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Monogatari wa “Begin”

. . Well, it should be “Began” to correct the sentence. Anyway, I’m not here to write about how to write correct grammar. I am here to write about my story with “Begin” . . Advertisements

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My rant on some fandom issues (2) (Individual Fandom, Twitter Effect, C-JeS and SM, etc)

OK I still have work to do, still got many things that I should do but if I don’t get it out, I might have to stay silent forever. lol. . . So here we are… . . – Individual … Continue reading

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Rant about JYJ vs AVEX…It’s time to calm down…

Maybe we should calm down a bit more… I think this news was written based on AVEX announcement and what I gasp from the official announcement from AVEX, it’s C-JeS + ZAC corp. that filed the lawsuit against AVEX in Japan. … Continue reading

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[Fanaccount] 16 Days of Kim Jaejoong, 8 Days of Kim Junsu, 6 Days of Park Yuchun…in Thailand [Part2]

WARNING: If you are some OT5, or a fan who said you would like to see YH and CM sing “In Heaven” and want to shout “DBSK” at “JYJ” concert or see nothing wrong doing so. Please do not read … Continue reading

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[My own Review] Their Rooms: Music Essay

This writing/ranting suppose to be posted on TheJYJFiles but I feel that it’s a bit inappropriate somehow because basically, it’s my own ranting with many personal feeling. So I will leave it to TheJYJFiles staff whether they would post this.    … Continue reading

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Super emotional post about twitter incident

This post is not sugarcoated. It’s full of emotional…because this is my personal blog. On the 6th of January….these are Junsu’s tweets. (Junsu) Till now, I believed that.. it wasn’t true.. it couldn’t be true.. We all used to share … Continue reading

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TVXQ = 2 Now…

Can I say that I was actually happy with this news? I think it’s time for HoMin to sing. I’m so happy that everything would be clearer from now on. Both sides choose sides and it is the fact that … Continue reading

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