TVXQ = 2 Now…

Can I say that I was actually happy with this news?
I think it’s time for HoMin to sing.
I’m so happy that everything would be clearer from now on.
Both sides choose sides and it is the fact that they choosed a different way.
3 people want to go out of the old company.
2 people want to stay at the old company.
Most of all, I’m glad that JYJ don’t have to put “TVXQ” name on their own.
Surely, they will have to begin with JYJ name. With old fanbase but not the old name. They will be a rookie again.
While TVXQ(2) would be able to catch the attention immediately because their name, they would have to live up the name.
That could be burdensome.
Just wonder…what about “BigEast” and “Cassiopeia”?
(I’m an official BigEast now.)
Actually, I’m too happy with the news about TVXQ comeback as 2.
Seems like many JYJ fans are truly happy about this news…to the point that I’m really wondering whether is alright that we couldn’t careless about the whole messy fandom. I mean, it was as if we don’t have feeling regards HoMin news anymore…
Don’t have feeling >> Don’t care >> just nothing else.
Maybe many fans just tired of the mess.
I can see the one who get the reality – support all 5 members in their different way, or choose to stick with their bias but not really voice out their opinion in public.
Lots of fans might be upset about the news of TVXQ as 2 members.
Lots of fans are so happy about HoMin comebacks.
I see the changing among fans…HoMin gain so much more sympathy as they rarely did anything related to music in 2010. So they should have some good amount of support. Also they would get some bash, which is not pretty much. (Most fans dislike SM, not HoMin.)
I still don’t get why some fans complained that HoMin got bashed the most with everything they did…where were those fans in April…or after the lawsuit?…JYJ got called whatever the worst word you can find in every websites! As much as I don’t think they are angels, I don’t think they are that evil to deserve those words. JYJ got both love and hate in every things they’ve done too.
Fans should support who ever they want…
If you love 5, want to support all 5, just do so.
If you love HoMin and want to support them, not JYJ..just do so.
If you love JYJ and want to support them, not HoMin…just do so.
If you love dbsk as 5 and don’t want to support neither JYJ nor Homin…just do so.
You cannot force anyone to support them as the way you want.
And keep in mind…
Once a biased fan bashed the others, your beloved member got some hatred feeling from the reader.
Now…I don’t support 5-1=0, 5-2=0, 5-3=0…just let them grow on their own feet.
Let them do whatever they want to do, whatever they decided to do.
And SM…why don’t you let JYJ go?
Even if in the statement, SM shouldn’t use such reason to make it logical and rational for HoMin to use TVXQ name.
I wouldn’t see SM this bad if they didn’t try to block JYJ from release their album. That’s how the company just don’t let them go.
Seriously, if SM wants some revenge toward JYJ, they should make new TVXQ new album to be perfect and sound greater than the old TVXQ album.
From now on…
p.s. Funny how my used-to-be Yunho biased friend said sth like “So now, who is the one riding TVXQ fame?”…I guess both sides are equal then. lol.
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16 Responses to TVXQ = 2 Now…

  1. grannyestee says:

    Hi Real… 🙂
    Now I can comment from my office… so I can be more updated *grin*

    I’m glad that HoMin can sing again. I will support them and JYJ… just each one of them. About buying their album, it depends on whether they can offer me with good stuff. This doesn’t have anything to do with ‘bias’. Even for JYJ, I have to wait and listen to all songs of them before I actually bought the album. Mmmm… to think that I even don’t like some of TVXQ songs and I didn’t bother to buy all of their pieces.

    They wanna use TVXQ name, let them be… though for me… it won’t be the same TVXQ. However, I’m kinda glad that they finally stated that they are TVXQ. It means that there will be no five TVXQ consists of JaeChunSuMinHo… not in near future. Though it’s sad… but it’s clear now. So JYJ will stay as JYJ and should continue their career with the name.

    And about SM… seeing what they’re doing up till now, I don’t think that they will let JYJ go… though I really really hope that they will let our boys go. They are full of hatred… and they might feel like their pride was taken away by JYJ coz of this lawsuit. It will always be a hard path to take by JYJ. I just hope that they will stay strong and never give up their dreams no matter how hard the process is.

    • reallaerreal says:

      I’m just glad that JYJ can be fully free from now on. (well, not fully but almost.) I’m bitter a little about Tohoshinki though, and I don’t buy the reason about “Keeping Tohoshinki alive” because that name, consists of 5 awesome members, can be alive by themselves. People won’t forget that H.O.T. is one of the biggest group in Korea and they are 1st generation boyband. I don’t see how that reason is valid.

      Yup, SM won’t let them go. I just hope that JYJ won’t be to tired with all mess and give up before they can do whatever they want to do.

  2. Oz. says:

    Dear Real,

    First of all, I’m really happy with this news. TVXQ to comeback with 2 members made me smile widely. I’m glad with Yunho and Changmin’s return and also happy with their fans. Of course, it’s clear!!…JYJ is not TVXQ from now on. (1 year ago, I couldn’t imagine myself will talk about this issue happily like this. ^^”)

    About SM’s statement…I’ve just wondered..When will SM let JYJ go?? Leave them alone!!

    The only question for me is…”What’s the definition of Cassiopeia and Bigeast?”
    – Fans who support TVXQ… whatever TVXQ consist of 5, 2, 2+3 members or anyone who’s labeled TVXQ.
    – Fans who support TVXQ as 5 (JJ YH YC JS and CM).
    – Fans who support TVXQ as 2. (Should JYJ biased leave the fandom?)
    – ???
    It’s only my question and I know nobody can answer this clearly.

    Your fan who always keep silent. ❤

    • reallaerreal says:

      Me too! I could have never imagined myself grin with this news a years ago.

      Seems like no one can answer your question….

      Some would say “Cassiopeia and Bigeast” is always for 5 people.
      Some new Cassies and BE would say we are here only for 2 people.

      I don’t think they are wrong anyway.

  3. jejeliebling says:

    I am happy for HM comeback, but I am not happy with SM statement. They just want to bring JYJ down. Any ways, let it go!!

    “if SM wants some revenge toward JYJ, they should make new TVXQ new album to be perfect and sound greater than the old TVXQ album”–>100% agree. and it is also important for Homin future. If they can not overcome old DBSK’s shadow, they and their new DBSK will be just so so …

  4. Shin_kel says:

    I just want to quote my post last September in this blog and I can dare say that at that time I have already a strong feeling of what will finally happen and lo and behold, what i think is true or most of it is true. So while the actual news makes me feel disappointed, I have long ago accepted that these things will happen and you know what I’m fine with it. At least it’s now clear cut what my final stand would be. I’ll support JYJ even if they perform in a small stage. I’ll support them because they made me realize that RESPECT and INTEGRITY is still alive in this world and it is embodied in these 3 beautiful beings.
    I don’t support anything that promotes torment & anguish.I believe in integrity since this is the last thing i hold as a fan, thank you very much. No sir I will not be a party to anything that makes me feel bad and makes a mockery of what i believe.

    Anyways here are my posts last September:

    Shin_kel says:
    September 17, 2010 at 7:59 am
    You know what in my opinion happened is AVEX did a cost-benefit analysis. They know that giving up SM would cost them money because other SM artists may no longer debut with AVEX and AVEX take this into consideration when planning on taking JYJ’s side at the start. Maybe they can’t bring up otherr conditions they plan on appending to the contract they signed with the trio at first because the trio have undergone so much at that the time and the issue which is the reason they left SM is sensitive and fresh at that. They were eager to sign the trio with no unfair conditions at the start cause anyway they know who is JYJ’s representative, CJes is no match to them if AVEX will demand something from the trio in the end. AVEX did want to amend the contract and of course reques that CJes will not participate and of course the trio being the grateful person that they are agreed. They trust AVEX remember? So in the negotiation process it was only the trio and AVEX alone, however, in this negotiation, the trio were back off into a corner coz AVEX may stipulate so on and so on which the trio later realized. I think AVEX is demanding more from the trio becoz they know that they gave up something and that’s their future income from SM to be with JYJ. AVEX know from the start when they sign on JYJ bout CJes shady past but AVEX went with the signing becuase AVEX worse case scenario will have a scapegoat at the end. It just cruel however that they have take on a vulnerable group who really trusted them to take on their case but it turned out bitterly at the end. Why just didn’t AVEX build the trio’s popularity over time before springing up some demand and then just give trio few months to decide on things. Whether we like it or not it’s like AVEX really gave JYJ an ultimatum and back them off in a corner which doesn’t sit well with the latter. My own question why did AVEX did not work it overtime with JYJ? Is AVEX working on ultimatum themselves to avoid missing on the “deadline”. I really can’t understand why destroy the relationship that they have with JYJ unless the benefit is so significant that what the trio can provide. I’m just hopeless about the situation but I believe the boys. Even if they just sing from one small stage to the next, I’d be willing to support them.

    Shin_kel says:
    September 17, 2010 at 10:26 am
    Oh he said the “revival of Tohoshinki” Does it mean with only 2 members since Homin also regarded themselves as Dong Bang Shin Ki. So in this case, JYJ must really felt hurt that’s why they issue the statement. I can’t for the life of me understand what’s going on but I’d be blunt about this, they are really backing off JYJ into a corner so they’ll go back to SM and since JYJ make it’s stand already, I think we need to prepare for a bitter things to come and I am afraid so seriously afraid. I’m not overreacting here, I’m stating fact as is, unless, the damage that has been done can still be repaired.

    So to end this post I have my stand already. I would let no one make me feel worse about myself. As a fan I’ll stand w/ my held up high coz I chose what’s in my heart.I have faith with JYJ so Jaejoong Yuchun and Junsu, let’s walk towards a BETTER TOMORROW with FAITH in our HEARTS=)

    • reallaerreal says:

      Hello Shin_kel!

      I’m so glad to see you around again. Haven’t seen your comment for a while 🙂

      I agree about AVEX…*sigh* I wish I could do better than trusting some big company. It’s about business. Now it’s pretty clear what happen with JYJ. Also with some japanese announcer and singer speaking about the issue, seems like JYJ would be blocked from Japan for a long while. *sigh*

      My stand is the same as yours, I can’t support the one who will hurt JYJ. In this case, I mean SM and AVEX, two companies that blocked JYJ career. I know it affects only little for those companies but I just don’t want JYJ to be hurt from my money.

      I’m actually bitter a bit about “We will present you more handsome TVXQ” that Yunho said in SMTown in Seoul. So this is “more handsome TVXQ”??? Seriously???

  5. spamming junsu says:

    hi Real!
    I will sleep on this tonight and probably will come back tomorrow to comment.
    Exhausted from all the drama today..
    hope you are fine, bb..

  6. Secret Syrup says:

    You know, I’m actually happy for them coming back (well happy is maybe too much of a term to say. More like “good for them”). Am I happy that they’re using the TVXQ name? Not really/indifference (I can’t call them TVXQ though. still Homin, sorry). Am I glad that SM feels the need to diss/mention JYJ instead of just focusing only on Homin? Nope. Am I happy that the media are creating this whole competition between JYJ and new TVXQ by using 1 year old quotes from written statements? Hell no. Sadly, it’s only going to get worse. But I, a total JYJ supporter, do think it’s good that Homin are coming back. ngl, I’ll most likely won’t pay attention to it but I think fans who say they still want to support Homin shouldn’t just reject them due to the fact that they’re using TVXQ’s name. Give them a try and see if you like it.

    The TVXQ I loved and was a fan of was the one with 5 members who broke up/went into a hiatus in april. No matter how biased I was before and am right now, I know I was a real fan. I’m quite secure about it and am at peace with the fact that I support JYJ. I was always very vocal with the fact that 5-1=0 is bad mathematic skills (people seem to understand now that 5-3=2. aka TVXQ). People may call me a bad fan but I know I was a good one before the hiatus announcement in april so idc. I wished people could be honest enough to say who they really want to support without having to succumb to the peer pressure of the fandom.

    ah yes, your YH bias friend is legit JYJ biased now? Maybe she’ll switch back if she were to see Homin. But like she said, both sides are using TVXQ and they have every right to do so. All 5 of them worked hard in this group so fuck SM and what the fans have to say.

    • reallaerreal says:

      (people seem to understand now that 5-3=2. aka TVXQ)

      LOL. I think it’s fine for some people but not for most fans. I mean there are tons of TVXQ=5 fans out there. Seriously, I saw those kind of comment everywhere in JYJ’s youtube vid. Like, it’s not TVXQ anymore without yunho and changmin. lol. Yes, they are right in some degree because that was JYJ, not tvxq. Now I guess HM have to live with that which could be worse.

      Yes, my YH bias friend is pretty legit JYJ biased now. lol. I guess she just couldn’t support SM from the beginning, maybe she would be alright with HM but not to the new TVXQ.

  7. Kumo no Ito says:

    Same thoughts here!
    Not the same feelings, since I’m not happy, not sad, just don’t care. But yeah, is time to move on, things are just the way they are now. And YunHo and ChangMin have all the right to go back to stage and sing

  8. Any says:

    YunHo and ChangMin have all the right to go back to stage and sing as TVXQ? I read that was and is illegal. And lies and bad rumors antiJYJ from these two members… In my opinion, when 1/2+1 left from the group (the legal name TVXQ is for the 5 members, not only for 2 members and I read about that) the problem is at leader. I can’t accept TVXQ in 2 members whatever they do.
    I believe in JYJ!

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