[Fanaccount] 16 Days of Kim Jaejoong, 8 Days of Kim Junsu, 6 Days of Park Yuchun…in Thailand [Part2]

WARNING: If you are some OT5, or a fan who said you would like to see YH and CM sing “In Heaven” and want to shout “DBSK” at “JYJ” concert or see nothing wrong doing so. Please do not read this fanaccount.

(I do love some OT5 fans, many of them, especially in Thailand are the real OT5 who want to support 5 members as JYJ and DBSK and they know what they should do in JYJ concert. Just support them as JYJ. I feel so grateful to these OT5 fans. Really.)

Since there are lots of fanaccount out there that talked about the detail of concert, I would mostly write about my own feeling toward this concert…some might be too critical for some fans.
Let’s go to my memories of 2 days JYJ world Tour Concert in Bangkok
I went to Impact Arena pretty early (11-12am) because I had something to do over there. The weather on both days screamed hot and humid. There were lots of people selling fans goods here and there.
JYJ fans were so stressful both days…because on Friday, young fans scream “Dong Bang Shin Ki” so loudly at the press conference. (That was a part that I didn’t want to talk about in the previous entry.) Seems like many people was scared to shout “JYJ” against those young teenagers OT5. So it happened to be one of the most regretful memory for JYJ fans within these 2 weeks. According to a staff of banner project who had the opportunity to talk with 411 staff, they seemed a bit tense, stressful, rarely smile after the press conference…and to be honest, they were here as “JYJ”, you could say “JYJ from DBSK” but not as DBSK.
So major websites for JYJ fans in Thailand tweeted various tweets about that incident and asked JYJ fans to shout/chant “JYJ” as loud as possible. Also 411 tweeted, ask fans to send the boys some love by shouting “JYJ”. So things got better for the 1st day. But on the second day, there were also some fans spread the leaflet, asked other fans to do a project with them by shouting “TVXQ” and sing “Midhoyo” after the concert finish. Babies, I know you love your Gods of the East so much…but there are words “courtesy” and “appropriateness”. So many JYJ fans also spread our leaflet, ask fans to shout JYJ as loud as we can. Also I heard that 411 staff asked those kids to stop their project.
I would say it a million times…I love 411…even though it’s a small company, but they stayed strong for JYJ and gave lots of wonderful memories for us. (Most fans that experienced DBSK concert in Thailand before even said that 411 is the best organizer so far, even though not everything ran smoothly but they did sincerely help fans and JYJ.) Also, it’s obvious that they would never had a chance to work with any SM artists again. I’m glad they just took the brave decision to side JYJ.
Ok…let’s go to the concert.
On the first day…it’s just a bit late…it started about 6.20pm (The show supposed to start at 6pm) but on the second day, it was pretty late because something/some equipment was not working and needed time to repair. (Some said because they ran through every problem occured in the first day again and again until that equipment was broken. lol.) So the gate was opened around 6.20pm and the show started about 7pm.
I sat at SI zone on the first day (right side of the stage so I got more YC than JS.) also stood in AR zone on the second day. So this fanaccount might be lack of Junsu in some degree. >< When the lights was turned off, people started to lit their red light stick. It was beautiful. Although the 1st day concert still had some empty seats but it was better than I imagined. I mean, it didn’t look empty, not even in the standing zone. The 2nd days was, however, more crowded. When the intro starts, fans screamed like crazy. lol (I’m one of them ><) You can see the nice screen and cool green laser effect which remind me of their Japanese concert. Then JYJ jumped up and Empty started!

cr. daisycocomocha
The problem on the first day was that Director Kim did try to burn the whole hall since the first song. So there was too much smoke and left the main stage unclear for the first half of Empty. So we rarely saw them, which was also probably because the sportlight didn’t really help too. Another problem was the sound system. The bass for music was too loud while the treble from JYJ microphone was also too much.
Gladfully, everything was fixed at Day2…by this I really mean every problems. ^^
We went through 4 songs non-stop. Empty, IDS, Nine, Pierrot…I really love the mood of the beginning of this concert. No more slow and slow but just upbeat song with one beautiful song like Nine. I love laser effect in IDS which I just realized it on Day2….I can get the feeling why three of them were so upset about the roof in Seoul Concert. It would be awesome for fans there.
Just for you to get the idea of awesome laser

cr. 3rebelangels
Nine at the first day was a bit tense…I guess it was also because Jaejoong seemed so stress that day. But I saw his smile while he walked back to the main stage on Day2…very relaxing ^^
Pierrot will always be one of my most favourite setlist. Even though I didn’t like the dancing (of the dancer) this time…but I really like the lcd effect of this song..
Then, we got “Elephant Song”. lol
My friend (and also myself) screamed like crazy girls when the karaoke vid appeared on the screen. It was the one that made by my friend…and everyone can guess that Jaejoong chosed to open this version, which meant he really saw it. lol.
Dear all, I can confirm that Jaejoong Thai accent was almost flawless. He sang with high-pitch voice, just as the same range with female singer in that Karaoke. On the first day, he messed up with one line and sang a bit earlier than the music. On the second day, he sang perfectly and it was so delightful. Even non-fans praised him that he learned Thai song sincerely. This boy is really loved in Thailand. ❤
Then they went to change the costume and came out with Be My Girl, started with the normal version and become remix version half way. Everybody danced with them. 🙂 + Seriously, Junsu’s S-Line is no joke. I almost died when he danced “baby baby baby” 3 meters from my eyes. lol
Be the One and Ayyy Girl were cool!. I like both tracks more…well every songs are better when they sang live anyway. lol. Ayyy Girl MV on the screen was weird though. It’s not in sync with the singing. – –
Then, they had a long MC with the subtitle on screen. (Subtitle was always on screen but it’s not in sync with their dialogue much. Never mind. We can use our heart to understand them. << such a cheesy sentence lol) And here we go, Yoochun’s solo…I Love You…oh you could feel the whole hall full of jealousy fangirls and ajumma. He was more sexy than ever…really…and more intimate with female dancer. Maybe we should have rate for this concert. lol. He sang better on the first day…I guess he wanted to see the project for him too but such unlucky that we got problem with the lightstick, most of them won’t work well so we only saw some part of the hall turn to blue, while it was supposed to turn to blue light on the first floor. We were sorry for that Yuchun-ah. Let’s take another chance for the next concert. ><After that, it’s dancer time. We saw lots of familiar faces. Their dance crew is cool too. I heard that JJ also composed the song for dance time? Not sure about it though.

Mission, I thought they would cut the drum intro part but apparently that part was too cool to be left out. So here we got almost full-option Mission. I concentrated on their dance and the whole atmosphere on the first day but since the bass was too loud so it was a bit less energatic than I hoped for. But it’s better on Day2 (yes, everything was better). Well, that day, I think I concentrated too much on JJ’s hair. lol. He should got a shampoo CF, seriously.

Ah…after such powerful dance song, Junsu came up with another of his compositions, I Can Soar. I love this song more and more…On Day2, we got beautiful and meaningful project, a pink heart for Junsu. The lighting staff did help us by open the spotlight through the crowd and let Junsu see us. It was so beautiful, the whole hall with the hearts. I remembered he bowed so low and long after he finished this song. (Oh…our dear Junsu messed up with the lyric a bit on Day1. He sang the wrong verse but still managed to get out of it by improvising. Most fans didn’t even notice it. lol.)

Then, Jaejoong made people in green again with Still in Love… such jealousy filled the crowd when he walked up to the mini-stage and danced with female dancer. But I liked that no more female dancer during the adlib. THAT ADLIB… I NEED THE CONCERT DVD NOW!!! He sang this song better than ever….I have yet to find a good fancam to rip mp3 and tortured myself until they decide to release the DVD! (We got project for him on Day2 too, all standing zone change their light to green but somehow no one took a photo from bird eyes view = =”)

After he finished the song, then the melody started and we become tremble. “Unnamed Song” was coming. I heard from the day before the concert that they also prepared this song but I didn’t really believe it 100%. The song was so tense and dark. It did make lots of people cried and amazed. I’m sure that not everyone remembered the meaning of each words but we do understand by Yoochun’s passion while he rapping, especially the last verse or his rap “In the end, it’s JYJ”. (Still wondering why there is no full korean transcript of Yoochun’s rapping from the fancam yet…???)

It was in this song that Yoochun said about JJ forgot to change his clothes. On Day1, Jaejoong sang his part from under the stage. We was wondering where he was and thought we just didn’t in the position to see him…apparently he sang from under the stage. = =”

And you know that most highest scream of the night (Day2) was probably from this song when Yoochun decided that he needed to lay down on that SOFA and rapped there…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I think Yoochun even cried on Day2…he sang Chajatta with different voice (as if he was sobbing) and different feeling compared with Day1. He was so playful back then, using hand gesture with the song…kind of peekaboo! and saranghae with hand-made heart.

Found You – Yuchun was too cute ><

cr. ngthuhien149

That shot made me forget that JS and JJ was on my left hand side. lol Anyway, I love how Yoochun changed the last words to “Kob Khun Krab” which meant “Thank you”. ❤
Then, come a song that they said they wanted to give it to fans…”Fallen Leaves
Have I told you that I love Jaejoong voice so much? When he began singing the first verse…I felt like crying. This was better than the CD where his voice was already gorgeous. I also loved Yoochun and Junsu voices in this song so much. To be honest, I didn’t really like the arrangement of this song and it was probably the song with the lowest play count in my itune (compared with other song in Their Rooms) but the live version was simply beautiful. Plus, the project for JYJ on Day2…<3 …Seemed like Junsu also cried when he saw printed paper of the last words in the song “Begin Once Again” (It was printed in Korean.)
The next one was the first new song of that night…”Boy’s Letter“. To be honest, I found the arrangement of this song a bit weird and it didn’t help when the sound system was bad at Day1, Jaejoong and Yoochun kept touching their ear-plug as if something was wrong and I think they sang lower than they supposed to. However, Junsu’s adlib was so powerful. Day2 was so much better and made me like this song too. (Maybe because I was also so stressful on Day1 with everything??)

“You’re” reminds me of their previous Japanese songs. It’s lovely but people focus more on the ball they tried to give us. lol. I need the clear version before I can say that I like the song. On Day1, it was this song that I saw JJ smiled cheerfully and played with the crowd. He was about to throw the ball but stopped in the middle of nowhere and gave such cunning smile to the crowd lol.

Then, they went to back stage…and we chanted “JYJ JYJ JYJ” for the encore…
OOOOH…they came back with a new song again ….”Get Out” … I thought it was going to be another ballad but I was wrong. Wow, but this song is really nice and cool. Their dance step was fun and full of energy. Note to Jaejoong: You need a rock song. You’re totally rock!

Next song “Empty (Remix)“….the crowd and JYJ were definitely on high together. Day2 performance was purely fun!. We shouted “Let It Go” so loud as if we wanted it to reach to SM and some fans. lol.

[Fancam]020411 E m p t y remix~@JYJ World Tour in Bangkok cr. powderyj22

Empty (Remix) cr. daisycocomocha

They got in and out again for the last time with “In Heaven“….Such a gorgeous song that after you listen to it…you feel like standing and clapping for them, instead of just scream. Majority of the audience did that for both days. Even before we know the lyric, it’s heartbreaking…and after we know the meaning and understand whom the composer/lyricist (our dear JJ) contributed this song to, we love this song even more. The bridge is so intense…rather than W, I would think this is the best song of JYJ so far…It’s JYJ song and their 3hree Voices totally complete each other.

[AUDIO] JYJ world tour concert in Bangkok – In Heaven (Eng sub)
-Lyrics credit by @Inhye87
-Video credit by @serene1011
-Song credit by @msialynn
-Video recorded by @PhooiSan

The concert end, with everyone went out spazz about their songs and performances. How impressive of their new songs and their performance. Not much about their appearance which was so different from before in a good way. . . .

Seriously, these guys spoiled their fans…think about it…every concerts, you got new songs and then you have to live with mp3 from fancams for at least 2-3 months. Let me count…

“Tohoshinki 4th Japan Tour: Secret Code Final at Tokyo Dome” (4-5 July 2009) >> Colors Melody and Harmony
Colors Melody and Harmony…Single + Concert DVD were released at 30 September 2009… about 3 months

“Thanksgiving Live in Dome” (4-5, 12-13 June 2010) >>> Itsudatte Kimi ni, Get Ready, Long Way, W
The…mini-album + Concert DVD were released at 8 September 2010… about 3 months too.
“JYJ World Wide Concert in Seoul” (27-28 November 2010) >> IDS, Pierrot, Nine, Fallen Leaves, Mission
Their Rooms…Music Essay was released on 20 January 2011…about 2 months.
Now, with this rate, Can I hope that they would released Boy’s Letter, You’re, Get Out and In Heaven within a month???
Somehow, I feel so relieved after the concert. Let me tell you, these three guys have all to survive in this cruel industry. Their performance were fierce and sharp, not even one weak show/song in this concert. Their singing is top-notched. Even non-fans or casual fans were amazed by them. They were charming. The staff loved them, said good things about them. They are hard-working and positive. I feel so proud…they would survive, with their own talent and attitude. These guys are the gems of Korean Music Industry. 13 out of 19 songs of this concert are self-composed or/and written. The stage was directed by one of the members. What more can you ask for an entertainer? (And seriously, they are just 25-26)
Let people who hate them or try to hinder them got their lost. I would say it again and again. Their passion in music is real and no one can steal it from them or us.
P.S. OK…this would not suppose to be a positive fanaccount but rather an annoying one. But thanks to dear friends conversation that light up my mood and raise my sense. Still, I just want to leave my true feeling. To those who said “In Heaven” was incomplete…NO WAY…IT IS COMPLETE AS IT IS. One more person in the harmonization would ruin the magic of this song. Biggest insult would be the one who said “In Heaven” was a song for Yunho…*headshake* Jaejoong wrote this song for one of his best friend who passed away last year. Be more respecful to that song.
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  1. fannypak says:

    Thank for the lovely fanaccount!! I really loved that you were able to talk about and compare Day 1 & Day 2 of the concert in detail. I want to experience Yoochun performing Song Without a Name Part I live so much!!

  2. KimLena says:

    Thank you Real for your honest and wonderful fanaccount^^ Reading it, I really wish I was there then.. such an epic concert..
    JYJ hwaiting!!

  3. emilydark says:

    I love love your account. Thank you for detailing it so thoroughly for ppl like me who couldn’t go to Thailand. I’m looking forward to their new CD and concert when they come to NY.

  4. starfield says:

    Real, thank you so much for writing this =)! Sure, JYJ = awesome and love, but JYJ fandom is so great because of fans such as yourself and the lovely people who have all contributed to help make the concerts, and JYJ members’ stay in Thailand a wonderful experience.
    Love you guys =)

  5. xXMzSmilesXx says:

    Ahhh~ love ur fanaccount ^^.

  6. Alice says:

    It’s a little bit late to say this, but I LOVE your fan account ^o^

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