Never pretend this is all real…

Never forget where you’re coming from…
Never pretend this is all real…
Someday soon this will all be someone else’s dream…
Never Forget – Take That
It took 15 years for Take That’s fans to hear this song live with all 5 members.
This is their last single around 1990s era that included Robbie Williams in the credit. However, they have NEVER performed this song live with 5 members. I really like this song since I was so young. I found nothing wrong with Take That performance a couple years ago as 4 people. They didn’t rely heavily as strongest 5 harmony. Normally it’s either one of them as a lead in a song and then the other become chorus. So they were doing extremely well with 4 members.
And yes, it’s good to see them back as five again.
Hey, we’re not invincible. We’re not invincible
when I asked myself whether I would get a chance to see my beloved group come back together like this, one of Take That fans said to me that Que Sera, Sera…Never say never but don’t really keep on hoping about it. Just be happy with the present. If there is no new song, you can always go back to the old song.
And that’s what I’m doing.


Yesterday, someone left a comment in this blog, (in the old post.) She wrote that I’m not the real DBSK fan. Yes, maybe I’m not.
I really want to be just a casual listener. However, I fail. lol. I still want to lurk around in the fandom, get to see JJ and JS’s cats on twitter.  YC’s smile still make me smile brightly even if he’s not my bias. OK…let say I’m a JYJ fans who appreciate DBSK songs. I still listen to DBSK song everyday.
I still have this thought…if DBSK/THSK could sing together once again…I want to attend their concert in Japan, a place where I can enjoy listen to Love in the Ice without lousy scream during YunJae part. I had a chance to listen to the Korean version live last year but somehow fangirl scream really destroyed the magic. I want something like this.
Although this version is not perfect. (I blamed it on JJ. He sang some of his part better in 2009, with longer breathe and stronger voice.) However, I love this version than the others in 2008-2009. For the emotion, I think all of them sang it as it should be, not too strong. It’s warm. You can feel comfort with their love as the lyric said in this version. (And Yoochun’s high note was well sung, not overdone as other version.)


And I want to hear this live…
It’s a song that I fell in love with since I listened to it for the first time.
Love the first verse that Changmin sang in low, soft voice, then Junsu with his smooth voice + superb dynamic.
I really like the part where their harmonized together around 3.35-3.48, and JJ at 4.03 onward…his voice was like another instrument rather than just a singer voice. I’m not sure whether anyone would get want I mean. Yoochun’s voice was deep and raw that made me cry and Yunho soften the song…made it a well-balanced song, not too much whining as it could have been.
Ah…there are lots of songs I wish I could hear they sing it live…
Especially this 2 songs…just like Never Forget….we haven’t had a chance to hear them sing this together live.
Toki wo Tomete
I get what JJ felt when he tweeted that it’s heartbreaking. It’s beautiful.
With All My Heart
Actually I don’t really like this song because it’s obvious that they didn’t record or even prepare this song together. The harmony is a bit off. You expect 5 harmony from Tohoshinki’s song but only JCS and HM harmony in this song.
(But I’m fine with JYJ and HM songs, maybe because I don’t expect much from each of them as much as I expect from DBSK?)
I guess many fans still expect to hear sth like this from JYJ or HM. Sadly, I would be hard to do so. However, I do think each of them has their own magic. Just that it would be different from TVXQ’s magic as five. So it depends on your preference whether you like it or not.
Now, let’s pray that JJ could gain his voice back in time before JYJ concert in Seoul. The stage is where they truly belong.
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6 Responses to Never pretend this is all real…

  1. Kumo no Ito says:

    Real! Hello darling.
    Ah someone told you you are not a real DBSK fan? What is to be a real fan? We are nothing but humans, and at least we are honest enough. We are not saying “Always keep the faith” as a mantra, hoping for them to be 5 again when we don’t think is possible, we are not cutting their wings bonding them together, seeing them only as dbsk members and nothing else.
    You know, it took me a while to be able to hear their songs again because they make me hurt, they bring pain. Now I let that go, and even thou I don’t hope to see them together anymore, I would be happy if all this mess is cleaned up and they make a comeback with Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin. I would love to hear Bolero live. But hey, I won’t fool myself. And I won’t tell them they can’t be just as good as dbsk, because what do I know?
    Ah, how are you doing? Is been a while eh?

    Take care ~

    • reallaerreal says:

      I’m glad to see you around again. 🙂

      I guess “Always Keep the Faith” is somehow still meaningful. However, people just interpret differently. Let just say I have faith in 5 members ability but not all about faith that they would come back together anytime soon.

      I took me a few weeks before I got back to DBSK music. I also would love to hear Bolero live. That song is so inspiring.

      I think JYJ and HM have to find their own charm and their own voice, as trio, duo, solo. I agree and disagree with people who said JYJ or HM would lack of sth. Yes, if you compare them with DBSK. No, if you think that they are on their own ability. I don’t think people would complain much with their solo pieces. People don’t go around and say they miss other 4 voices. ^^”

      I’ve been pretty busy in the past few weeks. My new job is pretty stressful and time-consuming. I hope I would get used to it soon. 🙂

      Take care too!

  2. grannyestee says:

    Real!!! 🙂

    Okay, I’ll comment fast… since my night-time is almost over! I have this Cinderella rule now… never browsing the net until the other side of midnite *grin*. I just have to take a better care of my health!

    I dunno why… but we seem to have almost the same thinking! (and this is not the first time!) I posted about Take That, and I just wanna post the second part about it… and I also got ‘Never Forget’ song and lyrics there!!! I planned to post it today, but I changed my mind and I planned to post it tomorrow since I haven’t finished my comment about their ‘Holding back my tears’ vid! (and this Cinderella rule!) And here you posted about ‘Never forget’ though you posted their live performance vid! Btw, do you plan to buy their CD? I can’t wait for it. I watched (& listen to) ‘The Flood’… and I luv it! I’m glad that they can sing together again… though, yeah… Take That by 4 members and by 5 is not much different!

    And that Jae fanvid ‘Right where he belongs’ is one of my fave (I also use this vid on my previous post). I miss Jae (and the others) to sing on big stage like this again! I so hope that their upcoming concert will be a great success! (kinda worry… coz only about half the tickets sold, eh?).

    For me… it won’t felt the same when only part of TVXQ sing the songs of TVXQ. I remember JaeChun sang ‘Begin’ at Boy Pop Factory… it’s just different! So maybe we should wait until they are back again (IF they are… someday, somehow) to hear any TVXQ songs to be sung live!

    *glance at the clock… 11:54 PM*
    Gotta go now *grin*
    Luv ya… *hug*

    • reallaerreal says:

      Hi! Dear Cinderella, (I should set up my time too. Time to take care of my health. :))

      Wow, you’re going to post about this song too! I would love to read that. It’s been a while with Take That. I love “The Flood” but it’s weird and good for the other tracks on that album. I listened to the teaser of each song and wow…this is something new for Take That. (Funny how some fans said this album reflects Gary’s midlife crisis. lol.) I would buy their CDs, just wait until it releases in Thailand.

      I’m worried about ticket sold too, but because the ticket price and examination season + super huge stage like that, it’s kind of ok to sell 62,000 tickets for 2 days. (At least they would get some profit to compensate the expense from US Showcase.) I would really like to attend their concert…but I can’t due to my work atm. *sigh*

      I actually really like Begin at Boy Pop Factory. (Though I was the first one who complained about other 3 voices missing in Soompi. lol.) I like the sweet, soft, sadness in that version. Unlike the original 5 voices that warm your heart. It’s heartbreaking. But I agree, it would be better if they could sing all songs again as five. But I don’t have anything against any of them sing their old song, as long as they can get it done and neat. Those songs are welcomed.

      *hug*…and the bell was ringing at midnight…go go!

  3. LoveAndPeace says:

    I’m not sure that I understand exactly what happened with the person who said you were not a ‘real fan’. Regardless, I think it’s a bit unfair for some fans to call other fans ‘not real’ because they might not share the same opinion (for e.g. whether always keep the faith means the 5 will come back together one day). In the end… people have different degrees of fandom because everyone is different (e.g. for me, I find it difficult to listen to THSK/DBSK songs, because they make me very nostalgic, and sometimes sad. But other people might listen to it daily as an expression of their fandom).

    Reading this entry was kind of bittersweet… good in a way because there are many songs listed here that is would just be so awesome to listen to live… but sad because the chance of me listening to them is so so very small. But still… thanks for writing :).

    • reallaerreal says:

      Well, maybe it’s my fault because I wrote that one member of soompi might not be a real fan too. I mean, contributing to the fandom =/= DBSK real fans. This topic is actually funny because I got a big lesson from my old fandom. People can invest lots of time and money just to be “someone” in the fandom. Then, they can easily backstap the artist they claimed to love and talked ill about their own claimed favourite artist.

      Actually, I still weep a little while playing some of their songs. Somehow, it’s good to let go and appreciate the past.

      Never say no to that chance. Who knows? I don’t want to give anyone hope but in Take That case, Robbie even insulted other members in public. See where they are today? When people grow old, you can see the world in other perspective and then, anything could happen. As long as we are still alive. 🙂

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