Rant about JYJ vs AVEX…It’s time to calm down…

Maybe we should calm down a bit more…

I think this news was written based on AVEX announcement and what I gasp from the official announcement from AVEX, it’s C-JeS + ZAC corp. that filed the lawsuit against AVEX in Japan. I think that is the smart move from JYJ and C-JeS.


What you can see clearly in the past 8 months is that the situation in Japan for JYJ is getting worse and worse. Let’s face it, JYJ can’t work in Japan. Even the charity event, AVEX still claim that they own the rights over JYJ, which is partially true. We should also keep in mind that the lawsuit between JYJ and SM in Korea is far from being settled. Even if the court could conclude the case within this year, SM would file more appeal and drag this case for, at least, another year. By this, AVEX could still claim their rights over JYJ with the old contract they have with Tohoshinki members (all five of them.)

So, JYJ don’t have much to lose in Japan, especially after AVEX announcement in September 2010 which already taint JYJ’s reputation. The only way JYJ could go back and work in Japan properly is definitely not sitting at home, waiting for the lawsuit in Korea to be resolved but rather pushin AVEX out of the equation.


The only power that could force AVEX out of the equation is from the Japanese court.

I know another lawsuit would be nerve-breaking for many fans. However, I believe that JYJ lawsuit has become a part of our fandom lives since July 2009 and we have learned a lot from it. What we can do at the moment is being calm and accept JYJ’s decision. Or else, you could try to send an email to C-JeS, asked them to take care of their steps.

To be honest, I don’t really have high hope in C-JeS but I lost all hope with SM and AVEX before. As far as I know, even though sometimes C-JeS seemed lack of experiences but they did try to do their best for JYJ. More importantly, this is the company that gives JYJ freedom of speech, works and lives.

Wait until things can be seen more clearly…only then, we can judge whether this is bad or good.

oh…and AVEX announcement is extremely hilarious..

(I did really laugh loudly because their statement lol.)

“Furthermore, to resume the artists’ activities as Tohoshinki” << SO this is AVEX ultimate intention? To force JYJ to work with SM again??

 “Our company does not think that the JJY members themselves are aware of everything that is happening.”  <<< For real? and your CEO tweeted to JJ asking him to “Wake Up (to see the reality)”???

This is really a joke.

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6 Responses to Rant about JYJ vs AVEX…It’s time to calm down…

  1. Thefucko_O says:

    DONT FORGET THIS… ‘Furthermore, we were under
    duress that our president
    should be harmed, etc.’ I SWEAR, I FELL MY CHAIR LAUGHING. OH MAN *tears*

  2. dinosaur says:

    I agree that this is a good move for JYJ & CJES. They have little to lose when Avex is already blocking them. At the very least, legal proceedings give them the CHANCE to change that. If the JYJ-Avex contract ends this month as everyone suspects then Avex has little to stand on legally. A chance (no matter how small that percentage is) is always larger than 0% which is what JYJ faces if they do nothing.

    Even the suspension of JYJ activities in Japan alone makes Avex liable to nonfulfillment of contract if the JYJ-Avex contract was written with basic artist protections.

    The amount of PR spin in every SM & Avex statement is absolutely laughable.

    And JYJ are grown men for crying out loud! They’ve made their choices and are not looking back or regretting anything. They’re now in charge of their own careers. To say “Our company does not think that the JJY members themselves are aware of everything that is happening” is beyond patronizing and insulting.

  3. myJJ says:

    I”m agree with you. Stay quiet and waiting is not always the right choice.

  4. Ngô Mini says:

    Agree with you ‘ ‘ Can I translate it to VietNamese??? I want to spread it to JYJ fan.

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