Ayyy Girl – MV

Any reader feel like want to discuss about this MV in your blog or here?

Guess I’m the minority who really like this concept. I like everything that everyone seems to detest. I like their androgynous looks, that apron on JS, red lipstick on YC’s lips. While I normally hate CG MV (never appreciate “Share the World” PV), I kind of like this one. (Still, I hate the fake CG at the end of Ayyy Girl MV.)

I would definitely hate the MV if it screamed American-wannabe. Although I agree that this song might suit to the club style MV a lot more but isn’t that sth too predictable? I don’t know how many times I’ve seen clubbing MV with club+dance+hot girl+etc. I like that they utilized their androgynous looks and make it different. Surely, there’ll be tons of controversy but at least give them a try. Plus more controversy = more recognition.

Still, their producer insisted from day-1 that this album is for asian-target. If they got insult in the US, let them be…This is what they choosed. Let them grow as they want!

– Actually I don’t like JJ’s hairstyle…too neat and not ectasy enough for this concept.

P.S. I just got “The Beginning” Limited Edition…it’s great. I really want to review this album…wish I could have more time this weekend. *sob*

P.S.2 Hug anyone who posted here. I promise to reply you this weekend, also the emails. *sob* I NEED FREE TIME!

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10 Responses to Ayyy Girl – MV

  1. Secret Syrup says:

    I’m scared of watching it! I told myself that I wouldn’t wath it but now idk. I don’t think my brain can handle that ugly ass feminine alter top/bib/apron that Junsu is wearing. Oh how I hate it. I HATE IT!!!!

    the shipping for my CD is taking quite some time now -_-
    *miss you*

    • reallaerreal says:

      *big hug for you*

      So have you already watched it or not???

      (I have no idea why I think that apron look better in this MV…I hate it in SG showcase too.)

      • Secret Syrup says:

        no I didn’t watch it. I don’t know if I will but I definitely won’t watch it within the next few days.

        But I’m glad that you like it. It reassures me somehow lol

        • reallaerreal says:

          lol. Please tell me how you think about it when you watch it! I’m so curious!

          Actually, maybe because I like the dance so so much. I’m also afraid to watch it but all my friends who watched it before me like this MV A LOT. (Mind you that most of my fandom friends are about the same age as you and me, some are older and they just spazz and spazz over this MV. lol)

          OK, now I should sign off for my paper >.<

  2. grannyestee says:

    Oh my… 🙂

    Well, we have different opinion about the MV here and there… but of course there are things in common too! I also don’t like Jae’s hair here… I always want him in his “O” days hair style since I saw the album’s cover. Also I agree that more controversy=more recognition *grin*

    I’d just posted my thoughts about this MV on my blog as well… and as usual it’s a kinda long post! *grin* Yeah, it’s difficult for me to stop my wandering mind and my fingers on the keyboard once I’m in front of my PC!

    It’s nice to know that you like the MV… I hope there are many people who like this too. While for me… I’m not sure whether I like it or not! I can’t decide it as a whole… there’s some parts I like… there’s other things I don’t… just like that!


  3. LoveAndPeace says:

    Personally, I didn’t like the CG, but at the same time, I really liked the dancing in this one.

    And it’ll be cool if you write a review. 🙂

  4. Secret Syrup says:

    Haha, this has nothing to do with the MV but I just have the need to tell you that so far I love love LOVE SKK SCandal! And you assumed correctly that Joong Ki’s character would be my favorite one; he is made of awesome! (even thought I’m starting to really like Lee Sun Joon).
    If I don’t end up doing too much hours at work this week, I’ll most likely be done by Saturday O:

    that’s it 🙂

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