Don’t say that we are denying JYJ’s past as TVXQ. It’s you that deny JYJ’s present!

I’m so irritated with some comments in this MV. (and many JYJ videos in general)
It has been almost a year after the first official press release from JYJ side about how they are now ex-member of TVXQ.
It’s true that JYJ is from TVXQ as in Jaejoong’s twitter profile. JYJ fans can’t deny that and we won’t deny that neither.
To be honest, you can call me selfish all you want, but I’m not generous enough to support any entity related to SM Entertainment. I don’t want any single cent from my wallet to increase SM Entertainment income. I don’t have that much money to support a company that tries to hinder such talent 3 young guys.
I’m still thankful for the one who truly support all 5 members of TVXQ5 until now because I know that JYJ fans are not strong enough to fill the whole stadium in Thailand.
Believe me, there are lots of great supporters like that here.
Those fantastic fans on my timeline never force me to love all 5 members. They just accept the present.
They simply support 2 different entities, help JYJ on their fan base and support HM in their own way.
Support all 5 doesn’t mean keep saying that JYJ fans have to support HM or HM fans have to support JYJ.
You can called us JYJ stans, called HM fans as HM stans, but you’re not really better than us. You are also TVXQ5 stans.
I don’t beg you to forget the past or give up your hope for the future.
All I hope is you to respect JYJ works as JYJ at the moment.
Respect their present not the name in the past.
Respect them to the name that they already chose by themselves.
How many time you need to hear Yuchun’s the most important phrase in Unnamed Song Part I “In the end, it’s JYJ” to understand that?
How many days, weeks, months, years, you want JYJ stay with their old name instead of promote them and help them build up their name as JYJ?
Why should JYJ keep help promote the name of TVXQ in their youtube vid now?
I’ll just quote my own words again and again…
To answer the question about what JYJ fans will do when all 5 members come back together again:
“We will try to see whether we can change our feeling if that happens, but please stay with the present. Today, at the moment, this is JYJ video. Get Out is a track in JYJ’s album. Have you seen the pics inside IN HEAVEN album? There is a sentence “THIS IS JYJ’s ALBUM” and we are proud of that.”

Some fans should understand: Nobody is denying their past but some fans keep deny JYJ present as JYJ.
They are not just 3 out of 5 members of the group named “TVXQ” anymore. Now, they are 3 members of a trio called JYJ.
JYJ fans don’t deny the fact that JYJ is from TVXQ. We just love them as JYJ.
We are helping JYJ making the name of JYJ become known & get out of the shadow of the name that somebody else already claimed to keep.
Don’t say we deny JYJ’s past or JYJ’s friends. It’s you that deny JYJ’s present and JYJ existance!”






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8 Responses to Don’t say that we are denying JYJ’s past as TVXQ. It’s you that deny JYJ’s present!

  1. Thanks for your wise words Real~

  2. Ika_JJ says:

    I love this post ^__^

  3. one_nee says:

    wow wow wow!!! yes!! i love this. just like a saying, “living in present not in the past”, and that what JYJ do, living their live as JYJ, Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu.

  4. I know! I share your exact sentiments! Thank you for writing this post. Super like!

  5. daebaksama says:

    Gawd, you are an insightful amazing person! Thanks for your wonderful words.

    My Twitter profile reads this: 100% JYJ love and support: 33.3% for JaeJoong; 33.3% for YooChun; 33.3% for JunSu. I respect their past as 東方神起. I support their present and future.
    I want to add that I also respect the other 2boys as human beings. But, I am a JYJ supporter, so that’s what it comes down to it.

  6. Alice says:

    Thank you so much for this post. This is exactly how I think! 😀

  7. Now I get what you’re trying to say .. you want to show JYJ that even if they are not with TVXQ you still love them for being themselves .. now I can’t argue with that but what you don’t get is that being a JYJ fan does not mean you have to hate HoMin .. you should support JYJ if that is the side you choose but what is the point of hating HoMin .. it’s not like JYJ stated that there is a war going between them .. no I clearly remember that JYJ said they will support their friend’s comeback & that they are not working as a contest between them but they are working hard to live up to the name of TVXQ .. so as I said u can love them but what makes u a stan is the fact that you hate the other two .. why won’t everyone concentrate on who they love & forget everyone else .. it’s pointless to hate them especially when your oppars can never hate them … and no one asked you to support HoMin just leave them alone & don’t bash them ( I’m sure not all JYJ fans bash HoMin but unfourtunatly all those who I came across seemed to hate the other two ) ..

  8. treie says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your post…

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