My rant on some fandom issues (2) (Individual Fandom, Twitter Effect, C-JeS and SM, etc)

OK I still have work to do, still got many things that I should do but if I don’t get it out, I might have to stay silent forever. lol.
So here we are…

– Individual Fandom

I don’t really care if there would be fans who support only 1 member. They might got hook in Junsu’s Musical, Yuchun’s drama, Jaejoong’s drama but don’t really interested in JYJ music and JYJ activities. Well, it would be nice if they could support group activities too. I don’t care as long as they don’t bash another members as useless and don’t drag their bias down.

You might feel that I should forgive those words, but people say their true feeling when they are drunk or mad at something. So I guess I just can’t associate with this kind of people who really think that my bias is useless/ talentless. It’s not about the word spoken out loud but the attitude that speak the ugliness in people heart. I would never said a person is useless. There must be something nice about them that we might not be able to see, but the other can see it through on each individual. To be frank, I’m tired of people trolling coins on the artist when it’s a fan/ fans who do some absurdity.
Back to the point, I think it’s logical to have seperate thread/blog/site/fanpage for individual members of JYJ. One of my dear friends said what’s the point of dragging people to see something they don’t really interest. Plus, that might create more distaste feeling rather than admiration.

I strongly oppose to the environment that “If you’re a true JYJ fan, you have to support all 3 of them.” Doesn’t it sound so familiar to those who have been through the whole DBSK lawsuit saga? “If you’re a true Cassie, you have to support all 5 of them.” I don’t think that’s healthy for the fandom.

Let me be honest, I can see that JYJ would love to stick together but they might eventually take their own ways and come back as a group as side project rather than their main focus. I foresee more and more individual fans later on.

More than anything, I would rather get people really appreciate JYJ for their music rather than their bond as 3 members in the same group. Hopefully, we don’t have to get through the idea of unbreakable group anymore. Although I agree wholeheartly that in the meantime, all fans should stick together in the way of support JYJ getting through this cockblock and harsh road. Evolution in the fandom is needed.


– Twitter Effect

I guess everyone might get an idea that suddenly, all webboards got less and less posts. I notice that most of my favourite commentors in 2009-2010 become friends in twitter. Soompi got lots of effect. One of the major reason is, of course, because JJ, YC, JS got their twitter account and apparently, it’s where the news can spread fastest.

However, I got 2 major concerns about this.

1) Seems like many good thoughts and criticism just lost on my timeline. (I follow too many people now. lol) I hope it can be shared in blog/thread where people can read when they have free time. If I become busy and can’t read my t-list, I feel as if there is no way to catch up the story and some good comments.

2) Twitter creates many rumours too. It’s very easy to be tricked. One might innocently tweet something from his/her imagination within 140 characters and then people retweet that one as if it’s a fact. There were many cases like that. It is a major concern when people just don’t care to check the source. I used to follow back to one original poster just to find that he said his previous tweet was only his imagination. He didn’t know that people would retweet his messege like crazy and believe it.

Also I notice less and less people in K-Pop general website/board really care and learn enough about JYJ and be able to answer the question about the lawsuit. Not many people would help protect JYJ over there while some antis are passionately convincing newbies and potentially JYJ/TVXQ fans to anti site, seed them with wrong concept over the lawsuit. This is very dangerous but I guess we just have to let people learn about the real JYJ and the real lawsuit. If they are irrational to believe in those rumours, they don’t deserve to be JYJ fans.


– C-JeS and SM

People seems to forget that C-JeS is a very small company, established in merely 2 years. I even doubt that they got more than 20 permanant employee as of now. While they should have done better in any cases, we must also not forget that JYJ themselves also got part in decision over their activities. I found it’s too extreme to blame C-JeS in some cases (e.g. World Tour in Indonesia, Singapore), especially when people hardly know the fact behind the scene. Also, I think people have the right to doubt JYJ decision. I don’t think they would be able to make 100% right and good at all to the fans but hopefully, they would try their best and things turn out to be ok.

I can’t yell at SM all the time too. I find it’s become SM fans against JYJ fans in so many cases which is understandable. I don’t like SM but I think their marketing strategy is wise although greedy. You make everyone believe in SM family so when someone exile from the family, those becomes betrayers. At the same times, JYJ fans extremely bashed SM without much reasons too. As much as I think SM is such a bad governance company, I don’t think it’s proper as JYJ fans to tarnish every single thing that SM does. I don’t want it to be like JYJ against the world for real, although at some degree, JYJ are already there.


– Less Freedom for JYJ, Sadness of JYJ, ????

I have this ridiculous post with a person in Allkpop Forum a few weeks ago. She said that JYJ made a wrong decision and they have less freedom, barely making a mark in the entertainment industry after being JYJ. So this lawsuit is not really about freedom but JYJ sabotage their 5 years of hard work as TVXQ and friendship with Homin.

my response:

From JYJ interview this year and around November last year.

Jaejoong just said recently, “I just learn how happy to be free”
Yoochun said many times that he was so happy even though he had to work hard and get through this and if he had to go back and choose again, they would do exactly the same.
Junsu also said they know before the lawsuit that this would be a long long fight and they even prepared to fight for 10 years. + ready to go out of the entertainment industry if there are no way out.

They know that they would be blocked and they know that this lawsuit could mean the end of their career. Still, they chose this path.

I think they looked depressed in 2009-2010. But then, they have learned to enjoy their freedom of speech, freedom of their own activities, freedom in singing and music. It’s not about freedom that people allow you to do something but more about freedom that you can choose whatever to do with your life even others give you restriction.

And for their music. lol. You won’t see any idol out their do their entire album and even being a producer of their own album soon…I don’t know whether it could call that they didn’t grow musically. (Plus if you see their fancam, they grow rapidly every freaky concert. I mean city by city, something, some adlib added every concert!)

Yes, maybe they won’t sell as much as they used to do and less impact on music industry because all lack of promotion and restriction. (Although their Music Essay sold 150,000 copies with 1 version) But I won’t be so sure about JYJ barely make any mark in the industry. (Mozart!, Tears of Heaven – Musical industry. SKKS is a big hit in Korea even low rating. Sunao Ni Narenakute make people know about “Doctor” and some don’t even know “Tohoshinki”. Got praise and award in acting, musical. Being producer, director of their own tour…without a proper promotion…)

I wonder whether she would understand why JYJ got many concerts. It’s true that they got restricted but as Yoochun said, having their own stage/concert is more significant than any variety show. Their true talent can be shined brightest on the stage.


– Luxury House, Cars, Recording Studio

This week, we got news about JYJ buying many tangible asset and some people said they are showing off. The more ridiculous comment is this question “What was that about being underpaid?”


I literally laugh out loud when I read this question. Seems like someone still think that JYJ is under SM and they rarely worked during the past 2 years of the lawsuit. Some fans concern that they should use their money wisely which kind of understandable.

So I did try to calculate their income, based on my own assumption which inflate their costs and reduce their paid. Even so, I still got something like over 3,000,000 USD over the past 6 months in 2011. (3hree Voices II DVD, Their Rooms, World Tour, 3 CFs) I already deduct C-JeS operational expense, Prain, Lawsuit expense, cost of good sold, Concert expense. Since they don’t have much promotion, it actually reduced many possible promotional expenses.

This is not included their solo activities because I have no idea how much an actor would get from the drama production. Junsu should have get a lot more with his musical. Jaejoong also got Intermodulation last year. (That photobook could have get him great amount of fortune with only 20,000 sold.) Yoochun also got photobook last year and TiO CF. Even if they don’t get much chance on variety shows, their paid is still higher than most idols in korea. (And…remember that they gave 600,000,000 won = about 530,000 USD for the charity in Japan only. Their income is absolutely a lot more than that.)

Anyway, recording studio is great investment for their career. Renting a studio might cause them a lot of money. Why don’t spend it on your own so you can use it any time. With this they can be more experiment in their recording and that’s great for their music. (I just hope they won’t turn to be another LP that uses at least 1 year before they can get a studio album lol.)

Houses and cars: these are things they should have had a long long time ago. They are Asian stars for a long time. Most of popular singers in my country afford to buy this kind of prestige asset within 2-3 years. It’s 8 years already since their debut.

2 years as JYJ = own house, own cars, own recording studio

6 years as TVXQ = rental apartment living with 6 people, company cars.
(The Audies were present in SM names, not their own cars. As expenses, SM can use it for tax cut.)

– Nameless Songs Part I

I wonder why people claimed that this song is too personal to be a song at the first place. I just get back to see some music from Eminem. I guess many girls just don’t get that music is always personal. It’s a way to express people lives, love, lust, longing, and lots of l-words, if you can think of it more. lol *get bricked*

Seriously, I don’t understand why some OT5 got so joyful when Yoochun insert DBSK name in Nameless Song Part I. Did they really forget the meaning of that song? They said Yoochun said DBSK = Yoochun keeps the faith in DBSK(5). I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem logical.



– In the end, it’s JYJ

As many people got away from the fandom, I can’t expect that JYJ would grow fast and get enough fan for everything within just 1 years from their real beginning. (1st activities as JYJ was on 11 October 2011.) I doubt that general public would be able to learn about JYJ and accept them as JYJ, not just 3 members of TVXQ in any time soon. I still have to use TVXQ to explain with random people about JYJ.

Sometimes I still wonder whether they would be ok if they are not as famous as they used to be. But I guess, they have that in mind when they started the lawsuit. Some people would blame them for destroy one of the most talent boy group in Korea. Particularly, some TVXQ fans blame them for destroying their “precious” group, “precious” friendship. It’s not going to end any time soon. Somehow I really feel thankful for those OT5 who love 5 members but not to keep 5 members together.

Regardless those hatred, insecured feeling, I still bet that in the end, it’s JYJ that will go on stronger. However, they have to watch out every single move in their career. One failure of individual project might break all momentum they got so far.

Time will tell.

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5 Responses to My rant on some fandom issues (2) (Individual Fandom, Twitter Effect, C-JeS and SM, etc)

  1. MangoJuice says:

    Real you are the best :333

  2. dhy says:

    and today, i’ve finally made a new twitter acc just to stalk the fandom… LOL..

    i can’t help to be curious since knowing how fast news (and rumours of course) spread via twitter… even much faster than jyj3.. LoL

    so real, i’ve been stalking your wordpress site eversince like forever.. now it’s time to stalk. your twitter acc.. LOL.. 😉

  3. ريومة جيجو says:

    XD XD XD

  4. Alice says:

    I really wish you would write more often and make this wordpress become more popular. You have amazing insights and very knowledgeable!

  5. Ling says:

    i just stumbled upon your blog and found out that u actually look much deeper and point out much more stuff than other jyj/homin fans. it can be so frustrating reading comments from jyj stans bashing sm for every single minor thing that happen or for pretty much everything negative thing that happen under the sun. thats ridiculous. i know sm is a big company with influences, but i doubt they can really cause the moon to disappear from flick of a finger.

    and also, im very convinced homin have NOTHING to do wif what sm does so why bash them? its really ridiculous how fans must now either be jyj stan and hate homin or homin stan and hate jyj. why cant we support both groups, support their songs, activities and stop trying to force them to reunite? after all, its pretty clear both group have different goals and different values in life.

    me, i am more of a homin fan. but do i hate jyj? not at all. i respect their decision, even found it admirable how far their willing to go to break free. im happy that they’re finally getting paid properly, im proud they are venturing out into new fields. if only jyj stans and homin stans could all be like this…

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