music, performances, they are free to stop being fans or even casual listener every single second!


As there are so many negativity in the fandom lately, I saw people left or retreat from the fandom silently. Frankly, I’m trying to deal with all controversies.

Here are some issues I want to post somewhere…best way…in my own blog.

1. I don’t get why there is so many bad news about JYJ activities in Singapore and Malaysia.

It was really good in Thailand. All news here are super positive. Fans are satisfied. Thai fans who complained in international forum are minority and I saw some ridiculous posted in some internation webboard about Thai fans get angry because the cancallation of fanmeeting which is NOT TRUE! We got hand-shaking session and I don’t see anyone complained about it at all! I understand about the anger and frustratation toward their management and organizer but the true is that nothing is really settled about Fanmeeting… At least not in Thailand.

2. Don’t blame SM everything. Rumour = Rumour. Fact = Fact.

 Ironically, here are some facts that I still consider as 95% facts + 5% rumours at significant level.
– In Thailand, Hangeng had to change his fanmeeting place because SM threatened the host hotel that SM would cancel another SJ member fanmeeting + other SM related activities with this hotel if they allow Hangeng to have fanmeeting there.
– In Thailand, all local organizers that used to work with SM got a notice from SM that if they helped organize any part of JYJ activities here, SM would cut all deals with them. (SM artists like SUJU, SNSD, Shinee are very popular here.)

On the light mode…I want to announce that Thailand would be completely Jaejoong’s biased because of the pink wristband.

The Journey of Pink Wristband

15.10.2553 Beginning in Thailand

16.10.2553 Through…Singapore

17.10.2553 To…Malaysia


Til yesterday 23.10.2553 . . . at Shanghai


Credit : as tagged
Shared by : 3rebelangels.wordpress

This is so meaningful to us because the words on that wristband is “(heart) Love Father, Celebrating His Majesty The King’s 82nd Anniversary”.

Now our king’s health is not that well…I heard that JJ asked thai staff about this wristband since DBSK was here around 2008. When he knew the meaning of it, he asked whether he could have one too. Later, he asked for 4 more and all TVXQ boys wore that wristband in the concert/events in Thailand. However, this is the first time I saw him wore this wristband in other countries. 



Another light mode…remember elephant song that JJ promised to sing?

My dear friend made this cute vid for JJ (+JS+YC). It would be so funny and lovely and EPIC if they will sing it for real. lol.


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12 Responses to What is the meaning of “Always Keep the Faith”? + Pink Wristband

  1. grannyestee says:

    THANKS A LOT for link to the video of “be an executive fangirl”!!! I really luv it! It’s soooo funny, yet it’s so true what she’s saying! No one is flawless… not even that “Gods” from South Korea. I just watched and giggled the whole vid! So amusing!
    Btw, George Michael and Savage Garden are also my fave… and I just “Oh My… how so true” when she relates Jae and them *grin*
    Btw, the elephant song is cute… hope Jae won’t forget to fully sing it when he happens to go to Thailand again
    Btw, let’s just keep the faith… the faith that we believe is the real faith… 🙂

  2. coffee craze says:

    I like that vid so much that I sent it to them ^^ Don’t know if they are gonna watch it or not. argggg not so funny on JJ’s part though, I am so sensitive about that. My baby want to be manly, the man of all men. The part on AKTF is so right on.

    JJ is so sweet wearing the pink wristband…I think it’s kinda related to him on the dad issue, as in reminding him that he always ‘love dad’.

    The Elephant vid is so cute I find myself singing along everytime I watch.

    • reallaerreal says:

      lol. You send to their twitter? I hope they watch it but I don’t think they would be able to understand a whole vid. She spoke too fast for their english comprehension.

      Glad you like Elephant vid ^^

  3. liebdbsk says:

    always love your post. Have you seen Jea’s new twitt photo? he still wear the pink wristband. He is so sweet.

  4. greenwood says:

    This is the first time I watch the Executive Fangirl vid, and it’s the 2nd thing that makes my day LOL, the 1st being JYJ on twitter of course, hahaha. Thank you 🙂

    On AKTF, I am worried with fans who stubbornly stick to only one interpretation, that is the five will comeback. More so when this becomes an obsessiveness in pressuring for the comeback. That is why I mentioned that I felt uncomfortable when fans chanted Dong Bang Shin Ki in the showcase. I am also troubled with a certain thing in couple shipping. I am biased with one or two couples myself. But fans who over-obsessed certain couples and always relate them to certain aspect is troubling. Truth or no truth in the aspect that the shippers believe is not the matter here, but it’s the limitation that they should have. And like you, I am also upset when fans compare JYJ with DBSK or Tohoshinki. Fans who compare their singing, their harmonisation, their stage presence, their feeling etc. JYJ is well… JYJ, not DBSK nor Tohoshinki.

    Ah… the pink wristband. Jae is so sweet wearing it in all the events and also after back in Korea. He is really endearing, love him 🙂
    I admire the love that the Thai people have for their king and the royal family. I went to Hadyai for a very short holiday trip last month and at the customs and immigration saw King Bhumibol’s picture in every immigration booth. While on the way to Hadyai, there are Queen Sirikit’s picture board in front of many schools and other buildings.

    Thanks very much for the lovely elephant song vid, let’s hope Jae will sing the full version when he’s in Thailand next time 😉

    • reallaerreal says:

      I’m kind of have the same feeling as yours. Now JYJ use this phrase everywhere, so for me, it’s pretty clear what they mean. Keep the faith in their ability, their hard-working, not much, not less. I’m worried that some fans would just blame them that they give them a false hope.

      Thank you for share your story about our King. We love him simply because without the King, our country would probably 20 years behind our neighbour. He has done a lot for us.

      Maybe in the next concert in Thailand, JJ would sing Elephant song as his solo. lol

      • mushroomee says:

        hi, 1st time visitg yr blog when some1 fm my twitter t/line RT yr web ^^ was reading older post and decided to leave a msg here.. hehe… do u remember yrself sayin tis “My dear friend made this cute vid for JJ (+JS+YC). It would be so funny and lovely and EPIC if they will sing it for real. lol.” like after months later and JJ really sang it.. thou not 3 of them. i was there 2 and JJ is really very cute and sweet when singg tis song…. awww…..
        im a new fans..post-jyj era so im not really familiar with them as DBSK, but im finding time to see/listen to their past performance as DBSK. btw love reading yr blog… ^^

        • reallaerreal says:

          Thanks for leaving a lovely comment. 🙂

          Yes I remember that ><

          New fan is very welcomed here. I love JYJ fans who is willing to support them as JYJ. Their performances as DBSK are my lovely collection too.

          Thanks for reading my blog (with mostly my rant lol.)

  5. treie says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you…what you have written is something that I have in my mind for 2 years now..couldn’t agree more with you…

  6. justrisyda says:

    can reblog this to my blog ?

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