Life is hard, but life is still going on…

I do respect all fans who are really supporting all 5 members, I really do…a lot.
At the same time, it’s hard to understand some behaviour of those 5 supporters, like those ones who trolled in to Mr.Egg twitter, asked him to help tweet #DBSK…
He is a friend, a supporter of JYJ. Obviously, before SM and Avex announcement of the existance of DBSK-Tohoshinki as 2 members, it would be a thin line between dbsk-jyj because everyone would still understand that DBSK = 5. Now in the official announcement, of those 2 agencies where DBSK = 2 members …Can you still expect Mr.Egg, as a JYJ supporter, to help doing sth that it’s not really about his friend, then when he refused to do so and asked fans to tweet #JYJ, some cassies just bashed him until he deleted his tweet.
And yes, someone should asked him to stop using “Cassies” as refer to JYJ supporters.
Obviously, I’m a JYJ fan but not a Cassie.
Well, actually, it depends…
If you mean Cassie = always support 5, I dare say that many fans, JYJ fans, Yunho fans, Changmin fans…they are not Cassie.
From individual activities, you cannot deny those individual or sub-unit fan existance. It depends whether they included in Cassies definition.
And even before the lawsuit, you can’t deny that some of those official 800,000 Cassiopeias are only a member fans, not 5 members.
Here, I dare say …that is the fact. That is the reality.
By saying this, I do understand that it’s not about right or wrong.
I do understand that Cassies who support 5 members, always know that DBSK = 5 members.
However, please accept the reality that non-fans would only see DBSK = 2 now.
And there will be Cassies who only knows that DBSK = 2 members in the future, as well as those JYJ fans who like them as JYJ themselves, not just because they are 3 members from DBSK(5).
You can bash me because I’m actually saying this as a proud JYJ fans.
However, if they are coming back as 5 voices, no matter what name they are in, I would be blessed…because I love their voices together.
Sometimes life is just hard. *sigh* But as long as your heart still beat, life is going on…
P.S. I’m so glad with JYJ tweets about their real lives and feeling…especially about stalkers …here you go boys!
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13 Responses to Life is hard, but life is still going on…

  1. tiff says:

    Yep, agree with u. Why some fans still dont understand TVXQ=2 now. Pls move on~
    And its just so dumb asking elbowyeish to support TVXQ when he only know JYJ coz he is JYJ’s friend. Its up to him whether he wanna support who’s he wants.

    Sometime I fed up with this fandom, when they cannot accept there is some ppls only wanna support one side NOT both sides. Can they accept it and move on-FOCUS on their own biased, stop calling fans not a true fans or biased or whatever. When herself biased too.

    Regarding Cassie. That’s why I never call myself a cassie.
    Coz I am not, I only support certain members and I dont care if ppl call me not True fans. I support my biased as much as I can, but never bring down other members.
    Like certain hypocrite ppl in soompi saying “She loves 5 members” when she loves to indirectly bring down others members but NOT her biased. -.-

    • reallaerreal says:

      tiff, sorry that I didn’t reply back sooner.

      Actually, before all this mess, I could say I support all 5 of them but I didn’t call myself cassie because I don’t want to get involve much in the fandom. I really want to be just their casual listeners but I know that I’m out of my own territory by now.

      I shouldn’t go to DBSK soompi thread anymore…but I just did…my bad. *sigh* Anyway, now we can enjoy a seperate thread in soompi. 🙂

  2. LoveAndPeace says:

    I personally think that it’s not a huge issue – what Cassie is defined as – although it can potentially lead to miscommunication. So long as it is defined or made clear what the definition of Cassiopeia is, then I believe there isn’t a problem. However, there can be problems when a person (or a group of people) want to impose a particular definition on other people – and then use that definition to differentiate “true” or “real” fans from “non-real”. And these assertions can be hurtful.

    Honestly though, I think there will be some confusing times ahead, given that there hasn’t been an official name to JYJ’s fanclub (I guess some JYJ fans might still refer to themselves casually as Cassies). And even if there is a change in the fanclub name, it might still take time for fans to adopt the name. Other times, some fans might not adopt the new definition (like for example, TVXQ being only HoMin right now). So there’s going to confusion about what Cassies/Cassiopeia refers to when people use these terms.

    On a different note, kind of surprising Jaechun wrote about stalking. Especially Jaejoong who seems to have written a mini-essay. It sounds like a serious problem.

    Thanks for writing (and reading my comment)!

    • reallaerreal says:

      Seems like things are going out of hand about Cassiopeia definition with SM reopening the member club registration.

      I like it when JJ&YC wrote about those stalker. Just a bit afraid that they would get injured because those taxis.

      Thanks for writing too!

  3. hamaji says:

    i agree with u^^ some fans on twitter said that JYJ fan are not cassies and they’re not a true fan. JYJ fan are not cassies, ok i can accept that but saying that they’re not a true fan? what rights they have for calling Me *as JYJ fan* not a true fan? what is definition of true fan actually? 😐

    and i feel sorry for Mr. Egg, yesterday some fans keep pushing him to join the trending. *sigh* ppl these days = =

    thanks, i can only saying out loud my felling in here^^
    bb, can i know ur twitter?

  4. Kumo no Ito says:

    I didn’t know that happen! Poor Mr egg (so weird to call him that) but I totally understand him! I didn’t help the twitter this time because it made me wonder if it was as clear as to say we support JYJ and HoMin, because saying you support DBSK now it means you support HoMin and thou fans may be naïve enough to think DBSK=JYJ+HoMin the truth is, DBSK=HoMin.
    So you are definitely not showing support to JYJ while you trend DBSK. But is nothing wrong, I mean you can totally want to show support to HoMin (and a 2 member dbsk)! Just don’t make it sound like it is because of the 5 or that JYJ will be happy and they will understand because, I’m not so sure that’s the case.
    I agree with everyone who said we need a new fanclub name, I was happy I a-nation, that they didn’t used red, because guess what? They are not dbsk and things are gonna get confusing, if they keep using the red and cassipopeia. The thing is, I don’t think they want to leave Cassiopeia as their fanclub, because is an entity, it would cause so much problems if the asked for Korean fans to call themselves something else, when being a cassie is an identity!
    So complicated.
    About the twitter, oh boy. I was scared to hell because I thought there was some anti-fans in fron of JJ and Chun house. I’m glad to read such a honest and straightforward twitter. And who else but Jaejoong, who is so blunt. What he have learned is to stay polite, and he sounds so mature!

    • reallaerreal says:

      Maybe we could be just a jyj fan, no need for the name of the club, just support them like fans of the other artists. Although I agree that we have problem about finding our identity and that identity might help unite their support.

      So much more happen right now. Things just get overboard now…*sigh*

  5. no says:

    To the JYJ biased:

    JYJ are the ones who promoted without HoMin first. HoMin waited for a year and a half. I don’t blame them for being angry because JYJ are the ones who abandoned them. Yes, they left because of SM’s contract, but why promote without HoMin? Why not wait until things could be worked out? Also, JYJ called their album “The Beginning”. What a huge slap in the face to HoMin after those 6/7 years together.

    So stop blaming HoMin for everything and think about JYJ and what they did before accusing HoMin.

    HoMin are the ones who stuck by TVXQ and endured everything for their fans. They’ve gone through so much shit, such as these accusations from some of you on here, and now they’re coming back to show of of you guys how strong they are and how strong they’ve become.

    • andy says:


      Nothing in this post says anything about reallaerreal “blaming HoMin for everything”. In fact, if you really read through what she says, I believe her stance on HoMin is now neutral (pardon me for making assumptions for you reallaerrel, please feel free to correct me) even though she states explicitly that she is a JYJ fan.

      “They’ve gone through so much shit, such as these accusations from some of you on here, and now they’re coming back to show of of you guys how strong they are and how strong they’ve become.”

      Well great go on and throw a party, why do you choose to go over to someone’s personal blog and throw a fit instead?

      In public news-sharing sites people with controversial opinions are told to “shut up”, “Don’t post any comments on HoMin/JYJ articles if you are not their fan”, “Don’t stir up fan wars”.

      OK. I understand that logic. So that why we start our own personal blogs expressing our own opinions. And you guys still have to chase us down.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Thank you andy…you’re right that I’m very neatral toward HoMin right now.

      Well, you can blame JYJ for file the lawsuit and promote first, but sorry, why should they stop and wait until the lawsuit end? You must be so naive to think that the lawsuit would end up within a few years. It could be dragged to 10 years with all appealing and such. + JYJ beginning with JYJ, not about tvxq because for them…tvxq should have been used only when 5 members are together. Do you want me to start a blame game here?

      So, you might want to go to enjoy their strong comeback as tvxq…please.

  6. no says:

    Yunho and Changmin, wherever you are, stay strong and keep fighting~

    Even though JYJ left you, some Cassies are still here for you 100%.

  7. Sun says:

    I ll say that again, its ur all nice and kind words that i much appreciate
    now is 28th March and its true, as u said, the law suit hasnt ended yet.
    I used to be a ot5 who leave “ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH, dbsk means 5”. But now i understand well thats what i want, that isnot true.
    From now on, i ll only support who i love and what i believe. I dont care abt other
    Tks for writing ad

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