2 Concerts + my rant about DBSK/JYJ

Quick thought about everything.

After JYJ Showcase in BKK…I attended David Foster with Friends concert + another free concert which included Thai artists, CN Blue, Super Junior and Enrique Eglesias.

Finally, I got to hear Peter Cetera. I love Chicago…I almost cried when I heard he sang the first verse…”Everybody needs a little time away…” from “Hard to say I’m sorry”. Just that verse and I felt it’s worth every single cent I spent to be there. David Foster is indeed a talent song-writer, producer. I love how he said that he loves to discover new talent. Like 20 years ago, he said to Celine Dion that she would get a chance to sing with Barbara Streisand and everyone would know her by her first name. I like how he played with the crowd. Such a professional guys.

I was able to listen to Charice live for the first time in David Foster concert. I like her voice but I see the problem why someone said that she should find her own voice. This girl is really amazing. However, I got a feeling that she interpreted almost every songs as the same. When she sang “To Love You More” from Celine Dion…I almost got shocked because she did sound pretty much like Celine. Too much alike as if I could just close my eyes and imagine that this was Celine’s voice. My friend asked me whether I prefer “I have Nothing” of Charice over JYJ’s version….here is a problem. Charice is powerful in her own way but I don’t get enough feeling from her singing to make the chill down to my spine. That’s the only thing I wish she could improve with more experiences.

I like Natalie Cole duet with Nate King Cole in Unforgettable. Somehow I wish I could take my mom with me because this is her favourite of all time. But she just doesn’t like being in a long concert.

I love the ending song, “Earth Song”. It’s one of my favourite from MJ.

Funny thing about this concert is that…I got a feeling that I’m so young at this concert. On the contrary to JYJ Showcase when I feel a bit old. lol.

Quick recap to another concert.

CN Blue and SUJU got lots of support that night. They were doing fine. I got pretty close to the stage…maybe even closer than the seat I got in JYJ showcase. (Different venue but pretty close to each other.) I don’t know much about CN Blue but the show is nice.

And I love Enrique Eglesias. I felt so bad for him because most teenagers who attended this concert just didn’t know who he was. They couldn’t sing along and they are waiting for Super Junior. (Enrique sang between CN Blue and SUJU…if I don’t rememeber it wrongly.) However, he is just so professional, world-class artist! He knew how to lift up the whole crowd spirit. He ran to every place he could, jump off the stage to cheer up the crowd and at the end, we have quality time with him. He’s not my favourite singer but I did enjoy his performance very very much.

After that, we got 10 Super Juniors. They sang some of my favourite song, started with Bonamama, No Others, then couple songs I don’t know, then ended up with Sorry Sorry. (I was wondering whey Heechul ran to the back of the stage before Sorry Sorry and then just return when half song was already sang. O_____o)

The problem is …seeing SUJU made me longing for JYJ. I really wish I could fly to Seoul and attend their concert. *sob* My friend who sat next to me is the one who attended Thanksgiving concert with me and we kept talking about how we wish to be in JYJ concert again. Seriously we are so spoiled with those boys quality. I dare say that after attend many high-quality concerts, I just appreciate them more. These boys just got every things. It might sound cliche but they really are on the league of their own. I know that there is still room to improve. But the feeling that they poor into their singing is overwhelming. I dare say no one could block these boys from the stage…as long as they want to sing, there will be tons of people want to attend their live.

A bit about DBSK

Β … a rumour about HoMin as DBSK...I feel sorry for them if it’s true. I don’t really feel happy or upset toward this news. I just think people would see that they would be awkward with only 2 members with that name. (I’m wondering how the comeback could be true though. Yunho has his Poseidon project which could occupy his first half of 2011.) Now, DBSK is just a good memory for me. I still listen to their old songs and appreciate five members’ effort and harmony. So I don’t really have much problem about how things go. Just wish that SM stops blocking JYJ in Korea and how I wish JYJ could work in Japan again.

Funny how US showcases turn out to be a good sacrifies for JYJ. (Well, at first, I was crying when I knew about their visa problem. It’s not that funny.)Β It’s even more funny when they announced the showcase for free and someone kept saying something like “See..they’re not poor as they said…how could they cover all the expense if they didn’t get enough money from SME” lol. These people just forgot that JYJ got concert in Japan, DVDs and a single with Avex. Also Mozart, Sunao Ni Narenakute, Sangkyunkwan Scandal + Showcase in Asia should cause them fortune. Now, it’s even more funny how HoMin stan just keep repeating…JYJ lied to fans, kept fans false hope, betrayed HoMin and left DBSK. Lately, this become their mantra….ok keep saying whatever you want but it’s time to move on. I can say all FIVE of them lied to fans at some point, keep fans false hope at some degree and betrayed each other. But as I always said, these guys are singers, idols and I appreciate them for their work. Not that they could have done anything bad for my life. So I’m just going to enjoy their song, performance, drama, whatever that entertain me.

Now I would go back to JYJ twitter. That’s something really entertaining.

P.S. Note as a translator: JJ almost killed me with his twitter lol.

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15 Responses to 2 Concerts + my rant about DBSK/JYJ

  1. Secret Syrup says:

    I guess we’re probably old souls? Idk, I would definitely rather see the first con (even though I don’t have anything against Enrique. do you know what he sang?). But about Charice, ikr? Her voice is the type I like but idk maybe I’d be more interested in her if she sang original songs. Or maybe she does?
    How was Suju actually, performance wise? Like I know us TVXQ fans say that they’re the best and Suju fans will say that their group is the best. But how good are they actually?

    the moment JJ figured out that he could tweet in japanese on his computer I was all “oh oh…the translators are screwed. lol”. And the more people he follows, because he will follow more, the more troublesome it’s gonna be for you guys. And it get worse because there’s more possible friends that he hasn’t followed yet. Oh Kim Jaejoong, what would we do without you, you little ball of fail who tweets his hotel informations -_-.

    it’s ok, I cried too at the visa thing lol.

    • reallaerreal says:

      I know what Enrique sang. lol. Anyway, his performance is really powerful.

      Charice also sang her original song “Pyramid”…but somehow I like the CD version. She is great live but idk why I just don’t really like that song live much.

      SUJU is enjoyable. I just understand how close Hyukjae and Junsu dancing style are. Hyukjae’s dance is so powerful. Singing wise, I don’t know whether it’s because of bad sound system or sth but I didn’t really enjoy their ballad much. We got one Yesung’s solo and KRY feat. Sungmin + Donghae song. Not much memorable. Maybe I’m just baised. – -”

      Well, actually I really enjoy translating their twitter and their interaction with friends. JJ’s network is pretty scary. lol.

      • Secret Syrup says:

        ehh, I didn’t expect you to reply so quickly O:

        I hope that Enrique made some new fans then lol. So Charice does have an original song? I’ll try it out later.
        I always wondered what was the difference in terms of performance between TVXQ and Suju (or other idol groups). Like imo, TVXQ have better voices but does the other group have just as much charisma and energy?…Maybe it would be better to ask someone who likes both groups equally…I guess their voices are not your cup of tea? idk, I’m quite neutral to Suju/Suju KRY. Their voices does nothing to me; I find them (the voices) boring D:

        after that little Jaechun twitter scare+absent Junsu (I miss my bb, where did he go TT ), I think I’d rather see the translators busy than having to not have any tweets to translate at all. And John & Shane are hillarious lol. I’m glad that they seemed to have made nice buddies during the showcases.

        • reallaerreal says:

          Yes, I think Enrique made some new fans. lol.

          Charice released her 1st original album a few months ago. Quite nice album^^.

          For SUJU and other idol groups, I would safe my own judgement because obviously, I’m bias. lol.

          and dear, yesterday Junsu tweeted more than JaeChun together lol. His name fail was so cute. lol.

          • secret syrup says:

            I liked Pyramid! Now that is some acceptable engrish! It wasn’t what I expected and boy did she had a lots of hits on YT. But thank god for the belting otherwise it would have been quite forgettable for me.

            I felt so embarassed on Junsu’s behalf for the name fail lol. But he had good intentions (and he replied to fans!)

            I see that we just got bashed in here lol. I don’t know if I should reply her…doesn’t feel like it’ll be a contructive convo -_-
            That’s why I close my comments after a while

  2. jejeliebling says:

    Hi, I have changed my nick name from Liebdbsk to jejeliebling. Same to you, DBSK is the past. For me now, Jeje is present and future, haha, I will continue support him and his bandmates.

  3. lyrico jae says:

    yup~~ they’re singer~ they’re product also for the company..different than us, we work on product for the company~~

    it’s not like they didn’t have money, if not how come Yoochun and Jae Joong could buy new car, new Gadgets~~ but, screw all it~ something that they don’t have~ freedom to do what their heart desired

    • reallaerreal says:

      Yes, you’re right!

      That’s why I really appreciate YC’s interview recently. You can feel they are tasting the sweet and struggle from their freedom for the first time. Just let them fly high and enjoy their freedom right now!

  4. grannyestee says:

    Hi Real πŸ™‚
    Woah… so many concerts you did go to! JYJ and then these two!

    David Foster… yeah I like many many many of his works! I wonder when will JYJ work with him and sing his ballad? *grin* He is in Warner too, eh? (not so sure… but kinda lazy to find his/his artist album and see the label *grin*) Okay, too much dreaming! Errr… I feel like writing a letter to him and asking him to work with the boys…. what do you think? *wink* And maybe we should send him the boys’ “I have nothing” vid from their Thanksgiving concert. Well??? Errrr… is this too much? Coz I’m nobody, how about all of us do this? Gosh, yeah I’m too obsessed with the boys and I feel like doing ANYTHING to help them!

    Buble is my fave and thank to this man coz he ‘found’ him! And many many of my fave singers work with him too! “Hard to say I’m sorry” is a great song… but dunno why when I think of him I always remember “Love at second sight”… coz I fell in luv with Jae after the second sight? *cough* Second vid I know, for exact, the “Miss you” vid… I was kinda amazed by that goodlooking Asian blonde! Okay, that is not the real reason… *wink* *grin*

    I wonder… why Enrique had to do the same concert with CNBlue and SuJu? What kinda concert is that? Mmmmm…

    About JYJ… I just wanna support them more and more. I’m glad that they are keep moving forward however hard the path is for them.
    About HoMin… let them use the DBSK name. For me, it won’t be the same DBSK… there will no more five harmonious vocals there, just two… of course it will be felt different! When they sang solo/duo, they always considered/called (or whatever… can’t find the exact english word) that as the subgroup song… never as DBSK song. Not like other band (such as Take That) though only one member sing almost the entire song but they call the song as their group song. So… though they use the name DBSK, I will not consider them as DBSK…

    • reallaerreal says:

      Oh…I really like your idea. I think about writing a proper letter to Mr. Foster. I appreciate him so much since I was so young. I’m going to wait until JYJ English skill is better. ^^”

      Ah…Mr. Foster also mentioned how he found Mr. Buble when Buble was a wedding singer. Funny how fate turned someone’s life.

      That concert with Enrique, SUJU, CN Blue was a free concert. A radio company just opened their channel and wanted to make their broadcasting become a hit so they invested a lot for this concert, also some thai popular singers were included. They gave a ticket to people for free just that you send them SMS after hearing some jingle in their radio channel. sth like that.

      For me, JYJ =/= DBSK, HM=/= DBSK, especially in term of harmony. So, I feel as if it’s time for everyone to move on together. Although someone just can’t. I feel sorry for them.

      I’m really not a good DBSK fan. I don’t even called myself one. I always said that I’m their casual listener and still seems like someone just bash me. lol.

  5. spamming junsu says:

    hi real, it’s me MangoJuice dropping by your blog (with another different name, depending on who I am spazzing about today LOL) just to say that I miss commenting here XD
    Will try to drop by and spazz together more often..things are all over the place at the moment but I really miss talking to you guys here..
    ❀ ❀

  6. LoveAndPeace says:

    Wow it’s so cool that you got to see Charice live as well as JYJ… she’s also another artist I want to see live someday (although I would probably wish to DBSK the most out of all of them, but sadly that may never happen now 😦 ).

    One thing I’ve noticed so far, is that even though sometimes what you say in your blog is not necessarily pleasant (like for example, you mentioned that at one point, all of the members of DBSK probably lied/mislead their fans), I do not sense like you are insulting or being excessively negative about them. What I’m trying to say is, it’s somewhat enjoyable (if that’s even possible??) to read a view point that seems objective and balanced. It’s also interesting to read an entry where there are artists other than k-pop/JYJ/DBSK mentioned like Enrique.

    Thanks for writing πŸ™‚

    • reallaerreal says:

      Charice is good live. I’ll wait a few more year to attend her concert again, if I have a chance. She probably just need a bit more experience about feeling and every thing. But her singing is top-notch at her age. ^^

      I try to be objective but I know I’m not that objective. lol. Somehow I’m totally bias but I try to be rational as much as possible. Nothing is black and white, especially in the fandom. lol.

      I’m glad that you enjoy reading about Enrique! ❀

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