Honest Post about JYJ’s vs TVXQ act I’s music

This post prompted from a honest comment in JYJ3.
(From a JYJ fan who learned about TVXQ after she knew JYJ.)

I read a lot of JYJ fans who just get to know them as JYJ and learn about TVXQ later on. Most of them cannot connected to TVXQ act I anymore. (Well, some still does.)

My best guess as someone who has observe them from the time they were active as a part of TVXQ…I would say the musical and artistic level of JYJ is far different from TVXQ act 1. All the struggle and freedom that JYJ have tasted over the past 2 years formed and forced them into another level in order to survive in the industry. That is JYJ greatest advancement and I think that’s why many JYJ fans found them appealing and so special, sometimes even more than TVXQ act I.

JYJ’s songs have it all in term of sincerity and emotion. You can feel that they did throw their feeling into their songs, especially when they performing live on stage, singing their own-composed/written song.

Frankly, I used to doubt whether JYJ could success in term of harmonizing and performing as much as TVXQ act I level. I thought that, well, never mind…JYJ is JYJ, no way that they would be able to harmonized as nice as when they had 5 voices together.

But they did prove me wrong.

By this, I still don’t think you can compare TVXQ act I and JYJ, the music, even the harmonization are different from each other. But what I’m writing is about the level of impression that they would leave to the audience.

I saw their live performance for first time as TVXQ just one month before JYJ filed the lawsuit. It was their Mirotic Concert in Bangkok 2009. I liked that concert and TVXQ singing + harmonizing very much and got the impression that they did sing good and they’re good performers, but the memory about their voices didn’t last long. I guess they were too tired. (It was just 5 days before their biggest concert in Tokyo Dome.)

Then, just 2 weeks ago…JYJ did take their live and emotional connect to the audience to another level. I won’t count Thanksgiving in Dome because that concert was somehow emotion-attached to the singers and the audiences from the start. But I never thought that there will be a day that I could really find a song from JYJ that I admire their harmonization as much as I admire TVXQ harmonization in “Love in the Ice”. Then here we got “In Heaven” and such a fantastic concert that prove “it” factor in JYJ as a group. To be honest, when I heard “In Heaven” live, it was the first time that I totally stop yearning secretly for “5 harmonized voices” as I used to do even though I chosed to support JYJ as a group for a long while.

Still, I’m not against the idea that JYJ would form an album with HM later on and sing together as five again. It is their choice. However, I doubt that the old chemistry or even musical connected could do well as they were before. I’m sure that the past 2 years has formed a strong bond between JYJ themselves (also between HM) that no one else could be able to understand and reach inside their bond. Even the way they sing together…you would understand it when you see them live. They were utterly complete as JYJ. (Yes, even Jaejoong said he was doubt whether they could do better music if they were still five…I would say they might, just because you got 2 more ranges and voices to play with your songs.)

Also, considering the fact that JYJ music is from and for JYJ, they got their own up and down sides. Yoochun said in an interview when they were active as TVXQ that it didn’t really matter which kind of song he liked but rather what kind of song that fit the group images and voices. That’s actually the huge different in term of JYJ and TVXQ act I music. You can partially say that most of TVXQ act I songs were indeed manufactured. It doesn’t mean those songs were bad…some of them were so great but as I said, it doesn’t really fit members own music interest. So you get more soul in JYJ music because JYJ songs are mostly theirs, JYJ production, just exactly what they want to do.

Just like JJ said “I learned just how happy it is, to be free.”

That’s my observation which is not fact and rather depends on my preference.

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11 Responses to Honest Post about JYJ’s vs TVXQ act I’s music

  1. xXMzSmilesXx says:

    Sorry for the LOOONGG comment. XD

    I’m one of those fans who learnt about TVXQAct1 because of JYJ. Actually I knew about DBSK way before but I never really cared or paid attention to the. And also JYJ to, I saw their Ayyy Girl mv and I was NOT impressed so I shrugged my shoulders and moved on (but I did appreciate it more after I saw how hard they worked for it).

    Than one day I was bored outta my mind and decided to watch a drama called Sungkyunkwan Scandal because Joong Ki was in it and I love him from Running Man. But I didn’t expect to fall in love with the lead character Park Yoochun. Than I heard the OST of the drama. I remember when I heard Too Love by Junsu I literally had tears coming down my eyes. And than I heard Chajatta by JYJ from than on I was hooked. I googled them and than I learnt about TVXQAct1. I watched nearly all the variety shows, AADBSK, live performance, fancams, interviews, mvs, making of videos etc of DBSK. I felt so sad that they split up because when they are together their just sooo ADORABLE and when they sang it was pure MAGIC. I love their Japanese singles more than their Korean one for some reason, maybe because its ballads lool. But Love In Ice, Proud, Bolero, Doushite WOW *.*. Just amazing. I never in my life would have thought that the live song is way better than the cd version.

    “Also, considering the fact that JYJ music is from and for JYJ, they got their own up and down sides. Yoochun said in an interview when they were active as TVXQ that it didn’t really matter which kind of song he liked but rather what kind of song that fit the group images and voices. That’s actually the huge different in term of JYJ and TVXQ act I music. You can partially say that most of TVXQ act I songs were indeed manufactured. It doesn’t mean those songs were bad…some of them were so great but as I said, it doesn’t really fit members own music interest. So you get more soul in JYJ music because JYJ songs are mostly theirs, JYJ production, just exactly what they want to do.”
    Everything you said in hear I agree with 110%. When they were doing the Hug promotion it was a song that suited their cute image. Mirotic their manly more mature image. But now JYJ is THEIR music that they have composed& written, its what they want to do.

    As a JYJ Fan I have no problems with them uniting with HM in the future. But some OT5 should wake up and and realise that JYJ is JYJ, and Tohoshinki/ DBSK are their roots.
    Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun are starting a new chapter in their lives as JYJ [a name they worked SO SO HARD FOR] and fans of theirs we should respect and support them with lots of lovin’ along the way. ^^

  2. Othe says:

    I love JYJ bcoz the people in it.Same as I loved TVXQ1 before.The people in it that make me love the name,not the other way around.And to be honest,I love JYJ more than TVXQ1.Bcoz JJ,YC n JS give great meaning to the name with their music,pasion,love,determination,etc.I don’t care about the name as long as there’ll be JJ,YC n JS in it than I’ll support them.So leadershii,you can keep the name.We’re making new memory with new name.

  3. Cris says:

    Glad that i found your blog^^
    As an old cassie i totally agree with you 200%
    DBSK as 5 was great and their songs were awsome but most of them didn’t have the members thouch while most of JYJ songs are 100% theirs which gives a deeper and more special allure to their productions.

    As Jae said they are “JYJ from DBSK” as fans we should not forget that but we also shouldn’t stik only to the past and not apreciate fully their new adventure!

  4. Emma says:


    I think it’s entirely possible to appreciate JYJ for who they are today and still forever honor the roots of the five of them together. I understand your frustration as a JYJ fan, and some OT5s are hurting so bad that they can be rigid as well, but I don’t think the lines between JYJ and TVXQ are so clearly divided. As Jaejoong himself said: JYJ from TVXQ. These young men are very connected and are in a very, very, extremely painful situation and they are definitely making the best of it the way they know how. I am definitely OT5, and I love all five of them, together or not.

    It’s interesting how few JYJ fans keep telling OT5s to “wake up”. Personally, it hurts me. It’s like grieving for a terrible loss, and someone telling you “get over it, suck it up, let it go already.” It’s a horrible feeling that makes one feel incredibly lonely and hurts very deep. It’s not like OT5s have to do anything, other than to love both TVXQ and JYJ at the same time. It’s not mutually exclusive: if anything, love makes it all inclusive. Many OT5 are still hurting till today, while we do the best we can to support all of them, wishing them freedom and success. As one fan to another, TVXQ or JYJ, I think kindness goes a long way. As like you said, some OT5s could learn to let go more and respect that JYJ now has new fans that only know them as JYJ, but it also wouldn’t hurt for JYJ fans to also have some compassion for what OT5s are going through in order to keep supporting these amazing young men that bring the world such joy. Grieving takes time, and the lack of clear resolution makes it even harder to completely let go. Losing TVXQ as five broke many, many, many hearts in a very deep way across the world. As you enjoy JYJ, I hope you find it possible to also make some room for OT5 to want what they want while you want what you want with your idols. I believe that we can all be included, since we all love them very much.

    I am going to the LA concert on the 27th. I can’t wait to hear In Heaven……. I was waiting for the three to find a way to harmonize their own sounds…..and as soon as I heard In Heaven from the thai fancams I burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying……they did it…..so much faster than I thought……I couldn’t stop crying….so proud of them…….even now as I type I am tearing up.

    There’s so much grief and pride mixed in together. I grieve still that it will be a long, long, long time, if ever, to hear the five of them harmonize again, and feel so grateful for what we did have all those years. And I feel SO SO SO PROUD of JYJ finding their voices, their own unique sounds, despite all the challenges and hardship. My heart fills up with all sorts of feelings, and palpable love.

    I think I’d better bring lots of tissue to the LA concert……..probably will break down really hard……

    Like your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. blusee says:

    “terrible loss”
    Are you people serious? It is just a freaking boy band! I wanted to look up some JYJ songs but crazies like you ruin it. You all need help. You want to know what breaks hearts? Death, racism, violence, injustice, TRUE human conflict not some people having a different opinion on how they want to see their careers evolve. So the group split up? Who cares? Nutjobs like you probably add to any discomfort those five may be feeling. The only group I kinda sympathize with is JYJ because of their legal troubles that aren’t even based on any real transgressions on their part but rather because of crazy-ass SM. Other than that you hormonally charged bitches need a new hobby or better yet a boyfriend.
    LOL! This is just laughable!

    I just can’t stand the terminology obsessed fans like you use as if they are brave soldiers that died in the Iraq war. This emotional attachment you people feel with these 5 guys you have never met and probably never will is really psychotic. You should feel sympathy for your groups and be good fans- buy their stuff, attend their concerts, do good deeds in their name or whatever *reasonable* thing you can do but don’t go around making this into some huge sobfest drama. Many people I know wonder about the mental state of Kpop fans. Most of you take it to extremes. If you could all go back in time before ever knowing about Kpop and just happened to read the crap you all post you would wonder what became of your lives. It is *that* bad.

    I will concede this before I go: I don’t know anything about DBSK except having heard some of their songs. Those kids have talent and it is a shame that three of them can’t continue on like normal. Use all this pent up emotion and time you all seem to have to try and do something about the terrible state of the idol industry in S. Korea. That will help JYJ more than all the “grieving” *snort* in your sad blogs.

    Really. I’ll be nice OK. Cheer up. It isn’t like they all developed a case of malignant testicular cancer or something. They are men aren’t they? So they’ll be strong and it is your job as self-proclaimed loyal fans to be strong for them instead of posting this embarrassing crap.

    That was for the commentators, as for the ACTUAL POST, I wouldn’t know what to say since I haven’t heard anything from JYJ but I do wish them and the other two the best of luck. I wanted an ACTUAL review of JYJ’s songs but I’ll just get off my keister and order their stuff. Yes…I am that nice!

    • ButterfliesAreFree says:


      WOW….one question, who died and made you queen?

      It’s one thing to have an opinion on something but where do you get off calling people hormonal bitches? I only happened upon this as a link from another site. Thought I would check it out. I’m a JYJ fan, prior to, was a TVXQ fan.

      My main reason for being on JYJ’s side is because I think SME as an entity sucks. One day they will receive their payback, in spades! However, to denigrate others because they have emotions attached to the situation is quite frankly, BS. People become attached to all kinds of issues because of emotions. Art (all kinds of forms), politics, social justice, sports, even just simply caring about another person brings out FEELINGS.

      Look, SME knew what it was doing when it hooked in folks to be in the fandom. This was part of their marketing strategy. It worked. But it also failed because it allowed folks to invest feelings, and along the way forgot to tell them they were being used. So when the s**t hit the fan, all kinds of issues erupted.

      I’ve never been a Cassie, but I can gaurantee you, I feel their pain. It hurts when you’ve been used and discarded. The fandom that surrounds all five in whatever form they take, are human beings. Therefore, they have a right to their feelings. For you to come along and chastise people for caring makes me wonder what flows through your vains.

      My other reason for being on JYJ’s side is because I see three exceptionally talented young men who are a huge credit to their culture and their country. One day S. Korea will find themselves apologizing for allowing the blackballing that is going on. It’s called the Universal Law of Intentions. I’m big on that…what you put out, you get back.

      But for you to come to this site and chastize people for expressing themselves is amazingly rude and crude. You’ve probably never written a diary, and if you have I wonder what it would say about you. How about you check yourself in the mirror and see if you like the reflection that comes back.

      Oh, and by the way…I’m not hormonal anymore, so you cannot classify me in the same manner. Find something else to use.

    • lilibaiyu says:


      Hormonal?? Did somebody accuse somebody of being hormonal?? Hmmm… calm down, dear girl, and go check your calendar. Me thinks the red tide approacheth.

    • Emma says:

      No, your words aren’t nice at all. In fact, extremely disrespectful and rude, and if you fail to understand that, it says much more about you than anyone else on this blog.

      And for your information, I actually work with terminally ill patients as a medical professional, and in the past I worked with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, as well as human trafficking victims, so yeah, I am actually using the words grief and loss, not and just because I’ve been doing the kind of work that I’ve been doing, but because I understand that the human heart does not discriminate. When there’s been love, there will be grief when loss takes place. No one has the right to decide who gets to grief or for how long, not even you.

  6. lilibaiyu says:

    “Still, I’m not against the idea that JYJ would form an album with HM later on and sing together as five again. It is their choice. However, I doubt that the old chemistry or even musical connected could do well as they were before.”

    Except, of course, it’s NOT their choice, not even remotely is it going to be anyone’s choice but SME’s for as long as YH&CM are contractually tied to them. It will be at SME’s discretion whether of not there is a reunion. I really really wish that “DBSK5 Forever” people would just embrace and remember that one inescapable fact. It will NOT be up to either JYJ or YH&CM for that matter. Not in any way. And how much do you think SME cares about what an ever-dwindling number of fans want?? SME cares only about their own agenda, a very visible part of same being their many attempts to stall, stop and stifle JYJ’s new career as a 3 man group. Any “reunion” can only bring money into JYJ’s coffers, although I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the heated negotiations between C-jeS and SM in that eventuality! No, SME would rather choke on their own tongues than see JYJ further enriched by doing any singing with YH&CM; payment for which SM had been soooooo used to pocketing almost entirely in the past.

  7. Yamashita-freak says:

    I think one of the reasons why JYJ works is cause they basically took the best voices with them, not that Changmin’s voice is bad but the specialness always came from Junsu and Jaejoong, Changmins voice just harmonised well with theirs. Also one can feel the passion for their work which is finally really theirs. I am really happy for them and I think this was the right choice. Whats the point to stick to a job that suffocates you ( especially if you look at the suicide rates of stars in korea)…artists need freedom, everytime my teacher told me what to paint I hated it, I want to draw what I want and its the same for them musicwise. Its sad for the remaining two since I also liked them but I don’t really pay attention to them now cause I always liked DBSK for the voices of Jaejoong and Junsu, I think many feel that way. They really deserve better it would be awesome if they could free themselves too Still I think JYJ is awesome and I prefer their style, their haircuts during mirotic really made me feel for them, how could the company force such ridicilous and uncomfortable hairstyles on them. Now they look more grown up.

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