To some YunJae shipper…




I just got to read some YunJae stan opinion about this vid.

“Shy boy, JJ !! when cass shouted ‘Yunho'”

And I’m done.

I was there in the studio that day. I don’t think international fans would understand what really happened that some YJ stan has destroyed Jaejoong’s reputation in Thailand.

To be honest, I don’t know and don’t care whether JJ is homosexual or YJ is real or not but some of YJ stans were very impolite. Things in the clip is only a part of what happened that day. Before the recording, some of YJ stan called JJ “Yunho’s wife” and shouted that to the outsider who is national TV program host. Some of YJ stan answered the host question about JJ last name as “Jung Jaejoong”. They even showed the host ps-ed picture of YunJae kiss. The host was so confused. (These happened before the real filming and JJ was not there yet.) And right now, the rumour that JJ is gay spreading among Thai entertainment business entity. (Edit: Only the part about rumour spreading among Thai entertainment business circle that I have no prove because it’s just spreading by personal talk. So let’s not exaggarate it. Other than that, people can try to ask fans who waited at the studio since 9am to see whether it really happened.)

Good job.

Can anyone tell me that this could count as the behaviour of those who said they love JJ?

Apparently, that’s the behaviour of the one who only love themselves and want people to satisfy their own fantasy.
(By this, I don’t say every YJ fans are alike…some of them like YJ a lot but they know when and where they should admire YJ in the right way.)

You might say, what’s wrong about being a homosexual? Please open your eyes to the reality…Both JJ and YH are called “public figure”. Some narrow-minded people still don’t except the homosexual and even become anti. Yes, you might want to prove that YJ is real BUT please be respectful to them when they are not only among fans. They also have their own reputation to keep. They are singers as profession, not just 2 unknown people.

Even if they are real, do you really thing it’s a fan responsibility to announce it to the whole world? Sorry, and even when YJ said that in couple talks that they didn’t like rumours like this, some of you still ignore that phrase as if they didn’t say it anyway.

One thing I wonder, why most of YJ stan don’t even dare to shout JJ name in front of YH? I hardly see any vid where YJ fans shout JJ names in front of YH?

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217 Responses to To some YunJae shipper…

  1. bmw81187 says:

    OMFG. This pisses me the f**k off.
    I did not know this started this kind of shit in thailand. SO pissed right now.

  2. Ashley says:

    These YJ fans don’t care about anyone other than their own selfish desires. Fans are just that, fans. I feel sorry for Yunho and Jaejoong to have fans like theses. There’s a line that should not be crossed but YJ fans have crossed it one too many times.

  3. I can’t stand that. Yesterday there was a topic about this and it had 5 stars (like the best). When I read the comments below, YJ’s shippers were like “OH umma Jae is so shy/cute” “Umma, u miss appa YunHo, poor u” “Umma, it’s okay. YunHo will comeback to u soon” “YJ is real” “Thai fan is the best” “I wish I can do that when they (JYJ) come here”, etc…..What the f*? They enjoyed it!

    Plz look at JJ’s eyes. >”””””””””””<

    • JYJ's spirit says:

      can u give me the link of this YJ shipper?
      it is so torturing me..
      and btw, whether they are really into this rumor, it is their basic right as human!!

      lets us just support them and differentiate between fangirling and their privacy!!how could such a fan humiliate their idol? 😦

  4. yuu_kyuuin says:

    i really want cry…. oh my god.. JJ should make conference press about this yunjae thing…..

  5. lynaeina says:

    I didn’t know this happened but I know Jaejoong and he seemed very uncomfortable in that clip.
    I’m really sorry for Jae. I want him to make out with thousands of girls to prove his manliness. But he’s not like that. He’ll let time correct things on their own.
    Some people really like to take advantage on his kindness.

  6. glowga says:

    im boiling just by reading this

    As ive said before any YJ shipper out there is not Jae’s fan they are all Yunho’s fans..

    they are there to always humiliate Jaejoong i hate them to the very core of my bone…they like to believe jae is a girl..but yunho should be the girl he acts and talks like one…he even dansces like one..

    i just really hate them

    • naomi says:

      even if you prefer jaejoong… i don’t think you should insult yunho>.< why must one of them be the girl? Aren't they both male?

    • Ling says:

      what YJ fans did in this case is disrespectful to BOTH yunho and jeajoong. you, on the other hand, is disrespectful to yunho. please dont spread even more hate. there’s enough of it already.

    • nakasa says:

      I thought I wasn’t the only one that doesn’t like yunho dancing no offense to yunho fans cuz I am in a dance crew so maybe his style of dancing isn’t my type

  7. tealonyx says:

    this is awful..people should really know when not to play around with stuff like this..saying stuff like this to someone who is familiar with tvxq is one thing..but to tell it to an international reporter who probably is not very familiar wif jaejoong could cause some serious misunderstanding..what if it comes out as official news..just imagine how embarrassed jj would be..=(

  8. elveskold says:

    Seriously if Yunjae fans REALLY love Jaejoong and Yunho, they will respect their wish. Respect JJ and Yh as human beings. If u love yunjae so much, its fine to do it in your own room or chat world.
    But shouting it in the public, is simply insensitive and disrespect towards JJ and Yh.

    In AADBSK 3, don’t JJ and Yh told the fans to stop making rumour. Stop making thie rumour in any forms.
    I sometimes think yunjae fans think Jaejoong and Yunho only as their object to fulfill their desire and fantasy from fanfiction and their self imagination.
    Please~ fanfiction and your fantasy is not the same with real world.
    Until Yunho and Jaejoong confess they love each other or married like u think so ONE DAY.
    Pls refrain ruin anymore JJ and YH reputations. and pls respect them.

    • AyumIXx says:

      Love you for saying all those!!
      Please stop it YJ Shippers!!

    • Morning Sunshine says:

      I heard there was a situation back in 2007 in China where some Chinese Yunjae stans brought the whole Yunjae thing to the Chinese news and tabloids. Yunho and Jaejoong had to hold a press conference telling Yunjae stans what they consider acceptable behaviour and non acceptable behaviour. One of the things they said was that they were okay with the whole Yunjae thing as long as it’s within the fandom but, when the fans bring it out in public, like this situation right here, that is where they draw the line.

  9. Ellie says:

    I am speechless
    ahhh, Im so mad right now. really didnt know about all that happen before the actual filming
    I visited that clip too, and the “most popular” comments got me dumbfounded
    they think Jae really enjoyed it, they think its really no one business and fans can just shout whatever they want. what the heck?!!?
    really… I have no more words for those ppl. they must have not learned to be respectful
    I want to ask those ppl ” if you believe YJ is real, then when they didnt make their relationship public, there must be a reason. if u love them, shouldnt you respect their wish?”
    and I kinda agree on the observation that alot of YJ fans are really more YH biased. I hate it how they always depict Jae as a weak feminine needy guy that cant live without YH

    Love them all you want, believe in them all you want….but PLEASE be respectful to others and do as they wish, which means LEAVE THEIR PRIVATE LIVES ALONE!

  10. Amy says:

    I knew it! >__<
    Yesterday I found that entry, sometimes YJ shippers are so cruel and don´t care about nothing only their selfish desires. I tried to do them understand… but nothing, they´re obsessed!
    How they can do this to Jae? Seriously, I want to cry! I love Jae so much why they ruin his reputation? Why if they say they love him? Why they hurt him? T__T

    And it´s true they aren´t shouting that to Yunho! Why?

  11. Aeh001 says:

    I am not one of them. But I just wanted to say.
    “Thai Cassiopeia never thought that would damage the reputation Jaejoong”
    I’m sorry instead of them. Please do not be angry with us.
    TT __________ TT

    • chi says:

      thank you! it’s just disappointing that this happened.. i love jyj and homin and i love the fans as well.. i know not all thailand fans are like that.. thank you for being not one of them!

    • jinijiru says:

      I was upset by this whole thing as well, but when I read your comment, I do realize it couldn’t have been their intention to hurt JJ.

      But those YJ shippers (I’m not saying ‘Thai fans’) were being extremely selfish and not considerate at all. Ok, it might be all fun to be able to get your own fantasies thrown at the guy involved in it, but hey, there’s such thing as limit.
      I hope they are now thinking about their actions and how it would have affected the person they supposedly ‘love’.

      So here I say, I am a Thai fan, and I read A LOT of fanfictions on YJ and YS. Simply because I love them and I enjoy having them as the characters I’m reading about. I watch the YJ and YS fanmade or moments vids on youtube and I really enjoy seeing their affection towards each other.
      But I will never do such things as assume they are together in real life. To me, that’s rude. I enjoy yoosu’s friendly love but to tell the truth, most of the yunjae moments I’ve caught seemed ‘forced’. Like when Yunho would swing his arm around Jaejoong awkwardly, how he tries to get intimate with Jaejoong but still, awkwardly.
      Fan service? you bet.

      Honestly I don’t know how some fans are fooled so deep by the power of couple promotion. It’s about time they bring lights to their eyes and see things as it is, not as what they wished it is. Please, as another Thai fan, help spread the importance of keeping these couple shipping limited to their own space and not invade other’s.

      Showing a PSed pic of them kissing to public is beyond normal, though, that person should go to rehab.

    • Linniejj says:

      I’m thai fan and also yunjae fan ( Jaejoong bias, JYJ bias) I like to see yunjae clip, fan fic and pitures. However the thing was happened on that day was too much to accept.
      we should respect to their private live. Not many people understand and has open mind about homosexual. Please keep your idea in you mind or in your group.
      And help our boys to spread their songs and their musics.
      HowEver most of thai fans are lovely and polite.

  12. Alexx says:

    I agree, this is horrible, and I cannot believe these”fans”, if that’s what they call themselves. If you support and love Jae why would you do this to him?! What kind of fan does this, I can understand fans having a fantasy about YunJae but there are boundaries, and this is over crossing those boundaries. Keep your fantasy to yourself!

  13. kyakya says:

    I’m so sorry about this, I’m a thai fan.
    I just want all fans know that there are just 5-6 fans talk shit at studio. Pls understand not all thai fan are impolite.
    We love Jaejoong and we don’t want him be embarrassed.
    We won’t let YunJae impolite fans do like this anymore.

    Sorry thousand times. 😦
    I feel guilty although I didn’t do that shit.

    • Ellie says:

      awww dont be hard on yourself. its not your fault
      we all understand not all thai fans are like that ^__^
      if you guys can control the situation in the future, it would be great

    • RFairdrive says:

      Kyakya, the way you expressed is just very ‘Thai’ style manners and I will take your words for it.(I do have very true ,good nature Thai friends) Understandable that the world is made of all sorts of human behaviors, it will definitey a better place with a friend like you to be able to calm this mess in your ability.Happy to know that you are with us.

    • jinijiru says:

      I heard a lot of voices when they were shouting to JJ though. I guess it was suitable to just chime along when there’s a chance. If I were him I would’ve suffocated from all these voices being shouted right in front of me.

      it’s so sad how much damage was possibly done to one’s feelings just because of a few delusional people.

      Just wondering though has any thing been done in the Thai fanclub sites to make this issue known and to warn people off the same mistake? Like have a pinned-up topic regarding this whole couple thing and have everyone aware of it. If this is not handled seriously, it could likely happen again in the future… 😦

  14. chi says:

    omg, this is so depressing.. I am a YunJae shipper but I will never ever do something like this.. I just admire the very close bond of YunJae(and Yoosu) but not when people force them to be intimate. He looks so disappointed/ashamed/insulted.. He’s the one on stage, why shout Yunho’s name?! Seriously, fans should know their place, know when they’re crossing the line.. Gawd, this will start another scandal.. JJ please be strong! OwO I wanna cry.. My poor JJ! And he’s alone that day.. TT^TT

  15. Abbu says:

    Some fans never really learn the word RESPECT. Sigh

  16. Sisca says:

    LOL, yesterday I left a comment in LJ comm saying that fans should stop doing that (shouting yunho’s name)
    and I got attacked right and left and maybe they think I’m a yunjae anti when I myself is a yunjae fan ^^

    • kokoromiya7 says:

      I got attacked on youtube too when I left a comment saying YJ should know their limits and that those YJ thaï fans went overboard and that what they did was wrong and I’m a YJ shipper too !! XD

  17. westmoon says:

    Please let us, Korean JJ fans, won’t be afraid of JYJ going overseas.
    I mean, if these things keep happening, how can we glad that they do overseas shows?? Some of Korean fans are already saying they don’t want JJ / JS / YC to go overseas.

    Please respect JJ. Please respect JYJ. is that such a hard request? *sigh*

  18. soomi says:

    Your thai fans don’t hurt jaejoong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    don’t you see jaejoong’s eyes after you shout YJ??????????????
    don’t do that any more!!! as we know jaejoong love lady and he want to make girlfrind,don’t you know????
    please don’t hurt jaejoong any more!!!
    you Thai fans plaese!!!!!!!!jaejoong is a true man he just like girlk┭┮﹏┭┮

    Don’t slander him┭┮﹏┭┮ he is not a gay,he love girl┭┮﹏┭┮

  19. jaejonghyun says:

    hey ya!
    crazy fans
    d0nt make them as your fantasy, u d0nt know the reality about them
    so dont across their privacy

  20. soomi says:

    One thing I wonder, why most of YJ stan don’t even dare to shout JJ name in front of YH?

    because they are YH fans ╮(╯▽╰)╭

    • CHERRYLEE says:

      no ofc they scream jae names and yunjae, make a banner, and made yunho sign YJ’s picture along with his hand writing of “I LOVE JAEJOONG” and “YUNJAE”
      yunho wrote it by him self also he said
      “me and JAEJOONGIE haven’t contact each other what should i do” i heard the audio of it
      but homin’s stans never complain about it -.-

  21. Sarah says:

    What. The. F***. WHAT THE F***? Oh lord oh lord, why the hell do they do this? Don’t they THINK? Don’t they have a BRAIN? Oh god what the… WHY DO THEY DO THIS? I honestly feel like crying, don’t they think he has enough problems to deal with and now THIS? Well congratulations you stupid freaking immature pea brained insane yunjae fans, y’all got what you want. Congratfuckinglations. Thanks a lot for bringing your deluded fantasies into real life and RUNING HIS REPUTATION. THANKS A LOT YOU BITCHES.

    • Sarah says:

      Sigh I’m sorry, I just can’t stand it anymore. Some people are just way into their head, too selfish, too inconsiderate that they don’t care about anyone else except them. Their desire, their sense of fulfillment, them, them and all them. It doesn’t matter if the subject will be harmed, no it doesn’t, nor does it matter if he’s uncomfortable, no, what’s important is that THEY get their way and THEY are living up their desires and showing it to the entire world. Never mind that it’s not true, no, as long as they think it’s true, even when the subject did not confirm at all, it is acceptable to be shared to the public because hey maybe if they tell EVERYONE it’ll be true. They just don’t care. I don’t know how far y’all are going to push jaejoong but if anything happen to him or his career, if you guys don’t stop, y’all are going to regret it. If you truly care. Or maybe you don’t, because hey he’s not the one that you care about right? It’s the image that you formed in y’all’s head. THAT is who is important to you guys. Don’t tell me you care about him because what you’re doing now is the opposite of care.

  22. uknowme says:

    and one day i’ll be the one who shouted JJ name in front of YH.

  23. pheonixia says:

    About JJ marrying in the future. I have always been worried about his fans turning anti. And from among all the fans the ones I have always been REALLY REALY worried about is hardcore Yunjae fans. I can already imagine them flying to Korea, stalking him to his wedding, and then screaming and crying out loud that he was ‘in love with Yunho’ and since he ‘really loves Yunho he shouldn’t throw his life away’ =____= –>I am seriously scared of this happening.

    I think the only way this is going to be solved is if Jaejoong himself steps up and gives a direct answer that he doesn’t like this kind of behavior from fans! I mean enough is enough.

    Right now the answer to this problem of JJ’s reputation is that Thai fans need to get together and send apology letters to all those involved in this issue and explain to them some fans are just crazy. Also JJ should be sent a letter too! If something is done wrong by some fans then they are the ones who should correct the issue instead of letting the issue get overheated and spread.
    I mean in Asia the highest cardinal sin is to be gay X___X It’s career suicide. It would hurt his family, and his relationships with his remaining friends, and leave a stigma on him for the rest of his life. It is not an issue that should be taken lightly.

    Also, CJes should be at the forefront of controlling these rumors so that they don’t even start. After an issue like this spreads like fire who will believe CJes and JJ? No one…..unless he marries. And how will he marry? Every possible ‘potential’ girl who could love him truly would say no to him after these rumors. They wouldn’t believe he is straight. And even if it wasn’t the girls, a girl who respects her family……..what kind of family would want to marry their daughter with a potentially ‘gay’ person? This whole situation is just riduculous.

    I think fans should contact CJes and have this issue over with! If JJ is gay then it is his choice to stay quiet about his sexual orientation. But at LEAST his PR should make it clear that he has never been in a relationship with Jung Yunho….so to please stop spreading rumors as they hurt him. And if he is straight then he should claim that through PR. How far are they going to wait for this issue to go? Someone really needs to get a hold of CJes and tell them to do this!!!!!!!!!!!! Because (and fans have been worried about this a long time) if they are going to move forward in the US….this kind of false stigma should not be attached to him. IF JYJ grows big in the US do you know how happy the Paparazzi will be with this news? They would have a field day!!! Especially those who already hold racist sentiments in their hearts.

    SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT CJES!!!! I SERIOUSLY DON’T WANT TO SEE JJ GETTING HURT!!!!!!!!!!! For someone who loves others so much fans should love him more at least!

    • pheonixia says:

      I’m sorry if I went overboard with my tweet (sweats) I just had to get it out of my system and let it out. If I hurt any sane fans feeling I am REALLY sorry TT__TT (hugs)

      (I don’t have anything against homosexual people. I don’t understand why people are homosexual and I don’t agree with it but as a human being I know how to treat other human beings with compassion. If I had a homosexual friend I wouldn’t shun them and treat them badly. I would let them know I don’t agree with them though.)

    • mic says:

      chill…i don’t think its that serious yet
      the yunjae thing have been going on for so long
      i’m sure the rumours will die down later
      jaejoong himself will probably give indirect hints that he hate all this or they might held a press conference to clarify it, if things are getting big

    • sdteri says:

      I agree that Jaejoong is owed a public apology from the people who made the spectacle while he was on TV. This really has gone too far. These antis know exactly what they are doing here. It isn’t a cute act by loving YJ fans in any way, it’s an attack on Jaejoong and an attempt to discredit him and ruin his career.

      What is sad is that Jaejoong truly cares about his fans and is trying to protect JYJ so my hunch is that he will ignore this and hope it goes away.

      True fans need to respect Jaejoong. He has publicly stated he wants a girlfriend and wants to get married. This is what he wants the public to know and we should respect that. What happens in his private life really is no one’s business, unless he decides to share it with us.

    • hk198215 says:

      As much as I agree with most of these comments, I personally don’t feel it’s anyones business what sexual orientation any of these boys are. And they shouldn’t have to make any comments or statements to denied or admit to it. As most of you said, it’s no ones business. These fans are rude and clueless to what they should or shouldn’t say to JJ or any of the boys when they are at a fan meeting or interview. No matter what JJ says, these “fans (really?) will still say these awful things to them. As some of these comments indicate, these types of fans are only self serving and stupid. I do agree with you about when any of these guys get married, especially the Yunjae fans may do something crazy.

  24. sakura says:

    it’s not true that yunjae shippers are most of yh fans.
    my friends,including me,are also yunjae shipper but we love them both.
    we love the 5 of them,cause we are cassiopeia.

    that fan’s behaviour was so awful anyway.

    • soomi says:

      why you can hurt JJ but not YH???
      you love JJ why you hurt him????
      because JJ is goodness kind hearted???????????
      so shit !!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. soomi says:

    Don’t see the reality???????
    don’t you see?
    don’t illusuon any more!!!
    now jaejoog is just in JYJ not TVXQ,understand?
    if you don’t love jaejoong ,you can go away ,THX!!

    YJ just is a way to attract fans, as korean fans konw!!!!as Chinese fans know!!as japanese fans know!!!
    don’t you Thai fans know??? can like YJ,but please don’t shout YH in front of JJ!!!!and don’t say jaejoong is in love with a man!!!
    don’t slander him please!

  26. Fay says:

    HOW can YJ shippers do that? Jajeoong loves his fans, he cherishes every fan. As YH fans, those shippers pretend to be YJ fans, and hurt Jaejoong a lot. When can they stop the damn stupid actions???

  27. Sei says:

    seriously YUNJAE FANS STOP THIS SHIT!!!!!!
    Im so angry…what the hell with these stupid people
    RESPECT Jaejoong …stop hurting him

  28. Eun Mi says:

    wow, all I will say is there’s a Time and Place. This was not the time or the place.

  29. Ashley says:

    Most YJ fans will read this and continue doing whatever they’re doing because they don’t see anything wrong with this. And that’s where the problem lies. They don’t think what they’re doing will affect Jaejoong and Yunho. They hide behind the excuse that YJ love this, YJ encourage it, YJ don’t mind or else they would say something. It’s hard to change that mentality because they already have their mind set on something.

  30. A Fan says:

    I simply ask Thai fans to protect Jaejoong’s integrity and not ruining his reputation by bad behavior. As a director of the show he probably is under a lot of stress to produce world class show for you and he chose your country as a kick off point which means he cares for you, Thai fans. Public humiliation is the last thing you can do for Jaejoong and it is uncalled for. Those people (I refuse to call these ppl as fans) who shout out those trash comment…shame on you! Don’t make this concert last concert in your country due to your behaviour so you have been warned. ( For majority of Thai fans, I request you would protect his reputation from those mean people. )

  31. soomi says:

    now jj can not do anything in korea and japan, now he just like your thai fans so he come to thai,
    but you yj fans hurt him and make bad thing to him……..
    i want see him on TV,i want listen to him sing, i want to see his tv play….i want see him
    i don’t wan to he leave the amusement circle┭┮﹏┭┮ ┭┮﹏┭┮ ┭┮﹏┭┮
    i beg your THAI FANS┭┮﹏┭┮ ┭┮﹏┭┮ ┭┮﹏┭┮
    i beg your thai fans don’t hurt him any more!!!

  32. J19 says:

    not all YJfans are like this,but everyone should learn how to respect others and know when and where can say this and when and where cannot.some of the YJfans HAVE TO leare to be Mature.

  33. soomi says:

    i hate your THAI YJ fans really hate
    all of the world fans will hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now CHINESE JJ fans are all hate you!!!

    • reallaerreal says:

      Please don’t curse all Thai YJ fans, some know what they should do. These are only for some YJ Fans, not all.

    • Aeh001 says:

      Please don’t hate us. I’m YunJae Fans.
      I’m not one of them. I do not destroy the reputation Jaejoong.
      I read the comments already feel bad.

    • chi says:

      I think you are promoting too much hate.. Not all YJ shippers are like that and definitely NOT ALL Thai fans are like that..
      In the past some Chinese fans of Jaejoong hit Changmin , does that mean we should hate all Chinese fans? NO. So please stop generalizing and calm down. Please.

      • starfield says:


        Stop spreading the lie/rumour that Jaejoong fans hit Changmin. Most Chinese speaking fans know it’s a malicious lie.

  34. kiddo_JJ says:

    those YJ fans, if you believe it’s true, if you enjoy it, you go ahead, dream on, but please keep it to yourself.
    Jaejoong is the one who will pay the price for those irresponsible things you did and disrespectful words you said.
    we ask nothing but a little respect from you guys.

  35. Fay says:

    Why do you YJ fans hurt Jaejoong so much? Why?

    If you are a YH fan, please be far away from Jaejoong!!

    Just check the tweets YJ shippers follow mjjeje, you are a group of phyco!

  36. Key Cayetano says:

    Fans have done that to Yunho way before they did it to JaeJoong. It happened 2 years ago. Yunho was asked which of the member he wants to be if given a change. Fans started screeching “Kim Jae Joong” everytime until Yunho gave up and said, “Yeah. I like him. I like him.” It’s just that lately, there’s no reason for fans to chant Jae’s name to Yunho. Since the beginning of JYJ showcase tour, fans chanted “Yunho” because there’s a given question to JaeJoong. But since there isn’t any public question for Yunho since their January comeback, I think it would be weird to just suddenly chant “Kim Jaejoong” while Yunho is dancing “Keep Your Head Down”, right?

    • donthateme says:

      I don’t really see your point in this comment.

      But I clearly see you’re a YunJae shipper who just wanted to see Jaejoong’s name with Yunho. There’s no reason to justify the YunJae stan’s behavior here, my dear.

    • Ashley says:

      They’re not just keeping to themselves, they’re passing off lies as facts (ps’ed photo of yj kissing) to other people like the MC who is unfamiliar with Jaejoong/JYJ/DBSK.

  37. soomi says:

    please DON’T dream on JJ !!!!!
    JJ is a man ,he often said he want a girl friend and want have a pretty baby,don’t you yj fans see?
    now jj is in JYJ, yh is in new tvxq,don’t you see that?
    don’t dream on jj,he will be hurt and cry by himself┭┮﹏┭┮
    jj is so poor,don’t you know?
    jj love your thai fans,but you hurt him,we are angry,very angry,really!

    please see the reality reality reality!!!!

    and YH have said that,now CM is him wife,don’t you know????????
    you should shout YC!

  38. emmy says:

    shit! shit! shit!
    You all love him in this way?
    You want to let him down in this way?
    You all have no title to love him.
    Let him alone from your hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Fay says:

    You Thai fans should write to Tonight Show Studio and TV Studios to explain all these. They can’t show the rumours which are imagined by the YJ shippers! You are ruining Jaejoong! Maybe you won’t stop the foolish dreams until Jaejoong stops his entertaining actitvities and becomes a common person, will you?

    What on earth is Kim Jaejoong in your mind?

    Just a tool to satisfy your rumours?

  40. Fay says:

    You Thai fans should write to Tonight Show Studio and TV Studios to explain all these. They can’t show the rumours which are imagined by the YJ shippers! You are ruining Jaejoong! Maybe you won’t stop the foolish dreams until Jaejoong stops his entertaining actitvities and becomes a common person, will you?

    What on earth is Kim Jaejoong in your minds?

    Just a tool to satisfy your rumours?

  41. NAMTARN says:

    I want to tell everyone that.
    Now that Thailand Nobody cursed Jaejoong as gay at all.
    Because everyone knew that Jaejoong is a man.
    I’m sorry about that happening. I’m sorry instead of them.

  42. sona says:

    plz thai fan don’t do that

    I’m so saaaaaad =(

    I Love jea dont do that

  43. CHERRYLEE says:

    please don’t be like this all we want just to see there’s still a bond between OT5
    you never know what we feel,
    yunjae never complain it either,
    they love it actually , some of SME staff ever said that yunjae loves when fans shouting their name (yunjae) when jj still in TVXQ5.
    i feel sorry about the rumors that spreading in thai.

    • ...... says:

      omg, just stop it, stop it please, you say you feel sorry?
      so wait for the boys to actually speak and then you guys will stop?
      i hate it, i hate yunjae fans , hate it so much

      • CHERRYLEE says:

        i don’t give a fuck even you hate us we never care for the christ sake
        we never mean to hurt the boys.
        and i’m not thai fans fyi
        and jsyk jj still loves us no matter what

        • Amy says:

          JJ loves all his fans! He loves YJ fans too!
          But please YJ fans stop the childlike behaviour!

          JJ loves you… and you try to ruin his career?

        • Ashley says:

          “we never mean to hurt the boys.”

          You probably don’t intentionally mean to hurt him but what you are doing will have an effect on him and his image.

      • lara says:

        so selfish, take advantage of jae love like that, so selfish

  44. pass by says:

    please recognize that there is no any chance for YH has a meet-and-greet event with his foreign fans .and please notice that when YJ fans shout YH’s names in front of JJ,his was in a foreign country. that just showed how stupid some foreign fans are

  45. soomi says:

    your Thai JJ FANS please protec JJ form YJfan’s hurt please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please remember that JAEJOONG is not belong to your YJfans.
    JJ is belong to all over the world fans!

    JJ is our baby,don’t you know?? JJ is JJfans’s baby!!!you YJfan don’t hurt him!!!shit!!

  46. ๋๋JJ makes me smile says:


    • Chunlinja says:

      thanks for ur suggestion
      i’ll do that in JYJ concert later , cos some YJ fans had planing to do something to JJ…they call this as project though …bleh

      • RFairdrive says:

        Chunlinja, just hope that your remark is meant to cease ur anger. By doing what other’s wrong ‘disrespectful’ behavior only paint a ugly picture for our fandom. Just do our part as a ‘likeable’ fan.

  47. CHERRYLEE says:

    we never had this kind of problem before
    we shout YUNJAE YUNHO LOVE JAEJOONG JAEJOONG LOVE YUNHO in front of YJ faces and YJ never complain it
    they FREAKIN love it,
    YH even admitted he LIKE JJ right when fans screaming YOU LIKE HIM YOU LIKE HIM
    whats now?
    just admit it YUNJAE IS REAL
    i even went to 10 fortune teller to makesure about this

  48. Mgaaie Wu says:

    I really didn’t know these.
    I just love them 5 .
    Please don’t hurt him!Kim Jaejoong is not as strong as he likes.

  49. Azucena says:

    What a fuck day! Crazy YJ shipper!
    Now, YH’s wife is Changmin!!!! OK???? Please face the reality!!!

  50. Yunjaeshipper says:

    Please stop it! no more fan war… I’m yunjaeshipper too…But I realize that only shipper should knows about yunjae relationship, and non shipper shouldn’t know…we don’t want to ruin Yunho and Jaejoong image too…Don’t bash shipper all over the world coz of thai shipper…

    • eidh says:

      The thing is some YJ fans are also planning to shout YH’s name during their concert too. At this show and the concert is neither the time nor the place to do such a thing. When an inappropriate act has been done, others should let that person know that he/she should not have done that.

    • Kur4tinc says:

      The problem is Yunjae shipper in Indonesia also want to bring Yunjae banners to the airport to welcoming JYJ & to the concert venue. They also want to scream Yunho’s name during the concert.
      I hope DCI (Indonesian EO for JYJ concert & CJes) can banned Yunjae banners in Jakarta – Indonesia.

      • kurokame says:

        i think bringing a yunjae banner to the concert isnt that bad. we just want to show our love, we are not going to shout “JAE IS GAY” or “JAE IS YUNHO’S WIFE” or things like that.

        • yuu_kyuuin says:

          show ur love?? please, the concert is JYJ’s concert.. they are the artist who perform their song and dance there please acknowledge them as JYJ, please shout their name proudly Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu bring JYJ banner.

          I don’t know, but as my knowledge, there is no Yunho there, yunho is not contributing anything in JYJ’s concert why we have to bring yunho-jaejoong banner???

          show your love?? love to yunjae?? but yunjae is no more. There is yunjae action anymore, u want bring yunjae banner?? bring it when yunho also present, that’s yunjae, while it’s just jaejoong present please just bring Jaejoong banner.

          Show ur love by shout their name, not shout someone who is not there, shout their name proudly who already give the best stage for you. Not shout someone who are not perform for you.

        • westmoon says:

          Isn’t that BAD?


  51. 墨沫·Momo says:

    So f***ing angry on this SH*T!!!

    Why don’t those YJ fans shout JJ’s name in front of YH, and why don’t they show the ps-ed photos to the staffs of MBC’s or SBS’s backstage and say YH is gay? Why always JJ? Only because JJ is tolerant to all the fans? Only because JJ loves all the fans? That’s ridiculous!!!!
    If YJ fans enjoy this kind of JOKE, please do it before YH as well! I am looking forward to this! Just do it! And please remember to shout that “YH is gay! And he loves JJ so much!” Do the YJ fans dare to do so in front of YH?!

    The truth is that JJ is STRAIGHT! U YJ fans may enjoy to put ur fantasy on JJ, but please always remember: JJ is straight! And he will marry a beautiful woman who he loves so much and have babies as cute as himself in the future!

    SO, please never and ever say words like “YJ love is real”, esp before those official camera! That would really ruin JJ’s reputation! Also it would hurt JJ! That is NOT what a fan should do to show the love to them!

    DO NOT do that AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. isabella says:

    I agree with lynaeina when she said: Some people really like to take advantage on his kindness.
    Sometimes I think is JJ’s fault, because he is so nice to all of the fans, but, can we blame him to be that way? NO. It’s the immature fans. I… I saw that coming, really, and it really hurts me to see that it came true.
    And I also think that, the ones starting these, are really new cassiopeia, I mean, think about it, veteran cassiopeia are in their twenties (I’m 24)
    I really don’t understand why WHY!!! are they so eager to prove it’s real, they turn them gay in their imagination, but if JJ and Yh someday say that all this YunJae is real, those girls are goin to be the first ones crying because they wanted to marry them, this might not be in the topic but, yunjae shippers almost ruined 9095 to me back in the day.
    And this also reminds me of the show in the US, I noticed JJ almost ignoring the female dancers, because he knows his fans, his selfish fans (I’m not sayin all of them are, I have loved him for years)
    I used to think YunJae was cute and I enjoyed it, but I felt like, after the lawsuit, it became the “bond” between JYJ and HoMin and now that the things are gettin heavy, JYJ are growing into real musicians, gettin apart from what they did in TVXQ, HoMin changing declarations and blah blah, the distance between them seemed to grow, the only thing left for them is YJ and that video is the proof.
    Like, really, did you want to see him mad when they did that? of course not, he just smiled politely and ashamed. He was there to show the fans, how hard he’s working directing the concert, tryin to show a NEW side of him that he wants us to enjoy, and the best thing they could do is show him the past?? He has all his hope (and this one I can bet for sure) in how succesful the tour directed by him can be and could bring it to the world for and that attitude of the fans proved him they can only see him as a fictional character of their minds and CANNOT appreciate his work as an artist. Now, can you image how sad he felt?? I’m not only talking about thai fans, because we all know this happens everywhere in the cassiopeia world.
    I really hope those fans apologize to the public because he has no responsability to clear things up, because he already has in the past.

    I’m sorry I got all excited haha, but I needed to say this, I’m so damn tired of all of this and btw, the comments in the youtube video just makes me more sad and… embarrassed 😦

  53. 9097 says:

    Why you guys complain? Yj never complain
    Why yjshippers are selfish? You guys selfish too, hello
    Made this kind of artcl, haha
    Why shippers always have problems with jyj stans, how annoying

    • Azucena says:

      because you guys always hurt JYJ, naver HM

    • Amy says:

      Please understand… This may damage their careers! Asian society is so anti- gay! Why do something that may affect them?

      • 9097 says:

        oh really anti-gay? so why sment make couples like namjaxnamja? fanservice, right?
        Asian society not anti- gay, not all

        • chocogurl says:

          u kidding me? not anti gay? LOL then what about korea? even netizens go on tv boards leaving comments saying do not teach my son to be gay for a supposedly gay drama and even jae jae gay friend is BANNED from the entertainment industry! M’sia is also taboo to even mention gay and les hence lady gaga new song born this way being BANNED. your comment of asian society is not anti gay is purely wrong == Society is still not ready to accept gay,les,homin and so on YET esp Korea. and why sment do boy boy pairing is for just fan service.

        • soomi says:

          no matter what JJ is not a gay!!!

        • Amy says:

          OMG Where do you live? In a bubble?
          Of course, Korean society is antigay… it´s like a sin!

    • eidh says:

      YJ never complain? Please re-watch their “Couple Talk” from AADBSK2 and AADBSK 3.

      • soomi says:

        are you still live in 2009?????????
        now is new tvxq!!!now is JYJ!!now is 2011!!!!!!1

      • doublejaedee 'JaelolliPOP' says:

        Why would they complain when they are loved so much?
        There is probably so much more they want to say to fans but they know it’s not wise to say it out loud. It’s like keeping the idol image and not ruin their career.

        Do you forget what kind of people they are?

    • donthateme says:

      We complain because this went way out of hand.
      YunJae never complained? As in never? You’re maybe too blinded by delusions to see nor too deaf to hear their pleas when they meant they discourage that kind of fangirling in the last couple talk of AADBSK3. Either you’re too hard-headed or that you don’t understand.
      In what way will a person be selfish by writing the truth of what really went on there?
      We love Jaejoong that we are so concerned of his reputation. If we don’t love him, we won’t care! This is what dynamic & synergistic fans do to show love and support. Do you?

      Now to you hardcore YunJae shippers, who is more annoying to Jaejoong now? Think about it.

  54. chocogurl says:

    shipping is ok but don’t get too overboard esp when your actions can hurt their reputations esp since JYJ is starting fresh they need as much connections and support from many ppl, from fans to media ok. by going spreading around false rumors by calling jaejoong name as Jung Jaejoong and EVEN showing a photoshoped pic of YJ kissing is too over. please remember it is not US who suffer but JYJ in this case Jaejoong who will be suffering your consequences. and REMEMBER u shippers may be supportive of YJ but SOCIETY they do NOT support gays,les, homos, and so on esp in ASIAN countries! it is a taboo there. i do not want to think that because of fans actions that will lead to JYJ or YJ banning from the industry esp in korea where they are not open minded yet. so that’s why we JYJ fans ask for your understanding to respect JJ as he is. he’s no longer in TVXQ and is trying to make a new future in JYJ.

  55. Cutie_Pie says:

    You are very childish…DBSK need support from us…not fanwar

  56. kurokame says:

    stop bringing homin on this things. you are no helping. and moreover, we talk about Jae’s reputation here not about homin or wifey thingy.

    what YJShippers do is showing our love. we never tend to hurt JJ. i personally think that SOME of thai fans are really really went overbroad. im so sorry to hear this. but please, not all of YJShippers do that. so dont blame the whole of us.

    i also angry towards those who shows the media the photoshopped pic. WTF. if jae isnt gay/really gay we should just keep it to ourself. no need to bring this up the media.

    couple thingy is necessary, and just so you know, this is one of the reason why so many people love them. but if it went overboard like this, i’ve got to say that you guys just ruined your idols reputation. if YJShippers thinking or even knowing YJ is real, lets keep it to ourself.

    • eidh says:

      Her disclaimer at the top said that she was only speaking to some YJ shippers.

      • kurokame says:

        that is what i mean. i say this to those who say “I hate YJ Shippers!”
        i even capslock-ed SOME in this sentence “i personally think that SOME of thai fans are really really went overbroad”

  57. Iris says:

    Some YJ shipper never care about if they hurt JJ o not, they just want to satisfy their ilusion. They never mind destroy JJ. But they don’t dare to shout JJ name in front of YH, just beacuse they don’t want to hurt their real darling.

  58. YJ says:

    Please don’t being immature and judge that all of the fans are yunjae’s fans are yunho’s fans and they want to hurt jaejoong. They just show their love to yunjae although I myself agree that it was too much. We just need to warn them. Not bash all YJ fans. we as cassiopeia will not be broken just by this thing right?

  59. kurokame says:

    its SOME. not the whole of it. Got it? so stop using sentence like “I hate yunjae shippers!” cz not all of shippers are bad.

  60. Chunlinja says:

    did shipper know what FANS SERVICE IS??????
    everything what JJ doing is only FANS SERVICE

  61. soomi says:

    your THAI YJFAN who shouted on the video
    now all of Chinese JJ fans are hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. soomi says:

    They never mind destroy JJ. But they don’t dare to shout JJ name in front of YH, just beacuse they don’t want to hurt their real darling.

    this is true!!!

    • kurokame says:

      they dont need a JYJ/Jaejoong stan like you.
      all they need is DBSK stan. Cassiopeia. not only JYJ stan, HoMin stan or whatever it is. i read your previous comments and just this one thing popped out in my mind, “YOU ARE REALLY CHILDISH”

      • Iris says:

        You’re always saying other people are childish, but the fact that you’re the one who is really childfish.
        You always ignore the hurt that JJ has received beacuse you never care about that. But, from the words that you have said, we can see that very concern about HM.
        If you’re really Cassiopeia, you should treat them equally.

    • YJ says:

      how can u be so sure? could you please tell me your age so that i can understand why you kept writing childish comments?

  63. kurokame says:

    childish comment isn’t allowed.

  64. chuchu says:

    Jejung already clarified in Korea Fans meeting (4th album) and Japan radio that YJ was not real and JJ & YH were only friend (bro) relationship not lover. Why JY fans insisted such unreal thing and hurt JJ. JJ is a real man and loves his fans. Fans who love JJ should not spread such rumor to ruin JJ. (It may also ruin YH too). It was so disgusting for such YJ fans’ behavour.

    • CHERRYLEE says:

      let me clarify this OFC yunjae will never approve that they were gay or else , you know the reason by your self,
      and fyi we YUNJAE SHIPPER had stands beside them since LONG LONG TIME AGO before you!
      and who knows better?
      we are all now what is might happen between the boys BETTER than you guys.
      we had supported them for almost 8 years, and you?
      so stop acting like “bitch i know better than you”

      • westmoon says:

        I’m sorry but how long you support someone, isn’t making you automatically understand the person you love better than newer fans.

        You’re just a one of old fans, nothing better than that.

  65. Nindya says:

    You can see that uncomfortable face..poor Jae.. TTT_________TTT
    well,is there anybody can translate the video?what exactly did the MC said?
    I just understand the audience shouting Yunho all the time..
    I’m curious because they’re shouting Yunho suddenly..

    HE’S NOT GAAAAY!!!you can see it that he loves girls.. +_+
    aarghh,,neomu appa T_T

  66. SaCa says:

    Those selfish pieces of shi* They don’t care about JJ’s wellbeing at all, all they care about is how to make their fantasy pairing come true.

    Did they even stop and think what about what their actions could lead to. Well, at least, now they don’t!

  67. sora yagami says:







    NOT ALL….










    • clover says:

      For me, if they are going to continue hurting Jaejoong that way, I can no longer see it as an expression of ‘love to jaejoong and yunho’. SOME of the YJ SHIPPERS really need to think before they speak. Each word that come out from one mouth can sometimes cause unimaginable damage and in this case, their unthought words have ruined Jae’s reputation. I just hope that they will be stop being so selfish and immature. So please YJ shippers, keep the fantasy in your diaries and stop ruining Jae’s life. Jaejoong is working so hard and do not want all these unwanted actions to ruin him…

  68. Linh says:


    They don’t event know what that word means.

  69. LidyaSparkle says:

    Omo…omo…..Yap,poor Jsejoong/Nae Sparkle Oppa. But to god to be true is Jaejoong can control that immediatly,ffiiuuuhhhh….^-*. Well,hope that’s “incedent” only start at Thanksgiving at Tokyo Dome & finish forever at Thailand,amen?^^. Aaaahhhh…..I wanna see Jaejoong’s previous smile at my nation Indonesia,but my parents can’t let me go,still i’m need moneys from them,hhhhhhh……
    Gwenchana,okey^-*. U was have trainee how to be a public figure,so I know and hope u okey with that,althought your expression……….^^. Semangat JYJ Nae Sparkle Oppa^^.

  70. sora yagami says:





  71. xiahratic says:

    Lemme clear this, ok jyj stans, I dun care wht the fuck are u alrdy said is but, since yunjae nvr has any complaint, y all of u feel tht this’s annoying? Plz watch aadbsk2 and watch ‘couple talk’ and yunjae’s part they LOVE YunJae Shipper and they NVR feel uncomfortable..HAHA so better, all of u STFU!

  72. xiahratic says:

    And in every JYJ world tour concert, FANS always shouted ‘YUNHO’ to Jaejoong! And face u mean is SHY face not an UNCOMFORTABLE face! Even, when TVXQ still together, in every concert, FANS always screamin ‘YUNJAE’ to YunJae..’YUNHO’ to Jae and ‘JAEJOONG’ to Yunho..EUKYANGKYANG~ so, fuck off ^^

    • kokoromiya7 says:

      You wrote it yourself, they screamed this when Jaejoong and Yunho were still in TVXQ together ! Now they are apart, on different and opposite sides ! Shouting Yunho’s name in front of Jaejoong is only reminding him how painful the situation is now because Yunho is not by his side anymore ! Because Yunho isn’t part of JYJ and, according to SM (and consequently according to HoMin too) JYJ isn’t part of TVXQ anymore. YunJae was part of TVXQ’s acts of fanservice when the 5 were still together.
      Both JYJ and HM told us themselves that they are not in contact anymore, and it’s obvious the separation didn’t went very well if we rely on most comments and interviews coming from both sides.
      And even IF YunJae was once real (or still is) this kind of thing should be kept inside the fandom and not dragged into the spot light on National TV !

      And before you start accusing me of hating on YJ fans or of being homophobic, I’ve to inform you that I’m a YJ shipper too. It doesn’t keep me from being shocked by how inconsiderate some YJ thaï fans acted on this show.

      If YJ truly are real then I will be very happy, but it’s up to them to announce it publicly or not. If they are not real then it’s okay too. What is not okay is to bring Yunho’s name up in an event in which Jaejoong participates in order to promote and represent JYJ (as one of their member and as the director of their tour), in front of fans but also people who don’t necessarily know or like TVXQ/JYJ (since it’s on National TV and not at a concert/showcase/fans meeting).

      And yes, homosexuality is still a big taboo in the whole world but particularly in Asia, and even more when you’re a public figure. It might be sad and upsetting but it’s the truth ! Fanservice sure is popular because it’s an act, but you can be sure that if some idols who are involved in acts of fanservice with each other suddenly came out and affirmed that they are a couple they won’t be seen in a good light and will probably lose their careers. This is how hypocrite the system is. You can act “gay” to please the fans but if you’re really gay you better stfu and keep it low.

  73. CHERRYLEE says:



  74. secret says:

    i dont know what to say..

    thanks for telling me the truth..

    sorry for all..
    i was YJSHIPPER a few minutes ago..
    after read all of these shits, i know i was wrong..
    i decided to stop shipping the members of TVXQ..
    i love them all thats why..
    no goods anyway..

    i will believe the REALNESS of YUNJAE when they make a press conference themselves bout their serious relationship..


  75. grmblgrmbl says:

    you know what? i am bloody JYJ fans
    and i know what is right to me to say or not to say,
    i’m also had ability to read the future
    and just so you know
    yunjae is 100000000000% REAL
    and he is not mad when fans scream yunho’s name at all, he just feel slightly ashamed and uncomfortable, but he rally fine with that,
    he is not gay but he can’t stop himself for loving the certain person

    i’m not a yunjae shipper i tried so hard to not believe what i had see and i predicted
    i just feel sick with this drama can’t you guys just stop fighting around like a little rascals? and i think i need to say this to stop you guys from fighting

    and one more, its up to you to not believing me, but just so you know i should had a holiday in japan that day, but then i know the disaster will come right 1 day before the disaster, and i canceled my trip for that,

  76. elveskold says:

    Did any of you READ the title ITS “TO SOME YUNJAE SHIPPER”!
    The OP clearly not generalise every YunJae fans.
    She only ask some yj fans to stop doing those stuffs.

  77. Cutie_Pie says:


    This article is fake…

    There is no prove…if this article is true then this news must be on dbsknights or onetvxq forum

    don’t believe it!

    The author just want to make a fanwar between shipper and non shipper

    • reallaerreal says:


      I don’t want a fanwar, although apparently it seems unavoidable.

      I state it clearly which part that I have no prove but you can ask Thai fan who was there at the studio since 9.30am whether it happened.

      Please remind that some fans might be protective of Thai fandom and claim that this is from an anti. I dare say and swear that I didn’t lie about the part that they showed YJ PS-ed kissing photo and also shout “Yunho’s wife” and “Jung Jaejoong” in front of the host. (around 10-11am)

      And as I wrote, I denounce only those who did this, and support this ridiculous behaviour and I fully understand that not all YJ shippers are like this.

      • CHERRYLEE says:

        read this anyway where were you got that fan acc from?

        • anan says:

          as the admin/blog owner already said … many times … s/he was PERSONALLY there during the recording!!! This is a first hand fan account

          You want to verify if it happened or not then ask Thai fans and Thai fansites! Easier yet, big OT5 sites have Thai admins who are on twitter. Go ask them directly to corroborate!

          Until you have hard evidence otherwise stop running around like a chicken w/ its head cut off and buried in the sand screaming at an inconvenient fact.

  78. Fanny Ritsumika says:

    this is just rumour..

    • reallaerreal says:

      Which part? I stated it clearly which part is rumour that I can’t prove and which part is not. That behaviour of SOME YJ stan was not a rumour. There were about 300 people witness these.

      And again, I don’t want fanwar here. – -“

  79. hra says:

    prepare slingshot, catapult, firecracker, an caterpillar, those anyone who hurt my beloved oppa deul…watch out !!
    grow up dear..they are only human, respect them..with all standard education that your parents gave to you…
    this hurt me so bad..moreover JJ..

  80. NothingToLose says:

    All I want to say: STOP THIS FANWAR T___T Really, stop this T____T

    Stop accusing ALL Thai fans/YJ Thai fans being like this T___T

    Just focus on the upcoming tour T___T

    From what I observe, today JJ have a nice day, and we must happy to see that ^___^

    And I think, Thai’s staffs know what to do with it, so please, don’t overact ^___^

  81. cassYJshipper says:

    thai shipper… argh… this thing make me stressed . JJ must be so sad right now.
    and there’s a rumor that JYJ’s concert @ indonesia is cancelled. ah i wish i could die

  82. cassYJshipper says:

    and i’ve got a news that yunra shipper is the one who spread the rumor and shows YJ’s pic

  83. doublejaedee 'JaelolliPOP' says:

    aaaah, I feel bad for Jaejoong. And I knew from the beginning that this would cause a problem.

    Back before the lawsuit happened, Cassiopeia is supposedly a much friendlier fandom and would accept everyone who loves the boys. But we all know that’s clearly not the case at all. Fans who dislikes shippers like YJ and YS, get treated like some anti. Just because you don’t like one of the members or dislike how fans ship dbsk members, does not make you any less of a fan. It doesn’t matter who likes who as long as fans enjoy listening to their music, that’s the point of their existence. I myself have to endure and go through so many comments about JY on every single bit of detail that suggests some form of JY interaction and bloody hell that was the most excruciating pains of my life. It’s like trying to ignore but at the same time so hard to just shut up and sit behind the computer and be a ‘true cassiopeia’ and not cause arguments like this one.

    Now it is different. JYJ and Homin are two separate entities. Some people can tolerate these OT5 and JY shippers as long as it does not leave the fandom. What the writer suggest is not to stop believing in JY. We could care less if you continue to write fanfics and photoshopped pics. As long as it does not harm the members. And if this rumor circulates and in the end creates a havoc with their activities and image, I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down and do nothing. JJ and the others do not deserve this. It doesn’t matter if you never heard them complain. They love us so much. We’re their pillar of strength. Without us and JYJ members, they wouldn’t be able to continue as they are now. How could JJ muster the strength to deny his fans who continues to love and support him.

    And last but not least, the writer is saying this goes to the minority of JY fans. She is not generalizing, nor are we. (although some are based on the above comments).

  84. CHERRYLEE says:

    and jsyk my aunty is living in thai and she said thailand is surrounded with gay people

    • Ashley says:

      I also feel sorry to Jaejoong for having fans that would scream out some other person’s name who isn’t even present at JYJ’s concert and such.

      • CHERRYLEE says:

        you new fans stop saying that you know everything.
        don’t you read the comment from that fortune teller of yours fandom above?
        try to deny it?
        please. stop being pathetic

        • Ashley says:

          I’m not a new fan, I’ve been a fan of them for four years. And it doesn’t mean shit whether someone has been a fan of them since birth or two weeks as long as you show them the respect they rightfully deserve.

          You’re telling me to stop being pathetic yet you’re here referencing some fortune teller. Thanks, but no.

        • clover says:

          A new fans is still fans and for sure doesn’t make them any less than any other fans. If this is the way a so-called old fan welcoming a new fan, you should be ashamed. If you do not know how to respect Jaejoong as what he rightfully deserves, wouldn’t that make you a bad fan? Come on girl, you make me LOL for your childishness in 100% believing a fortune teller. Can that so called for fortune teller tell you why Yunho has chosen SM instead of Jaejoong (since you believe they are real). Stop being so childish. Keep all the fantasy to yourself…..

    • donthateme says:

      I’ve had enough of you. Scram off!

  85. Yuuyanagi says:

    I’m Yunjae Shipper. Also I make fanfiction about them. But I never spread to the other people that yunjae is real. I just talked about yunjae with the other yunjae shipper. I Always respect with ’em.
    Especially with jaejoong coz I love him very much. Jeongmal saranghae jaejoong oppa…
    I just make fanfiction because I like The relation between yunho & jae.
    But sometimes I Envy with yunho when He touched or sat beside jae.
    That’s my opinion..

    And I hope, I Wouldn’t happen in my country indonesia
    As you noe that JYJ will come here this april.

    • lily_herose says:

      can we keep this hope???
      will they come to Indonesia???
      We’re Cassiopeia. I don’t care about shipper or not, but just one I got from this situation.

      You who shouted Yunho in front of Jaejoong, you got one….
      you hurt his heart…

  86. lily_herose says:

    they need to grow up….
    Please, don’t hurt him anymore….
    he is jaejoong not yunho….
    Allah forgive me cause I hate what they did… really hate it

  87. Changminizer says:

    Well, actually I’m tired of fanwar or that stuffs. First, I’m YJshipper and I’m cassie support them although my ID here is changminizer. That mean I’m changmin bias *duh! That’s not important*
    And ppl asked why are YJshippers never shout “jaejoong” to Yunho? I have some thoughts. First, maybe we did it but if it’s national broadcasting like in mubank or inkigayo, SM cut it. and we know that SM won’t “YJ stuffs” spreads around Yunho. But, I know that in offair, some of us did it like in Goong musical but all we know that he didn’t mind it. And if u’re the real YJshippers, u can’t talk and spreads YJ stuffs freely in public because we want to protect them. We can’t let any bad things happen *like now*. We only talk, share, and spreads YJ stuffs among YJ shipper in the secret group or in a community. And I have a conclusion that ppl who shouts inappropriate things like “Yunho’s wife” “Jung Jaejoong” ARE NOT YJ SHIPPERS. because they obviously want to ruin JJ’s image. They did it not in the cheer or happy tone, but it looked like in mocking tone. They did it in purpose. Well, that’s all my opinion. If u have another one, I won’t force u to follow what I believing.
    And please, don’t hate yunjae shippers. We’re not that mean. We love both of yunho or jaejoong. and mostly DBSK (5).
    Thankyou ^^

  88. Amoonajj says:

    I totally agree!! Well-said~
    “yunjae shipper” Should Stop that!…because they are hurting our jaejoong by doing that..they think that they are helping jae or making him happy!!! But I think the only one who is happy are them Not jae!!…I’m really sad for them because they can’t see that!!

  89. Verine says:

    I really sad for those SOME Yunjae fans. I’m a YJ fan myself but I disagree with their act. For some ppl who insisted that it was just a rumor, then u must know that some fans (in another places) have already doing that too for a long time. And yes, they are definitely YJ fans, since when I said my complains, some ppl attacking me and said I am an antis/hater/whatever. They asking things like ‘Are u really YJ fan?’ ‘How long have u been a YJ fan?’ And not only that, my friend, who isn’t any members fan/bias (but she likes DBSK music) say that those act wasn’t nice. From that, we could know the opinion from outsider which is neutral, as well. And guess what, those ppl attacking her and say she doesn’t have right since she isn’t fan. OMG. Now I know why ppl say we are crazy.

    When DBSK still 5, we can shout their name since both Yunjae were there. But now, Jaejoong stand there as himself and those fans shouting another name? Did they come too see Jaejoong or to satisfy their fantasy? If one day Jae has a gf, will they support him or leave him?

    I agree with your opinion. But that Yunho thing just makes some ppl see it as ‘Homin fan/JYJ hater want to destroy JJ image’ which can make another useless fanwar when actually, it just those some YJ fans did that (and they still defend their act with so many excuse). Some fans shouting JJ names too in front of YH btw.

    Oh, btw, some fans also did far more disturbing things in twitter >.>

  90. Yunjaerice says:

    Saying that indo, msia & sg concert got cancelled because of thai fans shouting yunho is ridiculous. If they are afraid of fans shouting yunho, shouldn’t they cancel thai concert since there are many thai yunjae fans and they were the ones shouting it? The rumours stans made up don’t even make sense.

    Why jyj stans made up stories of the concert cancellation
    1)they want fans to blame yj fans for the cancellation
    2)they hate yunjae because supporting yunjae means supporting all the 5 in a way & they want fans to support jyj only

    Notice how it is stans who started this rumour?

    • Yunjaerice says:

       To clarify: This rumor is absolutely false. The true story is fans showed the host of the Tonight Show a picture of Yunho and Jaejoong standing together. They are not kissing in the picture. They joked around with the host saying “Jung Jaejoong,” and then saying it’s just their imaginations and they wish it was the case. Furthermore, they never told Jaejoong this. There is no way Jaejoong could possibly have felt offended because he simply did not hear. Several Thai Cassies at the event have attested to this. In addition, the cited source for this rumor is daum and sina, both of which contain nothing about this supposed concert cancellation. Also, Thai fans have checked the tabloids and it has not reached them.

      To further emphasize our point that this rumor is absolutely groundless and invalid:

      1. There is only one fanaccount of this so called incident in Thailand’s Tonight Show.
      2. Thailand is particularly accepting towards homosexuality, in comparison to other Asian countries, so the “pro-homosexual” image would actually be a non-issue.
      4. Jaejoong’s sexuality has NOT reached Thailand tabloids or newspapers.
      5. The original poster claims that the incident is spreading in Thailand’s entertainment industry, but logically how would someone know that if they are not part of the industry? Secondly, there are many gay entertainers in Thailand and they have yet to be ostracized.
      6. Fans claim this pro-homosexuality image is the cause for a ban on JYJ’s concert tour when Adam Lambert, a famous, open gay himself has performed in the same Asian countries. In addition, other gay/bi artists like Elton John, Freddie Mercury, and many more are not banned from these countries.
      7. YunJae and other couples have been promoted by SME themselves, and in all 6 years together, the boys were never banned from any countries, even demonstrating fanservice themselves.
      8. Other Korean artists, such as Super Junior, have demonstrated even greater acts of homosexuality by kissing members fully on the lips during live performances, and even then, they were not banned from performing in Asia.

      Jaejoong himself made so many dangerous remarks on tv himself ‘the last time I kissed a gitl was several years ago, the last time I kissed a guy was several days ago, yunho doesn’t treat me like a man etc.’ So saying those things are not harmful to his image and a mere shouting of yunho by fans will?

    • Nana says:

      Can you tell me where did she said the concert was canceled because of YunJae shipers?
      Can you tell me where she said they showed the picture to Jaejoong?
      First READ
      then you can say whatever you want
      and for people saying this is fake, go and read that link
      Yunjae fans admited they call Jaejoong —> Jung Jaejoong
      They also admited to show the host of the show the YunJae pictures

      and why don’t you go and see the Thai show?
      Do you know what jaejoong said after fans scream YunHo name?
      He didn’t say “don’t scream YunJae”
      he didn’t say “thank you”

      he said

      “I’m not a popular member”
      Why would he said that?
      May be because fans forgot he was jaejoong and not Yunho?
      do you forget he doesn’t speak Thai, he didn’t know anything and sudenly everyone was screaming Yunho….
      like Jaejoong was not there at all

      • Yunjaerice says:

        There has been many stans spreading and commenting that jyj concerts are cancelled because it so I wanted to clarify. Read my 2nd comment. I did say that they said jung jaejoong but they told him they are just joking and I said fans did show him yunjae pics but it was a photo of them together not photoshopped kissing photos like stans claimed. Read the blog link. Plus we all know jaejoong is someone who doesn’t pretend to smile. When he’s unhappy, he just shows his cold poker face. It’s not difficult to tell between jaejoong’s happy shy smile and a fake smile. And he didn’t sat don’t scream yunjae at all, where did u get that from?

        • Nana says:

          You didn’t answer my question
          You are telling people that what she wrote is a lie

          Did they or did they NOT say he was Jung Jaejoong?
          They did
          Joking or not, they did

          Did they, or did they not show the host pictures of Jaejoong and yunho?

          They did

          May be it was not kissing, but they did show the host pictures of Yunho and Jaejoong

          So all she is saying here is true

          Now, show me, here, On her blog, when did she even mentioned the cancelede concerts?
          Did she?

          She didn’t!

          And if you want you can show me the links you are talking about at twitter and communities, because the only link I see that JYJ fans have been posting is this one:

          And see the date, is from 2 days ago!

        • Verine says:

          I think, what she (Nana) means to say, is that your comment accusing the blog writer, about smtg that she even didn’t write. Like this : ->Saying that indo, msia & sg concert got cancelled because of thai fans shouting yunho is ridiculous…<- The blog writer never say anything about that that in this entry, didn't she? She just wrote about some YJ fans bevahiour, which, from the link u gave, are true (except the kissing pic, which is actually 'only' standing beside each other pic.). It's more make sense and relevant if u wrote that as a reply for another comments since they bring that topic here. If u actually just want to be nice and tell the blog writer about the latest jyj rumors (either she know that rumors or not) , u can write that in non-accusing way.

      • Yunjaerice says:

        Read the blog link. There are many stans on twitter spreading false rumours about the photo and on the youtube video, there are such comments too

      • NaNa says:

        I get it, you want to clear some rumors

        Then you should start by saying: What she wrote here is the truth. Fans did behave that way. They told the host Jaejoong was Jung Jaejoong and did show the Host pictures of YunJae.

        Then you can say “even if she didn’t talk about any cancelation of the concerts, read {insert link } where someone else said the concert was canceled” then you can proceed to explain how is not true. You can use the link I gave you too…

        You can also read more carefully. My comment was:

        He didn’t say “don’t scream YunJae”
        he didn’t say “thank you”
        he said
        “I’m not a popular member”

        You see? you turned things into rumors and fights because you don’t know how to read or not care to actually read

        • Yunjaerice says:

          Yeah maybe I didn’t say clearly enough. i’m not just talking about a particular author. I’m talking about many comments I see on youtube on twitter and false rumours, comments and speculations on website like dbdn and more. The writer of dbdn guessed that 1 of the reason why jyj concert may be cancelled is because fans wanted to bring yj banners while the reason cjes gave was that they were not promoting jyj well and released the tickets without confirmation by them. Admin should not write negative articles without proof which is based on her guessing. I’m just posting here so that people can know.
          And the Jaejoong getting bad reputation in thailand is certaintly not true, it’s made up by stans and yunjae haters. Thailand has the most number of transexuals in asia and thailand will bring tourists to go to their famous tiger show(transexual show). Their country is famous for it. Thailand is a buddhist country not christian or muslim, Buddhist accepts gays. And thai airways even hire transexuals as air stewardess. I’m very angry that they are spreading false rumours so I just wanted to clear things thats all

  91. boonie says:

    that is just RIDICULOUS..! sometimes, yunjae shipper can be overboard…*sigh*

  92. enigmaticma says:

    Yeah, righ!
    why fans can’t shoot JJ name infront of YH?
    why thy disciminate JJ to be gay jus becuz his feminine face or behave?
    I have gay friends who ar so manly that when I knew about them I was like : O.O?
    It’s unfair!

  93. miko says:

    Actually I got to know of this rumour is through some YJ fans and not from those JYJ stans they were claiming to be spreading. Honestly I didnt really see any JYJ sites accusing YJ fans for the cancellation. So I dont know where some of the YJ fans got their info from.. if it’s simply taken from some random comment sections in random yt videos or blogs, I don’t think they should be taken seriously and the fans should not accuse of the other sides of something like this. Dont they know that anyone can just post their comments and it may only be a few commentors doing it. It’s not fair to generalise by saying “XXX fans are spreading false rumours/hate YJ fans” just becos u see a few fans doing it. Moreover any anti can just post comment everywhere.. so why take those comments seriously? I have personally seen many JYJ fans who like YJ as well or at least doesnt hate on YJ. It really hurts to see one side accusing the other side becos of some random comments and spread the hate in the fandom. And now I can see that many YJ fans already hate on JYJ fans becos they think that all JYJ fans hate on YJ.. I hope fans can be more responsible before spreading such things on twitter for example. Don’t spread hate, this fandom is already messy as it is. We need respect and spread love~

    – By the way. It’s really funny that I got to know of the rumour due to YJ fans but the rumour was cleared up (for me) becos of a JYJ stans tweet. So ironic~ lol T_T

  94. aoi0101 says:

    i’m a YJ fan myself, but even i thought that they’re too extreme. as a YJ fans, they should have a self-control and don’t pass the line. seriously, i feel sorry for JJ… he looks so confused in that video…
    well, i don’t really believe that they’re really a couple. after all, everything can happen in this world.
    if they really are, i’m going to accept it. if they’re not, i’m going to accept it too. well, who knows? so i hope some fans out there will be more considerate and open their mind more so they won’t see only to ‘YJ is real!’ possibility but also ‘they might’ and ‘they’re not’ and many more possibility. they’re public figures after all, with scandals and stuff. try to think about their positions, small minded fans!
    sorry for the rant.. i hope i’m not getting any wrong ideas here…

  95. jungyxherrycherry says:

    okay, how do you if he is uncomfortable in this pic? I’m korean, EVERYONE in korea knows about YunJae, even other stars. So WTF? why are you assuming that JJ is uncomfortable? you can’t read his mind. shessh.
    and YunJae fans can scream yunjae all we want. neither JJ or YH told us to stop so why should we? and the whole thing about ‘JJ being gay is spreading around thai’ is nonsense. Oh, so I shout YunJae in one of the JYJ concerts and all of a sudden every body in L.A. thinks JJ is gay? c’mon people, think before you post stuff!

    and some yunjae fans shout Yunho b/c they want TVXQ back together again. why can’t you guys just STFU sometimes? stop acting like you are pissed or something cause it makes you look shallow and look like a poser. let YunJae be. Like srsly, making such a big deal out of this.

    멍청이. 당신이 모두 죽게됩니다!!!!!!! 당신은 아무것도 몰라. !

  96. emily says:

    I’m definitely a die heart YJ fan as well. However, seeing your description really makes me feel sorry for Yunho, Jaejoong and YJ fans that are rational. Just hope that this issue could be lessen and people will soon get over this. 🙂

  97. Gnome says:

    everyone take a chill pill. no ones feelings are hurt and no ones reputation is ruined.
    this group should be smarter then h.o.t but they’re jsut as stupid.breaking up by signing contracts which stop them from working together again…stupid move.

    I’m pretty sure neither of these two is gay and they’re used to as posing as a couple because it was a dbsk skinship thing. Now that the group is gone these fans have it hardest cause their skinship couple is broken up and they wont see them perform together.

    now, why are you all wasting your time on this subject( bored.supposed to study but can’t).there is nothing to discuss or ague about here.
    fans are fans, they can bring money or soem other profit to an artis or they can bury him(by stopping their support) besides that they have no impact on artists feelings or life.

    when they cheer(for whatever reason) it gives them a energy boost, when they boo it puts them on the ground.
    pretty simple,eh?
    cheer casiopea for both groups and the skinship couples.
    united screams are the best:D

  98. I am Me! says:

    Not to offend anybody but I read some comments and first of all I must say……please check your spelling, your grammar, my goodness I couldn’t get anything from some of your messages.

    JJ has 2 very good gay-friends, he even slept on the floor and shared a blanket with one of them, to be honest so far so good for being careful about his reputation, just reading the post Fukutaro made makes one think and another very important thing is that he never denied these rumors, he always denies rumors with female celebrities (with women) why doesn’t he deny these rumors.

    No matter if they broke up, I still love both of the bands’ music but I often saw some cracks in their relationship, to be translated as lies….yes lies, for kids like most of you, in the whole YJ thing you could have seen some awkwardness back when they where 5, but no one saw that fact they all went with YunJae, YunJae, YunJae….to be honest do you really want them to be gay, say the truth, I am thinking that you probably want them to be gay for real as in never date women, never give you reasons of jealousy, it’s your selfishness speaking for you, would it make you feel better if he or Yunho were gay for real? I’ve seen you fussing over each drama they made and had to be near a woman, they can’t even look at one, are you forcing them to be gay, are you forcing them to never admit the truth about their preferences? That is not being a fan, that is being a freak. I mean these guys are in this business for 2 things mostly popularity and money, no matter how kind can one be you can’t deny the financial aspect. And please don’t job with this idea that I’m anti-gay, it’s everyone’s choice the only thing bothering me, and I must highlight it, are the lies, for goodness sake just state already where you are standing, be brave enough to accept yourself, your sexuality, your preferences. I do dislike it when most K-bands act gay and when rumors about them being gay aren’t really clarified, what does it take, if people like their music and their personalities they’ll like him after that.

    I know Korean society is anti-gay but so far so good they seem to totally sustain and accept gay attitudes of guys, there is a limit to skinship too, I mean why do they avoid touching the female as in being gentlemen but touch each others legs, hold hands and so on, doesn’t that make that society out of the league, doesn’t that make it seen as distorted. This is a funny thing, as much as I adore Korea’s music, movies, culture and so on I can never understand 3 things: the massive aesthetic surgeries (denied by many when the truth is somehow obvious sometimes), the massive suicides and this massive strangeness in male x male or male x female relationships (which is, in fact, usually obvious for celebrities, I hardly doubt that non-famous guys go for such acts, but famous people go to being to obvious).
    Thinking at Jaejoong, he just makes things so confusing, and as we see so many people love him or are freaking obsessed better said, why wouldn’t he deny/reject or admit this thing. Showing a picture of him to my guy friends he always receives the etiquette “gay”, I’m not inclined to say he is because he is such a metrosexual but still I want the truth.
    I was talking earlier about the lies in YunJae acts as a couple, as you also noticed how different are those interviews from Korea from those of Japan, like you hear 2-3 different ideas on the same subject, wouldn’t those be translated as lies….I mean what is that Yunho “seeing himself married in 10 years” in Korea, while in Japan Min says ‘he’ll never get married”. Many of them say “we hate lies”, well, yeah you hate them but you’re not honest to us either, my whole problem is that I want sincerity from my fav celebrities, I want a bit of transparency, I am not idolizing them to be honest, I believe in God, and God doesn’t like “idols”, thus I can see their bad sides too and this is one of them, not being honest, being sort of afraid to admit something. So what if they compose music about girls, so what if they say they want girlfriends or how do they want them to look, but everyone can say that, let’s look in the history how many gay celebrities where there singing about women, oh Sir Elton John even had a song named after a woman, the thing is I just want the truth. Isn’t it strange how many celebrities are labeled as “gay” and how many of them still beat about the bush! When we’re speaking only about gays lately, we’re crazy about giving them rights and respecting them, I mean sure let’s give them rights let’s make all this fuss about gay people when there are people who die of cancer, there are people who die from lack of food or water, there are kids abandoned but let’s just sustain and support gay people, because that is our main problem, let’s offend everyone who is pro or anti-gay because that is the only problem….the problems vary and some are far more important than this one, thus why is this great secrecy over a simple sentence: “I am not” or “I am”.

  99. Skylites says:

    Late reply but JJ will live through this. LOL. So don’t be too harsh on each other. Rumours are part of being a “public figures'” job. While I don’t like what happened, I don’t think it’s something to make a ruckus about. JJ isn’t a fragile thing that will break with these types of things. However, FACEPALM.

  100. star says:

    I…totally agree with u, hope after this , yunjae fans will be more respect and support yunjae in a more polite and more positive support to yunjae. just pray for them…….

  101. AJ says:

    I support YunJae, but sometimes i don’t support what the other fans are doing. But really though, I think some of you guys are over-reacting. I think i remember him saying something like he didn’t mind. I personally wouldn’t do that though. If i ever him i’ll tell him how much i love and support him than ask for a hug & autograph lol. I don’t know what he’s feeling but Jaejoong is a GROWN man. He can handle himself. I hate when some of you guys be thinking that they know exactly what he’s feeling & etc. Its like stfu you don’t know him or are him so why have a say on what he feels? dumb shit. Yes, YunJae shippers do think of Jae Joong’s feelings. I know because i think about his feelings along with Yoochun, Changmin, Yunho and Junsu’s.

    One thing i dislike is some of yall grouping YunJae fans in the same vote. Some saying very negative things. lol not all of us are some delusional ppl. Its like me saying that all JYJ-only fans are rude to OT5, YunJae, and to HoMin fans (i actually believed that at one point cuz i saw nothing but negative comin from them, now i’m a little bit more open-minded. I love JYJ but the fans are a piece of work :/ )

  102. justrisyda says:

    our mind is different with yunjae shipper mind. So if we want to know why yunjae ship like that we must know, like what their mind

  103. It’s in fact very complicated in this full of activity life to listen news on TV, therefore I simply use internet for that purpose, and take the newest news.

  104. Yunhoappa says:

    Oh my god. I never care about yjs thingy since I’m not shipper. but, this post killed me. WTAF?
    don’t they think their delusional mind will ruin Yunho and Jaejoong’s image? gosh..

  105. Jyj stan says:

    Crazy YJ fan SUCH DANGEROUS DELULUS AND DISGUISTING BEAST! for fulfill they fantasy, they would do anything. I see myself that they edited some yj ps and chants abt it all days! Share, like and collect it! Spreading much manipulated infos like @yunjaery account did on twitter :3
    Seriously, im feel sorry for they parents who raising they child to be on wrong way.

  106. Sarah says:

    Nowadays, Jaejoong is the one who spreads Yunjae/ot5 hints, almost once a week through his instagram. He is useing TVXQ’s name for attracting more fan (aka money). Honestly he likes yunjae shippers/ot5 fans, because they bring him money.

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