Greedy? Betrayal?

There is someone who are trying to convince me that JYJ betrayed HoMin, not just by filing the lawsuit but also create bad rumours about Homin, lipservice to fans, try to be fake all along. They said their actions and words didn’t go together. Some said JYJ just greedy because they want money to buy brandname stuff, super cars, houses, etc.
I always try to ask myself whether I am fooled by JYJ image…but then, I always find these fanaccounts, blogs….
[Fanaccount] 101115 New Yorker Staff, “The One in Room 2330 is a Really Nice Person”.
“…Fan service is smiling for the cameras, being ever friendly in a switched on star mode… but when a cleaner in a hotel, someone who is often bypassed by most tourists who come and go, tell you the story of a star who has taken the time to know about him and asks about his well being behind closed doors on a daily basis, lies truly a kind person with a good heart … and that person is Micky…”
[Trans] 101126 JYJ Twitter Update.
+ Some encouraging tweets from Jaejoong’s friends ^^
(Mao) @mjjeje So that’s it-!! The LIVE starts tomorrow? Do well ok♪
(Fukutaro) @mjjeje Everyone in the ’85-ers Club – “Jejung!!!! Do well for tomorrow’s LIVE!!!! (≧▽≦)/ Our hearts are close to you !!!! fight!!!!!!!!!
[Trans] 101119 Fuji TV’s Announcer’s Blog on JYJ Showcase in NY.
“…We were unaware of what happened to them who have been working so hard. Fans were caught in a hard situation because they’ve been involved in a regrettable circumstance that lead to a halt on their activities at the moment.
I’m just saying this again, but none of them was at fault. Rather, I’d say that they are thriving their best.
At that time, I was in charge of the Entertainment corner at Tokudane!, and the staff and I were trying to bring them in.
However, because of some reasons which I can’t reveal in details, it is impossible to have them continue with their activities in Japan right now
Of course, the staff didn’t have any bad intention, because they could naturally express themselves in Korean, and the staff could also understand what they said.
We had no choice but agreed to it. After we have settled the condition and the interview setting has been set, the 3 of them suddenly started to continuously complain to the staff.
After having us wait for 10 minutes, they said that the interview would be conducted and answered in Japanese.
I whispered to ask Yuchun, and it turned out that, they have persuaded the staff for our sake.
He told me, “Although we are in the US, it has been a long time since they were able to communicate with Japanese fans. We’ve been doing our best to study Japanese, so even if our Japanese is bad, we’d like to answer in Japanese.”
They haven’t changed.
They are still the polite and straightforward people that I met in Tokudane! studio back then…”
[Fanaccount] Mozart! A Story of Junsu’s Practice.

This is one of the reasons why it’s hard to believe that JYJ are greedy, selfish, cold-hearted betrayal as some people said.

People who really got in touch with them, work with them, befriend with them…amazed by them, adore them and love them. This news from the staff, the japanese announcer blog, twitter with lots of love and support from their friends, korean, japanese, american…IDK…they must have super good acting skill to be able to fool people around 24/7.
Then, what about these people?
– Some managers left SM with them.
– AtoZ (Korean dancer team who were with DBSK from very early stage) joined JYJ dancing crew. (One of AtoZ member are co-choreograph Intoxication.)
Or…maybe JYJ bought them with fame and money?
Then, I saw these happened after SM and AVEX denounced them.
– AVEX artists, Ayumi Hamazaki, Naoya (AAA) still talked with Jaejoong via twitter. They even flew to Korea to support JYJ showcase in Seoul.
– Japanese lyricist-composer, Inoue, wrote a blog longing for JYJ.
There are really many reactions from these people who have first-hand experience with them, who really know them behind the stage, behind the camera. These reactions just don’t fit with the statement “JYJ are bad people who destroy their friends and keep lying to their fans.”
I mean, why on earth Ayumi Hamazaki should flied to Seoul to support them? She doesn’t need money, fame, whatsoever. What’s good for her to support JYJ?
I keep asking myself why?
What about “JYJ are greedy, they want more money to buy luxury things, did their own business, so they filed the lawsuit”?
It’s true that JYJ bought houses, drove super cars, use brandname clothes and accessories.
But…most brandname clothes and accessories are from fans and JYJ have their own money.
If all 3 of them were really greedy, Junsu wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit.
He got everything in SM. He has talent. Koreans love him. Definitely, he would be a respectable solo singer after TVXQ don’t want to be along.
Jaejoong could have stayed in Japan. General people knows him.
Yoochun could have stopped doing everything and keep himself with business.
Some people said when they filed lawsuit against SME, they might have thought that they have AVEX back them up, so everything would be alright. Partially true, but that’s not what would happened to be better in their homeland anyway. See how SM blocked JTL, Shinhwa, they wouldn’t expect things to run smoothly like that in Korea.
I don’t see them as angels but I don’t see them as evil as some HoMin stans who becomes JYJ antis see.
I don’t know why people just don’t let each of them go.
It’s almost 3am…I should just go to bed. I have no idea I am typing anymore. lol
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13 Responses to Greedy? Betrayal?

  1. Secret Syrup says:

    Aww, such a sweet post! People really love them don’t they? I follow some of the american dancers on twitter and I’m just amazed at how even with the language barrier, they’re still making people care for them like that. I’d rather believe these people who have no reason to lie than cray cray fans with hidden agendas that honestly want to see the members from a group they used to like suffer. Yeah, no.

    so what if they’re not perfect. As long as they don’t do criminal stuff or very immoral things (being greedy is not one of them), I’m cool. let them be.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Yes, that’s right. You know I love how Mr. Levey and all mozart cast keep praise Junsu. Yoochun’s acting friends, especially Joong Ki and other generation case praise his acting and professional attitude. Also JJ’s circle of friends in Japan and Korea. These guys must have some goodness in them. lol.

      • Secret Syrup says:

        after reading Telisha’s (awesome) interview with DBSKnight, I stand by what I said in my comment about how they seem to be really nice people to have around and I love them even more now. To say that working with them topped working with THE Janet Jackson is srs bsn. People can hate them for breaking up the group and they may be “greedy” but that doesn’t make them bad people. What I’ve seen so far about them doesn’t give me the impression that they’re bad people.

  2. LoveAndPeace says:

    I think you write very timely and relevant posts… because it’s a really good question – whether we’ve been fooled into believing that JYJ are nice/genuine, but are different in reality. It sure is a question I also ask myself.

    I think what you’ve showed through the (very nicely compiled btw) relatively recent fanaccounts, is that the situation is neither black or white… but then again, how many situations in the world are? JYJ are not exempt, but then probably neither are Homin, SM or Avex.

    Anyway, I thought this entry was well-structured and engaging to read :). It feels very ‘grounded in reality’ – at least, in representations of reality available to us in the media. Thanks for writing.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Thank you for writing the comment too! I did not really comprehend when I wrote it. (Too sleepy) However, I just couldn’t let this feeling go down.

      I always question myself…Things in this world is always grey, deep grey or light grey. Also, there are differences when people look the same stuff from different angles. That’s why I always see the certain things as uncertain. I’m still skeptic about many things. 🙂

  3. Kumo no Ito says:

    Love this post!
    They are not perfect, they are human after all. But I do think they are good people
    I love every time Ayumi or other AVEX stars support JYJ, it gives me some kind of hope… I don’t know, I think is sweet
    …now if only in korea…
    real, don’t let people who hate them get you… hate only brings more hate, let them rot in their own poison

  4. grannyestee says:

    I don’t know what to say…
    I just feel that they are really the way they appear on Tv shows or any event…
    As you said, they are not angels… but yeah, I strongly believe that they are not devils as well. They have flaws… but they have good sides of them they show us directly or indirectly.
    I followed them for almost 4 years now… and I fell in luv with them through this process, not just because of their ‘outside’ appearances or anything that I instantly see/hear but also from other things that I could feel. I believe my feeling… and I believe them.
    I luv this post of yours… I really feel the same as you…

    • reallaerreal says:

      dear granny…how are you? I miss your writing. As I must be less and less productive lately due to my job, I still love to read your post. >.<

      I hope people would accept them as a good musician. They are no way gods or angels, but not devil…exactly.

  5. ayyjjoong says:

    I just know DBSK this year and I seriously surprise with them, coz theirs singing is really much more better than what i know as idol or boy band. And I just barely know they are might disband because JYJ’s law suit.
    And here I am choose become JYJ supporter. To be honest, at the start I love them all five. But I don’t know when I become Jae biased (proudly say because of his voice and weird personality, not his look). And i never see them as angel. Seriously even I just know them this year, I know that they have many flaws. Not to mention this law suit. Yet I decide to become JYJ fan. I really think they have pure passion on the music.
    Seriously when I search something about homin in forum or look comment about law suit. Many comments are biased to one side and so much double-standard. But the funny thing I found is many homin and DBSK (as five) supporter become JYJ’s anti. Well, I can’t blame them because JYJ’s decision is the reason of this chaos. But, here my motherly instinct come out, I don’t know why I feel protective toward them ^^. Their music appealing to me and it’s the reason I support them. And yeah as long as they didn’t do any criminal action, i still i can stand by them. Sorry for long comment and bad english. And I like ur blog.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Hi ayyjjoong!

      I’m glad that they could get new fans this year! How could you become a fan?

      I think fans just have mother instinct, that’s why many people choose to side…to protect their love one. I can’t blame the one who choose to stay with Homin but not to the extent of becoming an anti. Why don’t people just make decision and keep positive on their sides…*sigh*

      Don’t say sorry for your long comment and English…long comment is more than welcome and my english is no way near perfect. As long as we can communicate, I think we are ok with our English. ^O^

      • ayyjjoong says:

        well, i become their fan when i was pursued my study in Malaysia. I saw one station tv and watch their O jung bang hap performance and king’s man parody in 2007. “They are cute.” that is my only thought of them. Search for O jung bang hap mv and it’s so cool. Stop there coz busy with my life.

        And in January this year, my friend introduced kpop to me and i just remember,”how about those cute boys several years ago?” And begin search for them in YT. I just remember the song title is O -lol-. Find fan sites and forum and fall in love with them hard.

        TBH when I heard about law suit, I was disappointed with JYJ, i really want to knocked their head and asked, “do you know u are stupid?” “will u win against big company like that?” and so on. But I can’t help admire them. And watched thanksgiving dome make me want to trust them. (lol i sound cheesy, but it’s the truth). I want to support homin also but they haven’t mesmerized me like JYJ did (they lipsync in sm town’10 -_-). So i want to give other chances with their comeback. I might want to support them also. Coz I actually love five of them with Jae much more.. hehehehe

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