I just become sth like a troll last night. lol.

I just become sth like a troll last night. lol.

I stepped in a Homin’s fan blog out of curiousity since someone in my T-list tweeted that link. I thought it might be a good idea to post sth there…but obviously, it’s not.

I’m tired to type in english although I should be rational enough to explain to her again. I won’t. Because, yes, it’s obviously wasted my time. Maybe I’m a troll. I don’t like those illogic, irrational reasons so I stated my disagreement…but I should learn to ignore them. (Plus, sometimes I just want to rant and won’t be logical and rational as I try to do. lol)

Funny how people cut and summarized their idols interviews to make sure that their idols look good. Is that really the way fandom should do? Sometimes, staying positive could mean being ignorance.

I might disagree with some JYJ actions and fans. I just learn to accept that and move on supporting JYJ.

Why can’t fans just accept their flaw and continue supporting them? (By this, I mean both HM fans and JYJ fans.) It’s like you want to support them so you have to insist to yourself that they have least flaw possible. And sometimes, people doing so by discredit the others. I accept JYJ flaws, (they do have many!) and move on support their music. But yes, I want to clear their rumours and I won’t be tolerant to those antis who tried to put JYJ down or bias fans who try to discredit site like TheJYJFiles too. I saw some fans tried to discredit TheJYJFiles by comparing TheJYJFiles with that famous anti-jyj blog, as if TheJYJFiles is anti-HM. *roll eyes*

Being realistic is the beginning of Being positive.

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8 Responses to I just become sth like a troll last night. lol.

  1. Anniam126 says:

    I won’t rant long on this because… It’s somehow a tiring subject. But, tbh, Can we all just think that they’re humans with its flaws? They can make mistakes and do things that I considerer not really good, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad or they’re being bad idols. If I like JYJ, I like them with all their flaws, because they show their flaws and it makes them more humans, realer.
    It’s a good thing from my point of view.

  2. loveX2 says:

    I see someone didn’t like my comment…but if you are talking about the truetvxq site versus the jyj files than I think the sites are comparable. Not because they spread hate because I don’t think they do, but because both sites try to argue and make arguments for whatever side they agree with/are biased towards. Sites that are pro-jyj or pro-homin do the same thing. They present information in ways that are favorable to their sides. Honestly, to get a clear picture of everything I personally venture into a lot of sites just to make sure I expose myself to as much information as I can. All sites have their bias and that is fine but I find it deceptive of sites to claim (objectivity/clarity/better facts than someone else etc.) when they all lean a certain way. Persuasive speach is used by all, from the smallest comment to the largest sub-note on an article . It’s up to the reader to accept that information or reject it. But the claims of oh, we are just spreading the “truth” blah, blah, blah, are ridiculous to me because no one knows the truth. We know what we percieve to be true from our own thoughts. All the information we get is second hand from korean articles and japanese articles which can be biased and altered in and amoung themselevs. I don’t go to sites to be persuaded one way or the other which is what many try to do. I go to find out information about the men in JYJ/DBSK. So, you are free to disagree with my comment but I think that the JYJ files and the truetvxq are comparable, not because either one is an anti-site but because they are both pro-sites for either homin or JYJ and thus their rhetoric is primarliy the same only altered for whoever they are more for or against. That is what I think. I think that this fandom is deluded in thinking that one side does things wrong and the other right, each seem to have their own delusions of grandeur as a fandom which are just not true. There is no better fandom. Most act in the same way that they accuse the other of, and if you can’t see this then you are blinding yourself to a reality of the fandom you are in. Each has extremists, bad eggs, midfielders, pacifists, and the positve thinkers, but none is better than the other or has better information than another.

    I don’t feel that site is anti-jyj. I just think the blog author tries to argue for the other side based upon what she feels is correct information and what she thinks is right. And I do not think that the JYJ-files is anti-homin, but I feel like I am being pulled one way or the other by both and not all based on “truth” but rather by speculation mixed with good arguments and/or material geared to favor one over the other. Those are my thoughts on the matter.

    • reallaerreal says:

      Interesting point of view. ^^

      When I said truetvxq is anti-JYJ side, it’s because they are pro-Homin but they wasted their time talke about JYJ more than Homin, while TheJYJFiles still mainly talk about JYJ.

      What I mean is that “truetvxq” is pro-Homin, at the same time they are anti-JYJ. The mindset of that site is in order to support Homin, you have to spread your content to contaminate JYJ fame, criticize JYJ and make JYJ bad in the eye of your reader. (I’m not talking about the reader and the comments but the main topic in that site.)

      The more comparable site of truetvxq in JYJ side is “hopeforjyj”. That site is doing the same thing with truetvxq, not TheJYJFiles.

      I wrote this, not as a part of TheJYJFiles but as the observers. If you don’t read any comment on each sides, just read what the blogger wrote, do you see any part of TheJYJFiles that asked the reader to hate Homin? If so, can you tell me that?

      They are obviously pro-JYJ, at the same time, they are NOT anti-Homin.

      Another one that make it more obvious. The reason they started the site. The main goal of “truetvxq” is not really “support Yunho and Changmin”, but it was there “to make people DON’T support JYJ” while “TheJYJFiles” is there to “make people support JYJ”, other than that you can do whatever you want.

      I agree that both sites are trying to convince people based on their “claimed” facts. (Actually, if you read the disclaimer and “About TheJYJFiles”, it states very clearly that “We will seek to use the most trustworthy sources but on occasion, even the most trustworthy ones could turn out to be quite the opposite. As such, please read with an open and critical mind and don’t be afraid to speak up. This is, after all, a place created to encourage the exchange of ideas.” So TheJYJFiles is aware and asked the reader to think and be skeptic, even to the source seems utterly believable.)

      For me, Anti = spread hatred

      And that’s exactly why truetvxq is anti-blog in my eyes.

      By the way, I didn’t posted in that blog, actually I was talking about another blog. lol

      Thank you for post here 🙂

      • yeah says:

        truetvxq scared me too considering that i want to be fair to both jyj and homin.. a cassie must support all five and not choose between jyj and homin; but seeing all the hate in that site in compared to the fairness of jyj blogs, i can only say LOL.. i’m not encouraged to be anti-homin because they’re a part of the TVXQ5 that i first knew, but some of their fans discourage tons of cassies all over the world..

  3. Carla says:

    my first time to comment on this blog.yes,i agree we should accept the fact that all human has flaws.Honestly,im a fan of TVXQ5 (proud of it ^^) and I frequently visit that pro-JYJ and pro-Homin blog.and yes,while JYJFiles obviously show their full support for JYJ and bashing SM (JYJ vs SM),that “truetvxq” keep trying to make JYJ and their families look bad.just..wtf?? always wanna laugh at their motto at the header.i mean..what truth?

  4. syirafm says:

    thats true!! i have go to each site..actually what i see is the truthtvxq is consist very much of hatred than fun to read. yes it is true i need the fact but if the fact is combine with bias opinion…what is the truth about all of that!!.. i think both fansite is THINKING TOO MUCH..juz let them live their life..we as the fan juz need to focus in supporting them..choose whoever you want to support!! either jyj, homin or all five of them…do not need to bash them…juz let go…follow what your heart said.k, peace!!

  5. hghte says:

    this is so funny.. is it the site are biased or you guys are too biased to accept the reality? lol guys. use logic. but I know..reality hurts and sweet lies.

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