To some YunJae shipper…




I just got to read some YunJae stan opinion about this vid.

“Shy boy, JJ !! when cass shouted ‘Yunho'”

And I’m done.

I was there in the studio that day. I don’t think international fans would understand what really happened that some YJ stan has destroyed Jaejoong’s reputation in Thailand.

To be honest, I don’t know and don’t care whether JJ is homosexual or YJ is real or not but some of YJ stans were very impolite. Things in the clip is only a part of what happened that day. Before the recording, some of YJ stan called JJ “Yunho’s wife” and shouted that to the outsider who is national TV program host. Some of YJ stan answered the host question about JJ last name as “Jung Jaejoong”. They even showed the host ps-ed picture of YunJae kiss. The host was so confused. (These happened before the real filming and JJ was not there yet.) And right now, the rumour that JJ is gay spreading among Thai entertainment business entity. (Edit: Only the part about rumour spreading among Thai entertainment business circle that I have no prove because it’s just spreading by personal talk. So let’s not exaggarate it. Other than that, people can try to ask fans who waited at the studio since 9am to see whether it really happened.)

Good job.

Can anyone tell me that this could count as the behaviour of those who said they love JJ?

Apparently, that’s the behaviour of the one who only love themselves and want people to satisfy their own fantasy.
(By this, I don’t say every YJ fans are alike…some of them like YJ a lot but they know when and where they should admire YJ in the right way.)

You might say, what’s wrong about being a homosexual? Please open your eyes to the reality…Both JJ and YH are called “public figure”. Some narrow-minded people still don’t except the homosexual and even become anti. Yes, you might want to prove that YJ is real BUT please be respectful to them when they are not only among fans. They also have their own reputation to keep. They are singers as profession, not just 2 unknown people.

Even if they are real, do you really thing it’s a fan responsibility to announce it to the whole world? Sorry, and even when YJ said that in couple talks that they didn’t like rumours like this, some of you still ignore that phrase as if they didn’t say it anyway.

One thing I wonder, why most of YJ stan don’t even dare to shout JJ name in front of YH? I hardly see any vid where YJ fans shout JJ names in front of YH?

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[My own Review] Their Rooms: Music Essay

This writing/ranting suppose to be posted on TheJYJFiles but I feel that it’s a bit inappropriate somehow because basically, it’s my own ranting with many personal feeling. So I will leave it to TheJYJFiles staff whether they would post this.
A few months ago, one of my dear friend told me that she still didn’t consider JYJ as artists, mainly because her definition of artist is not only the one who compose/write/sing a song but artist should be able to create art and determine his/her own music direction. So even if Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu started compose some songs for DBSK/THSK since a few years ago, they were not counted really an artist, not yet, not at that time.
Somehow I agree with her. There is always argument among K-idol fans, just because you don’t want them to be idol, you want them to be superior but it can’t be denied that at the end, they are still idols. Just because one of a boyband can compose a few songs/ write some lyrics here and there, some fans think they can put their idols up high.


I used to be one of those fans…too.
Actually, I really love Jaejoong and Yoochun composition before I really get into the fandom. “Kiss Shitaa Mama, Sayonara”  has been one of a few songs I could replay whole day since 2008. It is a utterly heartbreaking but simply beautiful. I didn’t even know that they took part in composition and arrangement so I am pretty sure that my feeling was not biased. I jumped into TVXQ fandom around 2009 when Tohoshinki 4th album: The Secret Code was released. 9095 and Kiss the Baby sky are my favourite tracks before I knew who are the mastermind behind these 2 songs. Strangely, while everyone seems to admire Wasurenaide, I did not appreciate that song much until I heard the Tokyo Dome version. Some ballad composed by them could sound a bit generic to me.
However, during the confusion era of 2009-2010, JYJ composition has become more and more diversified. From a peaceful lovey-dovey piece like “Colors, Melody and Harmony” to sexy naughty R&B dance like “Intoxication“, dark-deep confusing song, including Pop, R&B, Ballad composed by Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu in “The Beginning”.
I particularly love “Shelter“. I like the layer that mixed together neatly and it’s probably counted as the first group work of JYJ. Jaejoong and Junse composed this song. (Well, Junsu just went to Jaejoong room while Jaejoong was composing this song and hum a melody that become a hook of that song. lol.) And you got “Theories of Porno” rap from Yoochun.
Still, I didn’t see JYJ true music colors much during the time when they were under SM and AVEX. It was until “The Beginning”, the album that many fans said it’s a flop, at least in term of artistry. Personally, I would rate that album as another so-so album with some particular great track. “Ayyy Girl” has great sound engineering but need better arrangement, plus it does sound unfinished. Most people tend to admire “Empty” more.
From then, I get the perception that JYJ music would become more and more like an experiment, with the strong base – the beautiful melody. It’s quite amazing that JYJ are self-taught composer. Yoochun and Jaejoong don’t even know how to read and write the music notes properly. They composed songs by playing cords and melody that they like, then record it in their harddisk.
Before going into the detail, there is one thing that’s irritated me  is that people tend to judge the song/sound mixing by what they heard from youtube.
 I can’t listen to Nine and Fallen Leaves when the full songs were uploaded on youtube for the first time because the uploader didn’t care much about the sound quality. As a result, the production company of this album was bashed because some listener judge the song quality from the first uploader. Some even said it’s the problem when they don’t have SM and AVEX behind their back. – -“)

It’s easy to recognize if you have listened to the original preview in with your headset. Obviously, YOUTUBE VID =/= CD QUALITY. I ripped mp3 from my own CD with 320bps rate. highest quality on itune. Their songs quality is top-notch, especially the arrangement and sound mixing. Still some room to improve in term of vocal design but so far, this album is very great considering that this is their 1st mile stone of their full self-composition/written/arrangement/produce album.

(Here, finally find someone who upload pretty good sound quality of this song and the rest of the songs on Youtube.)


There is a reason why many people like a song that is written by the singer himself. When he sings that song, he would be the one who know that song the best, especially when that song straightly comes from the composer own experience. The level of sincerity in each word, each phrase, each sentence would deeply pierce into the listener’s soul. Especially when those singers are already the ones who could sing all emotion within any song out like nobody’s business. That is the exact reason why “Their Rooms: Music Essay” got a lot of admiration from an old soul like me.



It’s the real opening song for JYJ. With “JYJ dance now”. This song is composed and arranged by Junsu while the lyric was written by his twin-brother Zuno. (As credit in the book.) Strong beat, fast tempo, (with an ipod headset, you would lose some of its charm as the bass would be too low to capture.)

What I really like about this song is the intro, the key, the engine, the drift, remind me of Fast and the Furious. (This song would suit well as OST.) Also the vocal design for this song, especially the part “You make me feel SHOCKED” and the arrangement of this song are quite interesting. One thing that seems to be noticable as Junsu’s song is the string instrument added in the music part. Somehow, this become a gimmick of Junsu’s fast beat song.
Once you listen to the song, you will feel your heart rate increasing crazily, just like the lyric, beat beat crazily. That’s why I listened to this song to make myself awake while driving or working in the office.

I remember listening to this song from fancam in 27 November 2010 and immediately thought that it would suit the closing ceremony of Asian Games perfectly. (I was watching the ceremony while having dinner that day.) As Jaejoong described, this song reminds me of some old school song with all basic chord. The only problem I have about this song is Jaejoong’s high note at the bridge. It seems a bit shaky and out of the place. That’s exactly why I don’t really enjoy this song much even though the chorus is beautiful with JYJ harmony.


My favourite track of this album. I love the music since the first time I heard it from the fancam. I even love it more with the meaningful and strong lyric. Plus the arrangement sounds amazing. (Multi-layer arrangement + left to right ear sound mixing + piano base.) If you listen to the chorus closely, you would here Jaejoong super high note harmonize with middle tone Junsu and slightly low tone of Yuchun.


“Fallen Leaves”
Apparently, Junsu got a lot influences from musical as you can see from his composition. Fallen Leaves reminds me of “I Can Soar”. Honestly, I like this song at some verse and some verse sound a bit boring to me. (And this is from a ballad sucker.) While I think the song is beautiful the arrangement is a bit weird around the bridge. (When they started to put electronic guitar + heavy drum in the instrument.)
But still, this song is indeed beautiful with their emotional voice, especially Junsu’s voice.



Another weird title from Jaejoong. lol.
And someone said that this song sounds like Pierrot which is… of course! Jaejoong tweeted that they were desperately searching for upbeat songs to sing at the concert. Well, after he changed the “supposed-to-be-a-slow-piano-piece” Pierrot to the middle tempo, this guy also splited the song and build another upbeat song based on the same melody. You can here the exact piano notes at the intro of Pierrot starting around 0.48 of this song.
Although Jaejoong didn’t arrange this song by himself, I must praise the arranger who did make the song become more interesting. At first, I opposed to JYJ using autotune so so much but I don’t know why I really enjoy this song which full of autotune. The part that can make me and my friends stop looking at JJ’s intermodulation started at 1:36 and it’s the most obvious autotune part of this song. lol.
And yes, another weird lyric come from a person who has his own world that nobody can really understand. (quoted from Junsu talking about Jaejoong’s composition: 9095)



“Song without a name Part 1”

The emotion and style attached to this song remind me of “The Last Song” from X-Japan. If anyone of you interesting, here it is.
After “The Last Song”, I hardly find any song could capture my heart every time I listen in the same way. Without knowing the lyric, you can feel the clenching and twisting in your stomach. You feel as if you want to cry but your tears fail to fall out of your eyes.

With only a few piano cords + Yuchun’s fierce rap + heavenly voice of Junsu and Jaejoong, obviously this combination is full with surprise and make this 8 minutes long song worth your listening. The censor of the name in the rap, the slightly crack of Junsu’s part make this song raw and real. The emotional that they put into this song is amazing. The chorus is supposed to be something repeative but then each chorus is different from each other with how Jaejoong and Junsu switched their part and changed some note here and there. Some part make you sad, some part is absurdly beautiful, some part make you depressed, some part bring you to the land you want to be.
The lyric is so direct, raw and also full of controversy. People might said this is an excuse but I think the artist suppose to have their freedom to express their feeling. That’s why I don’t agree with some review that said the lyric of this song is too much, too personal. Some might say they sing too much, talk too much, but various powerful feeling they put in this song is undeniable.
This song is obviously a lament…missing, longing, hurting, sobbing, frustrating,…and then calm…goodbye and welcome to the new world where they can be free.



I don’t think this album is perfect. There are still flaws in term of vocal design. (YC and JJ’s in Nine) However, this is a very very good start to show the world what they can do. I’m pretty sure that JYJ fans size would be smaller than when they were a part of TVXQ but these 3 guys have enough potential to stay in entertainment industry where the real artist is supported by casual fans. Fans who appreciate and judge them by their works, singing, composing, acting rather than their personality and personal lives. I won’t say that they would definitely be able to do that completely, but they seem to be on the right road for that.
Hopefully, they can survive in the music industry because these 3 guys are really talent and their passionate in music is real.
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I just become sth like a troll last night. lol.

I just become sth like a troll last night. lol.

I stepped in a Homin’s fan blog out of curiousity since someone in my T-list tweeted that link. I thought it might be a good idea to post sth there…but obviously, it’s not.

I’m tired to type in english although I should be rational enough to explain to her again. I won’t. Because, yes, it’s obviously wasted my time. Maybe I’m a troll. I don’t like those illogic, irrational reasons so I stated my disagreement…but I should learn to ignore them. (Plus, sometimes I just want to rant and won’t be logical and rational as I try to do. lol)

Funny how people cut and summarized their idols interviews to make sure that their idols look good. Is that really the way fandom should do? Sometimes, staying positive could mean being ignorance.

I might disagree with some JYJ actions and fans. I just learn to accept that and move on supporting JYJ.

Why can’t fans just accept their flaw and continue supporting them? (By this, I mean both HM fans and JYJ fans.) It’s like you want to support them so you have to insist to yourself that they have least flaw possible. And sometimes, people doing so by discredit the others. I accept JYJ flaws, (they do have many!) and move on support their music. But yes, I want to clear their rumours and I won’t be tolerant to those antis who tried to put JYJ down or bias fans who try to discredit site like TheJYJFiles too. I saw some fans tried to discredit TheJYJFiles by comparing TheJYJFiles with that famous anti-jyj blog, as if TheJYJFiles is anti-HM. *roll eyes*

Being realistic is the beginning of Being positive.

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Super emotional post about twitter incident

This post is not sugarcoated. It’s full of emotional…because this is my personal blog.
On the 6th of January….these are Junsu’s tweets.
(Junsu) Till now, I believed that.. it wasn’t true.. it couldn’t be true.. We all used to share the same thought that.. they are the enemy of all five of us ..It seems they were not the enemy to all of us.. To show thanks.. to that which we all once considered to be our enemy… Many things must have happened during the times we were not together.. I feel so worn out; (5:27pm KST)
(Junsu) I’m trying to think.. hear.. and see only good things.. I’ve been doing that till now.. But I’m finding that so hard to do today.. Though we are apart ..This isn’t right hyung… We used to share the same thoughts.. Why.. Why.. Why are you doing this.. (5:30pm KST)
(Junsu) I must love everything.. I must embrace everything.. I must embrace all of that.. That’s what I should do.. ^^ (6:40pm KST)
(Junsu) On our beautiful dream, all this is, is an ordeal we must face right now.. When the flowers fall, we will start again.. start again.. start again.. again.. we have to (6:42pm KST)
Source: [Junsu‘s Twitter]
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I actually don’t fond of the way Junsu wrote at first because it would definitely create more controversy. But something must be really hard to believe to make Junsu tweet like that. The fact that Junsu was the one who wrote those tweet are probably the most surprising and depressing at the same time. If it was Jaejoong or Yoochun who wrote this one, people might just think that they become emotional once in a while and don’t really pay much attention of what’s going on. (I even shed some tears because Junsu’s tweet.) 
The fact that “hyung” in Junsu’s tweet cannot be anyone else…Sometimes fans try hard to blind their own rational mind…. how could people think that he didn’t refer to Yunho? Out of “all five of us”, Junsu only called “Yunho-hyung” and “Jaejoong-hyung”. If you don’t think that hyung means Yunho, then Jaejoong? Ok, maybe he referred to they dreamt of having a great Kitty family together but JJ chooses JiJi and raise JiJi alone? (Such a lame joke!)
Then today, SM artists just come out…
“I can’t just let this pass.. ..Little brother, this is really not right…. Who’s at blame here? Don’t pretend to be upset. Who do you think is really hurt….? You’re so ungrateful, how could you do this…?” Sim Jaewon via twitter/ retweet by BoA
“I’m leaving this message because I think they went too far.. Can they not remember in the old days when we comforted each other and promised to work hard.. We who were initially just happy to practice.. Did they lose us who dreamed of being on television once…I hope they look in the mirror and think again whether they lost their original aspiration~ I understood them when they hurt us by leaving without a word to find their own path and I forgave them because of my affection for all the times we had together.. I don’t know why they are making those who’s silently working hard look like fools by saying all those astonishing lies and hurtful words.” Sungmin (Super Junior) via cyworld
“Enemy ( 敵 ) : relative wanted to fight / hurt the others. Know some guilt (背恩忘德) : Showing kindness, but at the end it’s betrayed. In other words, hurting / fighting your own relative means betraying them, which are my family.” Shindong (Super Junior) via twitter Source: Newsen via Daum Media, Shindong’s Twitter
 “I’m getting so frustrated, so I’m going to write a few things…
No matter how I see it, this isn’t right.
How could you repay kindness with ingratitude…
Do you really not feel who they are and how much they’ve cared for you?
It’s inevitable for everyone to change, but I’m getting scared now.
They started this because they liked music and the stage, but where has that all disappeared to now?
It’s upsetting, truly…” Trax’s Jungmo via mini-homepage  (Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum (1) (2), Asia Economy via Daum Credits: Allkpop)
Sim Jaewon, BoA, Shindong, Sungmin, Jungmo….If you called any of JYJ a liar, ingratitude, why don’t you just come up and speak your truth instead of just said that through your social network?
People are talking about freedom of speech, how Sim Jaewon, BoA, Sungmin SJ, Shindong SJ shouldn’t be bashed because if we said Junsu can let out his emotional in his twitter, what the SM artists are doing is just the same.
Oh…people keep saying their SM IDOLS don’t have much freedom of speech to support their friends…since when they have so much more freedom of speech to insult their old friends????
Then, people said the one who talked shit about Junsu probably know more than anyone out here, so they want to protect Homin. Some fans said, these artists might know the truth, well which side ot the truth?

SM truth? JYJ truth? ot the real truth?

One thing for sure, they are knowing more and more about SM sides, what SM said…have they even contact any of JYJ after the lawsuit? Or even before the lawsuit? Do they even know anything at all? I mean, yes, they are in SM, so maybe they just know whatever SM wants them to know.

“Don’t pretend to be upset”   Who is this guy? Why he was so sure that JS pretended to be upset? I’m sure that everyone feel upset about the situation and that also includes Junsu!!!
Sorry, Sungmin and Shindong, even your own member didn’t have enough confident to tell you that he wanted to commit suicide and he wanted to come out of your family. I can see it clearly why.
Sorry I don’t even think they protect HoMin by doing this. It must be that they are either stupid or so naive to think that by ganging up Junsu, people would believe that your family is a good and great one. Maybe only delusional SM family stans would believe that. Their behaviour just send the wrong signal to HoMin and fans won’t feel like support them anymore.
Those words are actually the same content and pattern…

Asking why JYJ don’t remember the good old day? >> why don’t be more grateful? >> LIAR.

I’m glad JYJ have friends like Ayumi Hamazaki, Naoya AAA, those celebrities in Japan who still with them even JYJ were cut out of Japan, rather than SM Friends who could bite their neck to save their own lovely family.
For me, all SM Family bond with JYJ end when they just sit back and watch the owner of their family put so much effort to destroy JYJ future in Korea while all SM town artists enjoy better contracts that is a benefit from JYJ’s lawsuit and Cassiopeia’s movement. 
JYJ should feel betrayed and shouldn’t care with any so-called friends who have stayed still in silent while SM tried to destroy JYJ’s career in Korea. (Funny how JYJ just thanks to BoA for their advancement in Japan and then, she retweet that quote which include “You’re so ungrateful”)
Sorry, I don’t think see any of SM artists really support Yunho or Changmin by doing this. Those artists are just protecting their safe haven aka their lovely SM Family reputation.

There are tons of ways to protect Yunho and Changmin that doesn’t involve with intentionally bashing Junsu.

(And to some fans who said they’re glad HM got support from SM Town’s friend who bash Junsu. Don’t even say you love 5 members then. Don’t be such a hypocrite

And sorry, I still don’t believe that Junsu is a traitor or a liar.


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Life is hard, but life is still going on…

I do respect all fans who are really supporting all 5 members, I really do…a lot.
At the same time, it’s hard to understand some behaviour of those 5 supporters, like those ones who trolled in to Mr.Egg twitter, asked him to help tweet #DBSK…
He is a friend, a supporter of JYJ. Obviously, before SM and Avex announcement of the existance of DBSK-Tohoshinki as 2 members, it would be a thin line between dbsk-jyj because everyone would still understand that DBSK = 5. Now in the official announcement, of those 2 agencies where DBSK = 2 members …Can you still expect Mr.Egg, as a JYJ supporter, to help doing sth that it’s not really about his friend, then when he refused to do so and asked fans to tweet #JYJ, some cassies just bashed him until he deleted his tweet.
And yes, someone should asked him to stop using “Cassies” as refer to JYJ supporters.
Obviously, I’m a JYJ fan but not a Cassie.
Well, actually, it depends…
If you mean Cassie = always support 5, I dare say that many fans, JYJ fans, Yunho fans, Changmin fans…they are not Cassie.
From individual activities, you cannot deny those individual or sub-unit fan existance. It depends whether they included in Cassies definition.
And even before the lawsuit, you can’t deny that some of those official 800,000 Cassiopeias are only a member fans, not 5 members.
Here, I dare say …that is the fact. That is the reality.
By saying this, I do understand that it’s not about right or wrong.
I do understand that Cassies who support 5 members, always know that DBSK = 5 members.
However, please accept the reality that non-fans would only see DBSK = 2 now.
And there will be Cassies who only knows that DBSK = 2 members in the future, as well as those JYJ fans who like them as JYJ themselves, not just because they are 3 members from DBSK(5).
You can bash me because I’m actually saying this as a proud JYJ fans.
However, if they are coming back as 5 voices, no matter what name they are in, I would be blessed…because I love their voices together.
Sometimes life is just hard. *sigh* But as long as your heart still beat, life is going on…
P.S. I’m so glad with JYJ tweets about their real lives and feeling…especially about stalkers …here you go boys!
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Greedy? Betrayal?

There is someone who are trying to convince me that JYJ betrayed HoMin, not just by filing the lawsuit but also create bad rumours about Homin, lipservice to fans, try to be fake all along. They said their actions and words didn’t go together. Some said JYJ just greedy because they want money to buy brandname stuff, super cars, houses, etc.
I always try to ask myself whether I am fooled by JYJ image…but then, I always find these fanaccounts, blogs….
[Fanaccount] 101115 New Yorker Staff, “The One in Room 2330 is a Really Nice Person”.
“…Fan service is smiling for the cameras, being ever friendly in a switched on star mode… but when a cleaner in a hotel, someone who is often bypassed by most tourists who come and go, tell you the story of a star who has taken the time to know about him and asks about his well being behind closed doors on a daily basis, lies truly a kind person with a good heart … and that person is Micky…”
[Trans] 101126 JYJ Twitter Update.
+ Some encouraging tweets from Jaejoong’s friends ^^
(Mao) @mjjeje So that’s it-!! The LIVE starts tomorrow? Do well ok♪
(Fukutaro) @mjjeje Everyone in the ’85-ers Club – “Jejung!!!! Do well for tomorrow’s LIVE!!!! (≧▽≦)/ Our hearts are close to you !!!! fight!!!!!!!!!
[Trans] 101119 Fuji TV’s Announcer’s Blog on JYJ Showcase in NY.
“…We were unaware of what happened to them who have been working so hard. Fans were caught in a hard situation because they’ve been involved in a regrettable circumstance that lead to a halt on their activities at the moment.
I’m just saying this again, but none of them was at fault. Rather, I’d say that they are thriving their best.
At that time, I was in charge of the Entertainment corner at Tokudane!, and the staff and I were trying to bring them in.
However, because of some reasons which I can’t reveal in details, it is impossible to have them continue with their activities in Japan right now
Of course, the staff didn’t have any bad intention, because they could naturally express themselves in Korean, and the staff could also understand what they said.
We had no choice but agreed to it. After we have settled the condition and the interview setting has been set, the 3 of them suddenly started to continuously complain to the staff.
After having us wait for 10 minutes, they said that the interview would be conducted and answered in Japanese.
I whispered to ask Yuchun, and it turned out that, they have persuaded the staff for our sake.
He told me, “Although we are in the US, it has been a long time since they were able to communicate with Japanese fans. We’ve been doing our best to study Japanese, so even if our Japanese is bad, we’d like to answer in Japanese.”
They haven’t changed.
They are still the polite and straightforward people that I met in Tokudane! studio back then…”
[Fanaccount] Mozart! A Story of Junsu’s Practice.

This is one of the reasons why it’s hard to believe that JYJ are greedy, selfish, cold-hearted betrayal as some people said.

People who really got in touch with them, work with them, befriend with them…amazed by them, adore them and love them. This news from the staff, the japanese announcer blog, twitter with lots of love and support from their friends, korean, japanese, american…IDK…they must have super good acting skill to be able to fool people around 24/7.
Then, what about these people?
– Some managers left SM with them.
– AtoZ (Korean dancer team who were with DBSK from very early stage) joined JYJ dancing crew. (One of AtoZ member are co-choreograph Intoxication.)
Or…maybe JYJ bought them with fame and money?
Then, I saw these happened after SM and AVEX denounced them.
– AVEX artists, Ayumi Hamazaki, Naoya (AAA) still talked with Jaejoong via twitter. They even flew to Korea to support JYJ showcase in Seoul.
– Japanese lyricist-composer, Inoue, wrote a blog longing for JYJ.
There are really many reactions from these people who have first-hand experience with them, who really know them behind the stage, behind the camera. These reactions just don’t fit with the statement “JYJ are bad people who destroy their friends and keep lying to their fans.”
I mean, why on earth Ayumi Hamazaki should flied to Seoul to support them? She doesn’t need money, fame, whatsoever. What’s good for her to support JYJ?
I keep asking myself why?
What about “JYJ are greedy, they want more money to buy luxury things, did their own business, so they filed the lawsuit”?
It’s true that JYJ bought houses, drove super cars, use brandname clothes and accessories.
But…most brandname clothes and accessories are from fans and JYJ have their own money.
If all 3 of them were really greedy, Junsu wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit.
He got everything in SM. He has talent. Koreans love him. Definitely, he would be a respectable solo singer after TVXQ don’t want to be along.
Jaejoong could have stayed in Japan. General people knows him.
Yoochun could have stopped doing everything and keep himself with business.
Some people said when they filed lawsuit against SME, they might have thought that they have AVEX back them up, so everything would be alright. Partially true, but that’s not what would happened to be better in their homeland anyway. See how SM blocked JTL, Shinhwa, they wouldn’t expect things to run smoothly like that in Korea.
I don’t see them as angels but I don’t see them as evil as some HoMin stans who becomes JYJ antis see.
I don’t know why people just don’t let each of them go.
It’s almost 3am…I should just go to bed. I have no idea I am typing anymore. lol
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TVXQ = 2 Now…

Can I say that I was actually happy with this news?
I think it’s time for HoMin to sing.
I’m so happy that everything would be clearer from now on.
Both sides choose sides and it is the fact that they choosed a different way.
3 people want to go out of the old company.
2 people want to stay at the old company.
Most of all, I’m glad that JYJ don’t have to put “TVXQ” name on their own.
Surely, they will have to begin with JYJ name. With old fanbase but not the old name. They will be a rookie again.
While TVXQ(2) would be able to catch the attention immediately because their name, they would have to live up the name.
That could be burdensome.
Just wonder…what about “BigEast” and “Cassiopeia”?
(I’m an official BigEast now.)
Actually, I’m too happy with the news about TVXQ comeback as 2.
Seems like many JYJ fans are truly happy about this news…to the point that I’m really wondering whether is alright that we couldn’t careless about the whole messy fandom. I mean, it was as if we don’t have feeling regards HoMin news anymore…
Don’t have feeling >> Don’t care >> just nothing else.
Maybe many fans just tired of the mess.
I can see the one who get the reality – support all 5 members in their different way, or choose to stick with their bias but not really voice out their opinion in public.
Lots of fans might be upset about the news of TVXQ as 2 members.
Lots of fans are so happy about HoMin comebacks.
I see the changing among fans…HoMin gain so much more sympathy as they rarely did anything related to music in 2010. So they should have some good amount of support. Also they would get some bash, which is not pretty much. (Most fans dislike SM, not HoMin.)
I still don’t get why some fans complained that HoMin got bashed the most with everything they did…where were those fans in April…or after the lawsuit?…JYJ got called whatever the worst word you can find in every websites! As much as I don’t think they are angels, I don’t think they are that evil to deserve those words. JYJ got both love and hate in every things they’ve done too.
Fans should support who ever they want…
If you love 5, want to support all 5, just do so.
If you love HoMin and want to support them, not JYJ..just do so.
If you love JYJ and want to support them, not HoMin…just do so.
If you love dbsk as 5 and don’t want to support neither JYJ nor Homin…just do so.
You cannot force anyone to support them as the way you want.
And keep in mind…
Once a biased fan bashed the others, your beloved member got some hatred feeling from the reader.
Now…I don’t support 5-1=0, 5-2=0, 5-3=0…just let them grow on their own feet.
Let them do whatever they want to do, whatever they decided to do.
And SM…why don’t you let JYJ go?
Even if in the statement, SM shouldn’t use such reason to make it logical and rational for HoMin to use TVXQ name.
I wouldn’t see SM this bad if they didn’t try to block JYJ from release their album. That’s how the company just don’t let them go.
Seriously, if SM wants some revenge toward JYJ, they should make new TVXQ new album to be perfect and sound greater than the old TVXQ album.
From now on…
p.s. Funny how my used-to-be Yunho biased friend said sth like “So now, who is the one riding TVXQ fame?”…I guess both sides are equal then. lol.
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Never pretend this is all real…

Never forget where you’re coming from…
Never pretend this is all real…
Someday soon this will all be someone else’s dream…
Never Forget – Take That
It took 15 years for Take That’s fans to hear this song live with all 5 members.
This is their last single around 1990s era that included Robbie Williams in the credit. However, they have NEVER performed this song live with 5 members. I really like this song since I was so young. I found nothing wrong with Take That performance a couple years ago as 4 people. They didn’t rely heavily as strongest 5 harmony. Normally it’s either one of them as a lead in a song and then the other become chorus. So they were doing extremely well with 4 members.
And yes, it’s good to see them back as five again.
Hey, we’re not invincible. We’re not invincible
when I asked myself whether I would get a chance to see my beloved group come back together like this, one of Take That fans said to me that Que Sera, Sera…Never say never but don’t really keep on hoping about it. Just be happy with the present. If there is no new song, you can always go back to the old song.
And that’s what I’m doing.


Yesterday, someone left a comment in this blog, (in the old post.) She wrote that I’m not the real DBSK fan. Yes, maybe I’m not.
I really want to be just a casual listener. However, I fail. lol. I still want to lurk around in the fandom, get to see JJ and JS’s cats on twitter.  YC’s smile still make me smile brightly even if he’s not my bias. OK…let say I’m a JYJ fans who appreciate DBSK songs. I still listen to DBSK song everyday.
I still have this thought…if DBSK/THSK could sing together once again…I want to attend their concert in Japan, a place where I can enjoy listen to Love in the Ice without lousy scream during YunJae part. I had a chance to listen to the Korean version live last year but somehow fangirl scream really destroyed the magic. I want something like this.
Although this version is not perfect. (I blamed it on JJ. He sang some of his part better in 2009, with longer breathe and stronger voice.) However, I love this version than the others in 2008-2009. For the emotion, I think all of them sang it as it should be, not too strong. It’s warm. You can feel comfort with their love as the lyric said in this version. (And Yoochun’s high note was well sung, not overdone as other version.)


And I want to hear this live…
It’s a song that I fell in love with since I listened to it for the first time.
Love the first verse that Changmin sang in low, soft voice, then Junsu with his smooth voice + superb dynamic.
I really like the part where their harmonized together around 3.35-3.48, and JJ at 4.03 onward…his voice was like another instrument rather than just a singer voice. I’m not sure whether anyone would get want I mean. Yoochun’s voice was deep and raw that made me cry and Yunho soften the song…made it a well-balanced song, not too much whining as it could have been.
Ah…there are lots of songs I wish I could hear they sing it live…
Especially this 2 songs…just like Never Forget….we haven’t had a chance to hear them sing this together live.
Toki wo Tomete
I get what JJ felt when he tweeted that it’s heartbreaking. It’s beautiful.
With All My Heart
Actually I don’t really like this song because it’s obvious that they didn’t record or even prepare this song together. The harmony is a bit off. You expect 5 harmony from Tohoshinki’s song but only JCS and HM harmony in this song.
(But I’m fine with JYJ and HM songs, maybe because I don’t expect much from each of them as much as I expect from DBSK?)
I guess many fans still expect to hear sth like this from JYJ or HM. Sadly, I would be hard to do so. However, I do think each of them has their own magic. Just that it would be different from TVXQ’s magic as five. So it depends on your preference whether you like it or not.
Now, let’s pray that JJ could gain his voice back in time before JYJ concert in Seoul. The stage is where they truly belong.
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2 Concerts + my rant about DBSK/JYJ

Quick thought about everything.

After JYJ Showcase in BKK…I attended David Foster with Friends concert + another free concert which included Thai artists, CN Blue, Super Junior and Enrique Eglesias.

Finally, I got to hear Peter Cetera. I love Chicago…I almost cried when I heard he sang the first verse…”Everybody needs a little time away…” from “Hard to say I’m sorry”. Just that verse and I felt it’s worth every single cent I spent to be there. David Foster is indeed a talent song-writer, producer. I love how he said that he loves to discover new talent. Like 20 years ago, he said to Celine Dion that she would get a chance to sing with Barbara Streisand and everyone would know her by her first name. I like how he played with the crowd. Such a professional guys.

I was able to listen to Charice live for the first time in David Foster concert. I like her voice but I see the problem why someone said that she should find her own voice. This girl is really amazing. However, I got a feeling that she interpreted almost every songs as the same. When she sang “To Love You More” from Celine Dion…I almost got shocked because she did sound pretty much like Celine. Too much alike as if I could just close my eyes and imagine that this was Celine’s voice. My friend asked me whether I prefer “I have Nothing” of Charice over JYJ’s version….here is a problem. Charice is powerful in her own way but I don’t get enough feeling from her singing to make the chill down to my spine. That’s the only thing I wish she could improve with more experiences.

I like Natalie Cole duet with Nate King Cole in Unforgettable. Somehow I wish I could take my mom with me because this is her favourite of all time. But she just doesn’t like being in a long concert.

I love the ending song, “Earth Song”. It’s one of my favourite from MJ.

Funny thing about this concert is that…I got a feeling that I’m so young at this concert. On the contrary to JYJ Showcase when I feel a bit old. lol.

Quick recap to another concert.

CN Blue and SUJU got lots of support that night. They were doing fine. I got pretty close to the stage…maybe even closer than the seat I got in JYJ showcase. (Different venue but pretty close to each other.) I don’t know much about CN Blue but the show is nice.

And I love Enrique Eglesias. I felt so bad for him because most teenagers who attended this concert just didn’t know who he was. They couldn’t sing along and they are waiting for Super Junior. (Enrique sang between CN Blue and SUJU…if I don’t rememeber it wrongly.) However, he is just so professional, world-class artist! He knew how to lift up the whole crowd spirit. He ran to every place he could, jump off the stage to cheer up the crowd and at the end, we have quality time with him. He’s not my favourite singer but I did enjoy his performance very very much.

After that, we got 10 Super Juniors. They sang some of my favourite song, started with Bonamama, No Others, then couple songs I don’t know, then ended up with Sorry Sorry. (I was wondering whey Heechul ran to the back of the stage before Sorry Sorry and then just return when half song was already sang. O_____o)

The problem is …seeing SUJU made me longing for JYJ. I really wish I could fly to Seoul and attend their concert. *sob* My friend who sat next to me is the one who attended Thanksgiving concert with me and we kept talking about how we wish to be in JYJ concert again. Seriously we are so spoiled with those boys quality. I dare say that after attend many high-quality concerts, I just appreciate them more. These boys just got every things. It might sound cliche but they really are on the league of their own. I know that there is still room to improve. But the feeling that they poor into their singing is overwhelming. I dare say no one could block these boys from the stage…as long as they want to sing, there will be tons of people want to attend their live.

A bit about DBSK

 … a rumour about HoMin as DBSK...I feel sorry for them if it’s true. I don’t really feel happy or upset toward this news. I just think people would see that they would be awkward with only 2 members with that name. (I’m wondering how the comeback could be true though. Yunho has his Poseidon project which could occupy his first half of 2011.) Now, DBSK is just a good memory for me. I still listen to their old songs and appreciate five members’ effort and harmony. So I don’t really have much problem about how things go. Just wish that SM stops blocking JYJ in Korea and how I wish JYJ could work in Japan again.

Funny how US showcases turn out to be a good sacrifies for JYJ. (Well, at first, I was crying when I knew about their visa problem. It’s not that funny.) It’s even more funny when they announced the showcase for free and someone kept saying something like “See..they’re not poor as they said…how could they cover all the expense if they didn’t get enough money from SME” lol. These people just forgot that JYJ got concert in Japan, DVDs and a single with Avex. Also Mozart, Sunao Ni Narenakute, Sangkyunkwan Scandal + Showcase in Asia should cause them fortune. Now, it’s even more funny how HoMin stan just keep repeating…JYJ lied to fans, kept fans false hope, betrayed HoMin and left DBSK. Lately, this become their mantra….ok keep saying whatever you want but it’s time to move on. I can say all FIVE of them lied to fans at some point, keep fans false hope at some degree and betrayed each other. But as I always said, these guys are singers, idols and I appreciate them for their work. Not that they could have done anything bad for my life. So I’m just going to enjoy their song, performance, drama, whatever that entertain me.

Now I would go back to JYJ twitter. That’s something really entertaining.

P.S. Note as a translator: JJ almost killed me with his twitter lol.

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Ayyy Girl – MV

Any reader feel like want to discuss about this MV in your blog or here?

Guess I’m the minority who really like this concept. I like everything that everyone seems to detest. I like their androgynous looks, that apron on JS, red lipstick on YC’s lips. While I normally hate CG MV (never appreciate “Share the World” PV), I kind of like this one. (Still, I hate the fake CG at the end of Ayyy Girl MV.)

I would definitely hate the MV if it screamed American-wannabe. Although I agree that this song might suit to the club style MV a lot more but isn’t that sth too predictable? I don’t know how many times I’ve seen clubbing MV with club+dance+hot girl+etc. I like that they utilized their androgynous looks and make it different. Surely, there’ll be tons of controversy but at least give them a try. Plus more controversy = more recognition.

Still, their producer insisted from day-1 that this album is for asian-target. If they got insult in the US, let them be…This is what they choosed. Let them grow as they want!

– Actually I don’t like JJ’s hairstyle…too neat and not ectasy enough for this concept.

P.S. I just got “The Beginning” Limited Edition…it’s great. I really want to review this album…wish I could have more time this weekend. *sob*

P.S.2 Hug anyone who posted here. I promise to reply you this weekend, also the emails. *sob* I NEED FREE TIME!

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