[Fanaccount] 16 Days of Kim Jaejoong, 8 Days of Kim Junsu, 6 Days of Park Yuchun…in Thailand [Part1]


If someone told me at the beginning of March that we would be able to host these 3 guys in Thailand more than 4 days, I would not believe them.

We knew that JYJ would have 2 rounds concert in Bangkok but we didn’t know that they would stay here so long…long enough to make me feel as if they are living here for real.

It was a rumour a few days before 20th of March that Jaejoong would fly to Thailand but then, it didn’t come to my mind that he would stay here for half a month. So I guess it would be just a rumour, until a friend call me in the early morning of 20th March that there were pictures of Jaejoong at Inchoen airport heading to Bangkok.

It was then that I realized that he would come here for real…like staying here for 16 days until the concert finish.

So I called my friend and we went to the airport, even though we have no idea which gate he would go out, still it was a rare chance to see him…

I was there around noon (and the plane supposed to land about 2pm) but there were about 300 fans there already and more and more people kept going to the airport. So I went to have lunch with my friend and we found a chinese restuarant that was opening Mirotic concert. lol. That’s why we decided to eat there.

Then, we decided to seperate because we couldn’t be sure where he would go out. (It’s either gate 5 or 10 but they were quite far from each other…) Around 2pm, I heard that he would go out from gate 5, so I ran back there and heard people scream from the inside. (I was waiting from the other side of street…because it was so crowded inside the airport.) People shouted Kim Jaejoong Kim Jaejoong loudly. Then, I saw this man glowing among the guards, staffs and some fans around him. He really shined and smiled. It was really fast, just like a few seconds? But people got so excited, my friend was super excited. (We have never got a chance to see him at the airport before. Last time when JYJ was here for the showcase, it was weekdays so we had to work.)

After that, we would like to go to the hotel but as we didn’t like the idea of stalking him (or that we were too lazy to wait at the hotel.), we didn’t go stalk him anywhere, even though we had many chances.

Suddenly, an opportunity popped up on Tuesday, when rumour said JJ was going to film a variety show on Wednesday. I had to work but then decided that this might be the only chance to see him closely without stalking. So I went to the studio with my friend early in the morning. It was raining heavily that morning and even got little flood on streets. We arrived there since 7am but then, all queing cards were given so we were a bit worried whether we would got a chance to get in the studio. However, the variety show host/owner was so kind to the fans. He tried to let everyone in the studio which meant the first row of fans sat so near to Jaejoong’s. (Like 1 meter from him??? I sat there less than 5 meter from the real Kim Jaejoong and I was at 10 rows???) We saw him smile…talked very shyly…for about 28 minutes…It was about 2-3pm when the filming started. (I can’t remember the exact time ><) Anyway, it was so surreal to me. One of the best day of this year. 🙂

Then Junsu came here on 28th and Yuchun on 30th March, I could go to the airport both days because I had to work…their flight landed at 2pm too. I heard that they smiled widely at the airport, that was more than enough for me. 🙂

Funny thing is that when Yuchun came, instead of screaming, most fans were stunned by his charm to the point that they forgot to scream….then they started to scream after Yuchun left their sight. lol. (This is what my friend told me….)

It’s weird…and surreal to know that they were somehow living in the same city. They went to the place that we can go, we normally go…like Siam Paragon, Central World, some restaurants that quite near my house, a normal place where we go shopping, dining, and so on. Even I didn’t go stalk them or meet them in person, I feel close to them…just like many fans here.

Then, it was a D-Day for the concert….Special Thanks to my dear 4 friends who gave me this once in a life-time chance to meet them in Lucky Fans meeting with JYJ.

It was a hot and humid day, but then 400 lucky fans gather together in front of Renaissance Hotel to meet JYJ closely. (I have already sent the vacation leave since a month ago, so even if it’s Friday, I didn’t have problem with my work. Unfortunately, I met all my colleagues and also big-boss at Siam before going to the fanmeeting. Now they know that I’m crazy about JYJ…lol.)

I went to Renaissance hotel about 2pm, (wondering why everything seemed to happen at 2pm. = =”) wait until around 3.30pm and then we got a chance to get into a big ballroom. There was a little stage there and you could see three of them on that stage. As I was in line to Hi5 them, I tried to memorize that I had to give them things and gather all consciousness to do that.

Then, I was there…first, I saw Junsu’s smile brightly. It’s hard to believe that he was the one who sing Intoxication and convey such sexy performance on the stage. That smile was so pure and innocent. Suddenly, the whole world feel bright and positive aura was shining from him. He kept saying “Thank you” and then look at the things I gave him curiously. As we gave each other hi-five, I got the warm and kind feeling from our Junsu. Just like the sun 🙂

The next one was Jaejoong…he bowed so low and said “Sawaddee Krab” (Hello in Thai), then we hi5 and I tried to give things to him…but I gave the one that supposed to belong to Yuchun to him…I was so blur >< . So I just grabbed the one in his hand back and he got confused when I gave his one again. >< . . Jaejoong ah…I’m sorry to do that. >< . To be honest, that day, JJ seemed not as bright as usual…I think it was because he was tired from the pressure and work that he had done so heavily. When JS and YC had dinner together a few days ago, JJ had to go to Impact Arena to check the stage first. It seemed like he was lack of sleep. >< . . Then, Yuchun-ah…I didn’t recall myself as Yuchun bias but his smile could turn everyone as his bias. lol. He was smiling widely and looked into every fans eyes. Red lips, that red lips…it was that moment that I understand my Yuchun bias friends why they were so crazy of Yuchun. I love when the smile reached his eyes. He didn’t say anything but I remember that his hands were so warm. ><
That’s what all I can remember about the fanmeeting…oh, also I receive a poster with their signatures. So it should be somewhere out there now. ^^
Then I went to Siam Paragon Parc to meet friends from JYJFamily for the first time and look at JYJ Press Conference from a far. I didn’t have much memories about this part because I didn’t get close enough to hear them say and something that happened there was so frustrating… So…I would just skip this part.

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To be continued….

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3 Responses to [Fanaccount] 16 Days of Kim Jaejoong, 8 Days of Kim Junsu, 6 Days of Park Yuchun…in Thailand [Part1]

  1. jejeliebling says:

    JYJ concert in BKK will be forever in my memory.
    Thanks for all Thai fans who gave JYJ and foreign fans such warm welcome
    Thanks you for help us a lot while we were in BKK ❤

  2. Kumo no Ito says:

    You are so lucky, i tell you again.
    I’m half Yoochun biased so I understand what you mean about him.
    I hope you had the time of your life

  3. xXMzSmilesXx says:

    OMG TT.TT i wanna touch Chunnie hand TOO! LMAO

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